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Raw Video / Re: REC COMMAND via the HDMI trigger - Atomos
« on: January 07, 2015, 01:58:27 AM »
Wow! I am wondering which kind of commands are available to send via HDMI.. ! Imagine selecting which overlays are sent to the HDMI feed... that simply makes me drool all over hehe.

Awesome work!!


Amazing changes to the program, wow, this is REALLY handy now! :)

I have a question:

I am shooting a short film this weekend in 5D Mark III MLV... and I was wondering what was the best way to have SMOOTH playback on set. What kind of computer / mac do I need? I have a macbook air i5 with no graphics card and the playback is choppy, I have a 27" i7 imac with graphics card and the playback is choppy. Am I doing something wrong? Graphics card are involved in the previewing part of the software? DO I need CUDA enabled?

Is anyone acheiving smooth proper playback? What computer specs would you recommend?

I understand there have been improvements in mlv_playback in camera but for now not something usable right? We will have 3 monitors on set.

Thanks for the help and I'd appreciate comments!

WOW. Absolutely stunning photography... very professional work. A mark III with Magic Lantern that's all... I just want to give you a hug!!!

I loaded a liveview screenshot with the file manager and everything is still the same. It's the whole interface which is buggy.

I got it back from the service. They couldnt determine the problem. But just in case they said they wanted to chain the main circuit board, which is expensive and it takes 2 months!! So will try another one...

Any ideas???

Hey wow!!!!!! Amazing photography and storytelling!!!

Do you mind sharing some technical aspects?? Like lenses, post techniches (denoiser?), etc.. really it looks SO good.. even on youtube! Amazing!!!!

Share Your Videos / Re: 1920x1080 50fps 5D MARK III RAW
« on: October 20, 2014, 02:56:07 AM »

Great video!! Are you shooting 50fps at 1080p? Is that possible? Is it continuous?
Also, did you use post stabilization? It looks very very smooth!
How many cards?

Congrats, cheers!!

Oh and something new I discovered. I used a wireless SD transmitter via the USB port, with the USB-RCA cable. And the image transmitted OK to the wireless monitor. Via HDMI, all screwed up still.

Thanks for your answer a1ex!

I have it currently on service but I'm planning to go and get it back.
What am I looking for here? The picture uploaded above is a screenshot taken from liveview. What happens when you load it?

EDIT: Maybe I get what you are saying, and it's worth saying also that all the interface, from canon and ML, is with all the weird colors. It's not just the liveview.

Anyone knows something about this?? Just got news from the repair shop and it is madly expensive and it takes 2 months for replacing the "main circuit board". Anyone has any idea if this could be simpler?

I appreciate any kind of help.

I never tried actually, but the devices are almost the same as the transmitter and receiver from a lav mic. I would try a wireless lav mic and take the mic out, and send a line in to it. Maybe it works.

General Development / Re: 7D DUAL_ISO in MOVIE mode PORTING thread
« on: October 14, 2014, 11:22:37 PM »
Crossing all my fingers for this one!!

Mmmmh something that just occurred to me... you can mix the transmitter AND cable, let's say a 10m hdmi one. So you can place the video village wherever you want and then extend the wireless dongle with the cable to a spot of your convenience, and then you move it around scene by scene.


I used the Paralinx Arrow couple weeks ago... a system that is almost the same as the Aries, but costs like 800+ dollars. We went to shoot in a private neighbourhood, only houses, lots of open space, we were on exterior, outside the house on an inner road. We were shooting a "long take" (I dont know how you call it in english) so we were circulating a bit, but not so much. The Paralinx said it supported 100m of signal range, but that wasnt the case, we struggled a lot to get it working. And once you lose the signal it takes a while to get it back.

Anyway we werent close to the camera, but one figures it should work at that distance! Maybe in interiors or places where you dont move around a lot it works ok.

Other than that, when we got it working, it was a pleasure to have :)
Oh and on the Aries there is a PRO version which costs a little more and you have a lot more range.

Hope it was useful.

Here is the video:

As requested, I turn on the camera, we can see how it looks and then connect to the monitor. a1ex: can I do something else?

Has this happened to anyone? I am a bit scared really... this week I'm gonna take it to the repair shop but maybe it can be simpler than that..

Thanks and cheers!!

Oh yes! I can do that... was trying with my phone but maybe should borrow another dslr...

I was thinking to reinstall the 2.0.3 firmware.. can I do that just like that or do I need to downgrade and then upgrade?

Will try and upload the video..

Yes I can. And it looks good as always.

It looks all magenta-like... with lots of noise, yes similar to zebras also to false colors... sort of posterize. Here's another pic:

Can I provide any aditional information to figure it out? :/

Thanks for answering a1ex!!

Forgot to add. The recorded files look fine. It's just the liveview that's wrecked!

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 7D
« on: October 10, 2014, 04:31:48 AM »
Wow it looks really good!! Congrats!! Any advice on shooting crop mode on the 7D? I mean, the preview it's awful! hehe. Also, th versions that I use only let me chose until 2046 res horizontal i think, and the 25xx it's not available. Do you know something about that?

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: [WINDOWS] MLV to DNG Batch Converter v1.9
« on: October 10, 2014, 04:19:02 AM »
Here is the source code for MLV Converter!

It's written in Visual Basic 2008 (yes, devs excuse me for the programming ignorance).
It is mainly an interface that calls for all the other programs written by g33g0 and a1ex and all the others!!!

Hope it's any kind of help!
Cheers to all!

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 7D
« on: October 10, 2014, 04:13:14 AM »
I've shot dozens of commercials, music and promotional videos, even campaign ads with ML on the 7d and T3i over the past few years

Wow... would love to see some of your work with the 7D! Is it online? :)

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: [WINDOWS] MLV to DNG Batch Converter v1.9
« on: October 10, 2014, 03:54:02 AM »
Of course!!! Will look it up and upload it soon!! :)

Hello to all!

First of all I want to let you know that I am not sure if this is a problem that was caused by Magic Lantern, because my camera (7D) was rented at the moment but I delivered ML cards with the camera.

I have a weird problem, I am attaching pictures. The image that is displayed on the LCD looks all distorted. Colors are wrong, it looks like a filter like Solarize. I dont know why I think it looks kinda like one of magic lantern's image effects. Anyway, I consulted about the problem and peolpe told me to take out the tiny battery, card and normal battery for 15 minutes, and so I did, reset the camera settings, so I did. Nothing. I want to say that the cards have no ML installed, they were delivered like that the cards. I installed magic lantern again and reseted factory settings too, nothing. There are no filters on whatsoever. This error happens with any of my 3 cards, regardless of magic lantern being inside, and also happens with No Card.

Now here comes something interesting. It all seems to be an LCD problem, but no. When I connect my HDMI monitor, the image looks the same on the monitor, all funky. And, this is the weird part. When I tried to take a screenshot with the Magic Lantern function, the screenshot looks completely fine!!!

I read here sometimes that cameras get fixed with magic lantern. Now my problem I know now it's not some broken cable con the lcd connection, it's something more serios.

I am attaching pictures below.
Does anyone have any sort of idea of what might be going on here? Did this ever happen to someone? Could it be ML related?

Thanks SO much to everyone in advance!!!! Any help is so greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: [WINDOWS] MLV to DNG Batch Converter v1.9
« on: October 09, 2014, 05:53:38 AM »
Hey all!

I am just reading all this comments.

Just want to say sorry and thanks very much!!!

I started writing this program when I was in a 4 month holiday, away from everything! And when there was no batch program for mlv's... so it was the right time! Unfortunately, cDNGs are the way to go and there is no command line tool for that, it was not provided for me. And really, now being back in my life, it's absolutelty impossible for me to find time for this hehe, and I spent a lot on my holidays! On the other side I still do not own raw cards.. I sometimes borrow them.

I now have a project coming up and might use Raw.. but don't know a proper version for the 7D because the one I used some weeks ago gave some errors during shoot :S

Anyway, now there are awesome programs such as mlrawviewer and the cdng converter from chmee, and also resolve does an awesome job, it's very fast and very "luttable"..

Thanks to everyone for their comments but I see from some time now no point con continuing this as there are better options out there :)


Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 7D
« on: October 09, 2014, 05:29:33 AM »
Thanks for your answers!

Anyone using it on a regular basis? A version number? Tragic lantern or magic lantern?

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 7D
« on: October 05, 2014, 11:46:05 PM »
Hi all!

I've been losing track on the Raw status on the 7D... can somebody that has been using it tell me a stable version for it?

I tried a couple last week but during shooting I got several errors and skipped frames on a KP 64GB 1066x, weird right? 30% idle the buffer said.

Thanks a bunch!

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