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Raw Video / New vertical line issue? 1_2_3 build.
April 24, 2014, 10:12:29 PM
Hey all, not sure if this is a processing issue or a ML issue.
Canon 5d Mark iii. April 16th 1_2_3 build. I was using the x3 crop function to shoot some owls. All the x3 crop stuff looks killer. I turn it off and shot normal and I got these tiny vertical lines in the "bright" section of the image.
It may be in the dark parts but I can't see it. I cranked the contrast and darkness in the frames so it sticks out more but i tried grading this and it ends up looking like compression artifacts in the video once exported to ProRes. Any ideas? It did not appear to be the "banding" issues i can find by searching. Two stills attached. Again, x3 crop looked fine. regular 1920x1080 raw resulted in the lines. I used Raw Magic to process these to DNGs

Look for the lines in the blue sky

No lines in x3 crop version