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Share Your Videos / Sardegna (UHD and 5K with 5D3)
« on: October 07, 2020, 05:56:03 PM »

Summer holidays in september, thanks to covid-19.

Big challenge : take only one lens to travel, an old 35mm IFBagon (I also talk about it here) and no laptop to carry to unload the cards, So I tried to not shoot too much :D

No ND filter available for this lens but anyway the shutter speed was close to 1/50 (sometimes 1/100) to keep the nice motion blur WE ALL LOVE.
But you guess it can be blown out very quickly. I closed the iris at the max (about f/22) which made the image even more sharper despite the optical defects of the lens (in the corners, like a "blur vignet", it's more visible in the wider shots)

It's mission impossible to stay stable, excepted for the "quiet landscape views" where I could just put the camera over a small wall, pointing to the far horizon. All was handheld but stabilised in post. More on that bellow.

70% of the shots were recorded with the preset UHD 3840x1536. I had set the raw preview on frozen live view and as Paul Heran mentionned in his lovely Seattle videos, the preview was actually not broken but in B&W. I could easily switch between cropped real time preview and correct framing (slow and B&W) with m-Fn button or halfway shutter release button (of course in manual focus of not your camera will try to focus. Anyway that lens can't auto focus)
The wider shots were in 5K anamorphic and with the same aspect ratio (although I had to zoom in a little bit to reframe there was a black line on top, it's not exaaaaactly the same ratio)

the build used (rolling druuuums) : Dannes's crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2020Aug15.5D3113 and thank you for all the amount of work.

If you're fan of stats here are some : 3 CF cards (2x64 Gb and 1x128 Gb, all komputerbay x1060) and in order to use card spanning to make this thing work, my SD card is a SDXC SanDisk Extreme PRO 128 Go (170 Mb/s, Classe 10, U3, V30, 4K UHD). I had 4 batteries, but I generally used only 1-2 per day that I recharged at night. Pour holidays were 7 days but it's approx. 3-4 days of shoot, and the cards were full and there was a total of 16 min recorded.

So the workflow is the following :
MLV App to export as DNG and no more :)

DaVinci Resolve 16 for the editing and at the same time color correct, starting with a base of Hunter's LUT (I decided to try it instead of eoshd's lut) and in order to that the rightway, you have to set first how the raw will be interpreted in DaVinci. here is a screen shot of the settings. and finally color grading, set the WB cooler, adjust the skin tones, the blue of the sea... not to much. I reduced the noise of the only night shot. The aerial shots were done with a DJI Mavic Mini. I found a way to lower the visual quality and over sharpness of the drone shots to help matching the 5K organic aspect with DaVinci's tool.

After-Effects 2020 was the best alternative to stabilise the shots, as it a real catastrophic nightmare in DR. Only Adobe's Warp stabilizer could handle perfectly the shots because of the strong rolling shutter. It was impossible for DR to stabilise it properly with introduce strange jittering moves. In after, I set the strengh to 2-5%.

And finally as always, I added a grain footage over all the render to give a finished touch.

Feel free to ask me anything !

Share Your Videos / Paris (covid) free - EOS 5D3 3.5K RAW (update)
« on: August 18, 2020, 06:31:51 PM »
So I took the time to shoot more with Danne's build (from 15th july, not yet august !)

Paris is finally free from covid lockdown. I shot accross a few neighbourhoods, from the Champs Elysées to the Canal de l'ourcq, where little by little the Parisians go back to their life, as before ?

I have to say that the quality is so pleasing.

I set the ratio to 2:20 and used the preset 3.5 crop
I was constantly switching between "realtime" view and "framing" to be able to frame correctly, with the m-fn bouton (or sometimes the shutter..)
All is handheld and stabilised within davinci, but my lens as optical stabilisation and I was holding the neck strap very tight in my neck.

edit : took the chance to test also an old lens and the anamorphic mod for full frame. same shots and location, different mood :)

testing Amazing Danne's 15 july crop rec build seen here

This is only for quality demonstration, I just put together some clips I randomly shot during lunch break, and be careful the sound might feel annoyig (there was road contructions workers operating near)

So I used to stick with 1080p with the crop rec from 22 july from Alex. Now I gave a try at Danne's last developpement.

I could shot continously in 3072x, in 2:20 ratio, 12bit, and exported the dng's with MLV APP. then developped the mlraw in davinci. No correction applied appart from the EOSHD Film LUT.

I think it's more steady than the version from a few month ago, where I had a lot of "camera didn't turn off correctly, skipping modules" errors. this time I didnt had any.

I rather prefer this way in 3.5K, than shooting in 5K anamorphic, I find the quality better.

What do you guys think ?

Share Your Videos / BERLIN | a cinematic gritty moody video | 5D3 and RAW
« on: September 17, 2019, 11:11:55 AM »
Hi all!

I'm sharing with you a moody film I did during a short trip in Berlin. Don't worry you will not be drawned under a ton of crazy trendy transitions. Just let the video takes you through History.

This city is so inspiring.

some technicals specs :


1920x872 @24fps
with crop_rec_4k.2018Jul22.5D3113

edit and color corrected with davinci resolve 15

As a gift to my girlfriend, we visited Madrid and found ourself immersed in mood of the city and even got the chance to rally the march on International Women's day 2019.

You will see some nice poetic mood, and feel the crowd into the march.

This time I converted all my MLV files into DNG (before I only did Prores) and imported them in Davinci, and challenged myself to do also the cut directly within Resolve (Im more a premiere/after editor) as it was more convenient and stronger to manage the huge raw sequences and playing, previewing, in real time. For the color management, I followed this article posted on eoshd and I find that the clips are so much more appealing with this workflow. After some WB corrections, I applied after my favourite lut (Portra 160)

I included the live sound recorded from the 5D. (although there is some sound effects here and there...)

Hope you enjoy.

Share Your Videos / ICELAND | 5D MKIII | MLRAW
« on: March 25, 2019, 02:25:08 PM »
A while ago (in 2015!) I did shoot in MLRaw during a trip in Iceland (so cliché I know...) but I never had the chance to share it where it should belong, thanks to you all guys for developping ML.

All I had was a 50mm, a 100mm and a tripod, and not a lot of storage space so I had to shoot wisely.

Here is the movie, hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment :)

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