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Hi All
This is my first post.

Back in 2018 i shot some RAW footage of a DIY project with my 5D III. The mlv tools were primitive then so i put the project on the back burner. Now that I have a powerful Macbook Pro M1 Max and I discovered MLV App, sieving through the massive files is a breeze.

But I have an issue. I wanted to use MLV App to export in prores 4444. When I do the video fails to load in the Finder quick preview, and if I try to play it in Quicktime the image is black and you can just hear the audio track.
Davinci Resolve cannot read the videos either, it displays a red icon for the video and you just hear audio.

I used the Apple Silicon release of MLV App, MLV.App.v1.14.macOS-ARM64.dmg

and I think I exported with the default settings:
Apple ProRes 4444
ffmpeg Kostya
Debayer: Recepit configuration ( but I also tried 'force AMaZE')
Everything else OFF, antialiasing OFF
Export Audio ON
Post Export None.

Footage was shot with these settings:
23.976 fps
12 bits uncompressed
audio: 2 channels 48000kHz

Has anyone succeded in using Prores 4444?

Thanks In Advance

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