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For Canon Eos M, Crop-Mode version

I am coming from manual lens without either a stabilizer or autofocus (TTartisans - F1.4 ,35mm), I just bought a Viltrox adapter to EFs and a Canon lens 18-55mm. f/3.5-5,6 IS II

I am experiencing a couple of problems.
1)How do I properly activate auto focus on the Canon eos m? I'm not sure I'm doing it right.
2)in Video before playing record button:, the Image preview gets frozen immediately, just gets a frame and becomes frozen, this didn't happen with the manual lenses. If I press record button, I can see what is been recording and the image is not frozen anymore.  How do I fix the frozen image on Preview view?
3)If I remove the autofocus, turning of from the camera
4) Autofocus doesn't seem working while recording, is that normal?
5) the autofocus when working does an awful lot of noise, is that normar or received it defected?

thank you!!
EOS M RAW Photography is in 14 BIT?

Thank you
Hi !

I am starting recording and editing for the first time.

I wonder if the "non-RAW mode " does record with 14 bit.

I think I'll start using RAW mode and color edition when having more experience. By the moment is enough for my plate.

(Eos M user)