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I use the anamorphic crop rec version 4k and installed the software on 5d3.
I used to work with the old software versions that were able to export HD.
However when I use the renewed MLV app i experience a strange issue:
the footage seems to play faster than i would expect based on the fps settings: 23.978fps.
To be sure about this, I filmed a clock. The footage showed the slightly higher speed of the footage compared to the real scene.

For example, a footage of 161 dng frames (after exporting lossless or uncompressed dng from the mlv app) results in a hasty presentation and shorther than expected footage length or time. If i divide 161 by the footage length, it results in about 25-26fps instead the desired 23.978 frames.

At first I thought it was an issue of davinci resolve. Within Davinci, I work with the play, export and attribute settings all 23.978fps.
But i noticed that even when i export .mov files from MLV the footages do have the exact same (too short) length as happened in davinci.
so whatever the export type of MLV is, it seems i somehow create footages that are shorter than the originally recorded time and when I play them, things playslightly too fast.

Is it possible the issue is related to the ML software or settings?
I used these settings:
Or do i do something wrong with exporting from MLV.
PS I also tried frame override (checkbox MLV). Didn't help me either.

FYI: I use
- davinci resolve 15
- MLV app
- canon 5d MARK III/3

Many thanks for your help!

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