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Hi team,

I'm using a 5D3 with the magiclantern-Nightly.2018Jul03.5D3123 build. I have enabled mlv_rec and mlv_snd. Everything looks to be fine in camera. The audio level meters are showing and are displaying the audio levels in real time.

BUT, when I record there is no sound written to the .mlv files. This worked just last week, but for some reason it has stopped. I have uninstalled ML, reformatted the cards, reinstalled a fresh version of ML and made new settings, etc., but no dice.

When I run the camera without ML, the audio track is baked into the .mov file. No issues.

Any suggestions? Not having audio will really add some work in post to sync the scratch audio with the production sound. I would also like to attach an external mic to the camera to record production sound right to the footage.

Very strange that it was working before. The only thing that changed was plugging an external powered mic into the camera. Then it seemed to stop writing audio, but shows the meters.
Hi all,

Just wanted to check to see what 7D Mk I (original) owners have been able to squeeze out of their cameras in RAW. What's the highest resolution you have achieved?

- What bit depth did you use?
- What frame rate?
- What aspect ratio?
- What CF card?

The most I can seem to get out of mine is 1728px wide at 12-bit, 24fps 16:9

Anyone getting 1080p or higher? And if so, how?