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Hi there,
I was thinking of getting the RONIN S gimbal, but I noticed that they require camera firmware version 1.3.5.
Magic lantern runs on an older firmware version, obviously.

Can someone confirm that the RONIN S does indeed not (fully) work with the 5D mkiii with magic lantern installed?
I assume it affects only minor functionality, like starting the recording via the gimbal's interface or connected phone app, but would be good to hear from someone who has actual experience.


It happened to me a few times that the video recording was interrupted (some error, card full, etc etc), and I didn't notice that the video had stopped, and kept 'filming'.

So, I am wondering whether there are any good/better practices of monitoring the recording?

At the moment, I have an external monitor that i use for focus assist (Portkeys P6), and the mirrored liveview display.
Liveview displays all the ML information, recording, running time, exposure, sound etc etc
The external monitor has a 'clean' image with just the video image, and any overlay I chose from the monitor (focus peak etc)

If i switch off display mirroring, then the camera display resolution is a bit smaller, but I get all the ML information on my external monitor too.
I am not sure if this setting is preferable. I would like to have a clean video image on the monitor.

But: I would like to keep track of the actual recording (and whether it is rolling or stopped).

What are your preferred settings to monitor the recording? any advice?


I am running into an issue with colours when shooting raw video: the colours are slightly off (especially the reds tend to be slightly pinkish).

I know from raw photography that applying canon camera profiles (lightroom camera calibaration) usually sorts out this issue, but:
I can not find the canon camera profiles anywhere available on MLVapp or da vinci resolve.

Manually trying to replicate the correct colours is a pain.
Has anyone here found a way to replicate these colour profiles? or, alternatively, are there camera LUTs (available for da vinci resolve) that do the same?

thanks ;)

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