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Hardware and Accessories / Looking for a cage - EOS M
« on: March 29, 2021, 03:18:32 PM »
Maybe someone can help me here. I can't for the life of me find a cage for the EOS M where I'm from (Germany). Seems that smallrig doesn't produce theirs anymore. I read that the M100 cages work with some slight modifications but same problem: there are none.
Does the M50 cage fit? At least I can find those.
Or do you guys have any other suggestions? If there are modifications to be made then so be it. I'm fairly new to cameras but i know my way around tools.

Hey guys,

I'm completely new to magic lantern but it's a great project and I'm pretty excited. So i got an EOS M with the kit lens.

But: my footage is always a noisy mess.

The histogram shows me exposure levels between 3 and 4, no matter the lighting conditions.

shooting in 2.5k or 2.8k RAW
ISO is set to 100, aperture to 3.5, shutter to 48 or 50.
if i play around with any of those the E value changes but it never drops below 1 and if it does it's for like a second.

I disabled everything in the canon menu i could think of. It's set to manual exposure ofc.

What's happening and how can i fix it? :(

I hope I'm in the right subforum...

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