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General Help Q&A / [1100D] Recording 1:1 cropped video
« on: September 24, 2020, 10:27:52 PM »
Hello. I've been using ML for a few days now on my 1100D, many thanks to all the devs!

I'd like to record cropped video, where each pixel of the footage is sampled 1:1 from the sensor (like 640x480 crop mode on vanilla 550D/60D/60Da), without any downsampling or stretching. I installed the latest Lua build and tried MLV_Lite and MLV_Rec (they were unavailable for my camera in the latest Nightly Build), the footage is indeed cropped but also stretched. I'd try crop_rec but it's unavailable for 1100D. Is there any way to achieve this with this model, not even necessarily with RAW footage? Thank you in advance.


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