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Tutorials and Creative Uses / EOSHD vs cinestyle
April 21, 2021, 08:51:08 PM
Hello ..
Here is a simple and quick comparison between  EOSHD vs cinestyle
canon 5 D iv
35mm f / 2
iso 160
60 frames per second

cinestyle seems better than EOSHD
Today I noticed something that might be useful
When using a non-original 5D III battery, the memory speed is 87MB
When using an original battery, the speed sometimes reached 100.1 MB
Does battery type affect something in ML work either on 5D iii or other supported cameras

Also I plan to buy a memory and is confused between two types whichever it filters and my work is more on 5D iii
That's more speed and less space, at $ 220

That's less speed and more space, $ 160

Hello all
Please help me choose
I decided to buy 5Diii or 6D
I am interested in the video more than the pictures
6D has a continuous focus while 5D iii does not have a continuous focus
Does the continuous focus work on ML
I ask those with knowledge and experience to help me make a decision because I do not know how these cameras handle ML
I apologize if the place is wrong
I just wanted the owners of the camera to help me so I wrote here
In general, if you are going to buy a user and money is not an issue, what to choose for ML
I apologize if the place is wrong for the question
Is there a video comparison between atomos ninja and magiclantern?

Comparison between 5D iv and Ninja v5
Rec on ninja seems better in two points
1- Colors
2- Dealing with shadow
This is a preliminary comparison and is not considered a final rule because I may not have much practice using ninja as this is the first time
Ninja works best with other cameras because 5D iv does not send 10bit signal via HDMI
I will compare the most accurate to this week