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The other day, I took some dual ISO photos using the officially compiled atest Lua updates + fixes 500D firmware.
When I try to export using cr2hdr, I find that the DNG resolution after export is only 384x252

This is my log
Code: [Select]
cr2hdr: a post processing tool for Dual ISO images
Last update: ab1e90c on 2015-11-24 09:50:19 UTC by a1ex:
cr2hdr: moved safeguard from median_int_wirth to kth_smallest_i...

Active options:
--amaze-edge    : use a temporary demosaic step (AMaZE) followed by edge-directed interpolation (default)
--cs2x2         : apply 2x2 chroma smoothing in noisy and aliased areas (default)
--no-bad-pix    : disable bad pixel fixing (try it if you shoot stars)
--wb=graymax    : set AsShotNeutral by maximizing the number of gray pixels (default)

Input file      : C:\Users\Administrator\Pictures\2020\2020-10-01\IMG_0010.CR2
Camera          : Canon EOS Kiss X3 (unknown, assuming 5D Mark III)
Full size       : 4832 x 3204
Active area     : 4770 x 3178
Black borders   : 62 left, 26 top
Black level     : 1016
ISO pattern     : ddBB RGGB
White levels    : 13296 11974
Noise levels    : 8.01 7.67 26.63 25.98 (14-bit)
ISO difference  : 4.04 EV (1645)
Black delta     : 4.59
Black adjust    : 72
Dynamic range   : 10.65 (+) 8.68 => 12.72 EV (in theory)
AMaZE interpolation ...
Amaze took 2.62 s
Edge-directed interpolation...
Semi-overexposed: 1.99%
Deep shadows    : 48.05%
Horizontal stripe fix...
26: offset too large (5559)
27: offset too large (5032)
Full-res reconstruction...
ISO overlap     : 3.6 EV (approx)
Half-res blending...
Chroma smoothing...
Building alias map...
Filtering alias map...
Smoothing alias map...
Final blending...
Noise level     : 88.04 (20-bit), ideally 87.94
Dynamic range   : 13.12 EV (cooked)
Black adjust    : -78
AsShotNeutral   : 0.60 1 0.66, 4727K/g=1.40 (gray max)
Output file     : C:\Users\Administrator\Pictures\2020\2020-10-01\IMG_0010.DNG
C:\Users\Administrator\Pictures\2020\2020-10-01\IMG_0010.DNG: copying EXIF from C:\Users\Administrator\Pictures\2020\2020-10-01\IMG_0010.CR2

General Help Q&A / On the 500D 10 bit RAW video bad frames
« on: June 08, 2020, 02:52:59 PM »
When playing back 10bit raw video on a computer, most of the frames were wrong, as if the frames had been torn apart, sometimes with color bars.
I tried to use FPS override with different frame rate, but the question remains

I don't know why
But I didn't have this problem when I was recording 10bit RAW video in X5 mode.
My camera is 500D
Using the firmware is according to the compiled firmware


General Help Q&A / Semi-automatic mode for video?
« on: March 26, 2020, 07:07:19 AM »
Does the magic lantern have a semi-automatic mode for shooting videos, such as fixed shutter speed, auto aperture, and ISO, fixed aperture, auto shutter speed and ISO? Like the Av, Tv mode。

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