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Is there a way to automatically load the ADTG config?For example, automatic loading is done through Lua scripts.Turning off the ADTG gain via ADTG registers to get the lowest ISO for shooting is very helpful for my older camera. It would be even better if it could configure it with a one-click load via a script. I hope to get some ideas to achieve purpose. Or has anyone tried?

General Development / 500D err bmp.o: In function `BMP_VRAM_START':
« on: February 12, 2021, 03:18:54 PM »
When I'm trying to build an iso-research firmware for 500D.I met some errors. I have no idea why.

Code: [Select]
make[4]: Entering directory '/root/magic-lantern/modules/raw_diag'

Building module raw_diag...
[ HGDIFF   ]   hgdiff.tmp
[ MODULE   ]
[ STRIP    ]
[ RM       ]   hgdiff.tmp
[ EXPORTS  ]   raw_diag.sym
[ DEPENDS  ]   raw_diag.dep
Will load on:
Not checked (compile ML for these cameras first):
    100D, 1100D, 50D, 550D, 5D2, 5D3.113, 5D3.123, 600D, 60D, 650D, 6D, 700D, 7D, EOSM
make[4]: Leaving directory '/root/magic-lantern/modules/raw_diag'
make[3]: Leaving directory '/root/magic-lantern/modules'
[ MKDIR    ]   ML directory structure...
cp ../modules/*/*.mo /root/magic-lantern/platform/500D.111/zip/ML/modules/
make[2]: Leaving directory '/root/magic-lantern/modules'
make[1]: Leaving directory '/root/magic-lantern/platform/500D.111'
make -C ../../installer/500D.111 autoexec-fir.bin
make[1]: Entering directory '/root/magic-lantern/installer/500D.111'
[ VERSION  ]   ../../platform/500D.111/version.bin
[ VERSION  ]   ../../platform/500D.111/version.c
[ CC       ]   version.o
[ LD       ]   magiclantern
bmp.o: In function `BMP_VRAM_START':
/root/magic-lantern/installer/500D.111/../../src/bmp.c:45: undefined reference to `sound_recording_enabled_canon'
/root/magic-lantern/installer/500D.111/../../src/bmp.c:80: undefined reference to `__recording'
../../src/Makefile.src:206: recipe for target 'magiclantern' failed
make[1]: *** [magiclantern] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/root/magic-lantern/installer/500D.111'
../../platform/Makefile.platform.extras:53: recipe for target 'installer_check' failed
make: *** [installer_check] Error 2

Here is my full log

The other day, I took some dual ISO photos using the officially compiled atest Lua updates + fixes 500D firmware.
When I try to export using cr2hdr, I find that the DNG resolution after export is only 384x252

This is my log
Code: [Select]
cr2hdr: a post processing tool for Dual ISO images
Last update: ab1e90c on 2015-11-24 09:50:19 UTC by a1ex:
cr2hdr: moved safeguard from median_int_wirth to kth_smallest_i...

Active options:
--amaze-edge    : use a temporary demosaic step (AMaZE) followed by edge-directed interpolation (default)
--cs2x2         : apply 2x2 chroma smoothing in noisy and aliased areas (default)
--no-bad-pix    : disable bad pixel fixing (try it if you shoot stars)
--wb=graymax    : set AsShotNeutral by maximizing the number of gray pixels (default)

Input file      : C:\Users\Administrator\Pictures\2020\2020-10-01\IMG_0010.CR2
Camera          : Canon EOS Kiss X3 (unknown, assuming 5D Mark III)
Full size       : 4832 x 3204
Active area     : 4770 x 3178
Black borders   : 62 left, 26 top
Black level     : 1016
ISO pattern     : ddBB RGGB
White levels    : 13296 11974
Noise levels    : 8.01 7.67 26.63 25.98 (14-bit)
ISO difference  : 4.04 EV (1645)
Black delta     : 4.59
Black adjust    : 72
Dynamic range   : 10.65 (+) 8.68 => 12.72 EV (in theory)
AMaZE interpolation ...
Amaze took 2.62 s
Edge-directed interpolation...
Semi-overexposed: 1.99%
Deep shadows    : 48.05%
Horizontal stripe fix...
26: offset too large (5559)
27: offset too large (5032)
Full-res reconstruction...
ISO overlap     : 3.6 EV (approx)
Half-res blending...
Chroma smoothing...
Building alias map...
Filtering alias map...
Smoothing alias map...
Final blending...
Noise level     : 88.04 (20-bit), ideally 87.94
Dynamic range   : 13.12 EV (cooked)
Black adjust    : -78
AsShotNeutral   : 0.60 1 0.66, 4727K/g=1.40 (gray max)
Output file     : C:\Users\Administrator\Pictures\2020\2020-10-01\IMG_0010.DNG
C:\Users\Administrator\Pictures\2020\2020-10-01\IMG_0010.DNG: copying EXIF from C:\Users\Administrator\Pictures\2020\2020-10-01\IMG_0010.CR2

General Help Q&A / On the 500D 10 bit RAW video bad frames
« on: June 08, 2020, 02:52:59 PM »
When playing back 10bit raw video on a computer, most of the frames were wrong, as if the frames had been torn apart, sometimes with color bars.
I tried to use FPS override with different frame rate, but the question remains

I don't know why
But I didn't have this problem when I was recording 10bit RAW video in X5 mode.
My camera is 500D
Using the firmware is according to the compiled firmware


General Help Q&A / Semi-automatic mode for video?
« on: March 26, 2020, 07:07:19 AM »
Does the magic lantern have a semi-automatic mode for shooting videos, such as fixed shutter speed, auto aperture, and ISO, fixed aperture, auto shutter speed and ISO? Like the Av, Tv mode。

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