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with covid19 put a hold on all my plans for night photography for the past couple of months, I'm about to head out to try some today, but for the life of me I can't understand why would my camera stop taking pictures before the amount I set for it.

for ex,  I set it to stop after 120 shots of 30sec, but I only got 90 pic or so..
Camera is connected to a powerbank (still full), and camera power saving modes is set to "disabled" so neither the camera or the power bank are going into sleep mode

more info-
intervalometer setting:

Take a pic every - "shoot like crazy" (so I don't have big gaps in the star trails
Start trigger - "Leave manu"
Start After - 10s
Stop after - 120 shots
Camera setting:
Shooting drive =continuous shooting
Image review = off

don't know if anything else I'm doing might be the cause of this?

Thank in advance!

Hi Guys.

I have a trip to the Canyonlands NP coming up next month, and was thinking of taking my EOS-M along side my A7iii. was hoping to use the EOS-M as a B camera to capture mainly stratrails (connected to a Powerbank), while the sony does most of the heavy lifting for the milky way. I'm not new to photography, but ML is kinda new to me.

I do my startrails, by exposing multiple images , at around 30 sec each, and stacking them afterwards in PS. I use the histogram and try and have it go all the way to a bout the middle point, so I still get some color in the stars

I started playing around with ML (June 2018 build if I'm not mistaken), but found most videos on youtube are for video mostly, and the amount of info, along with the differnte builds got me a bit confused, so I'd appreciate any advice regarding setup, things to look for, or ideas for when I go out to shoot.

a few questions to get the ball rolling if you don't mind:

1) what's the best practice (setting wise) to be able to zoom at night on the stars?

2) Any suggestions (ML setting wise) for the actual shoot?

3) From your experience with the EOS-M, any recommendations of do and don'ts for such shots (like max ISO etc) ? nights will be cold if it makes any difference.

4) intervalometer: - how to I stop it once it started (without taking out the battery) ? is there a way to set it to where the there's absolutely no gap between pictures taken (not even 1 sec)

5) I enabled the "Global Draw" and really like the fact I can see the focusing distance , but is there a way to control the camera settings, or the X10 zoom while at that window? Iat the moment I need to switch to 1 of the regular displays by hitting the INFO button

6) I was reading some on Dual ISO and ETTR, but is seems like it is not something I should use for long exposures, am I correct?

any other advice?

Thanks a lot for your time.

Pic from a trip 5 years ago, before I knew ML or stacking was even a thing. so 30 min at ISO 200, with another 30min of in camera noise reduction.

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