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Hardware and Accessories / Best SD card for Canon EOS M + Magic Lantern
« on: August 14, 2019, 10:18:04 AM »

I just have bought budget Canon EOS M with a Canon 22 f/2 lens from a co-worker who's working for the marketing department of Apknite. I'm a comp/dmp adept and my main reason for buying this equipment was to take some photo references for matte painting and to record some short clips to exercise roto/paint and other comp stuff. As I learned, EOS M was one of the cheapest gear at the market that offers to record in RAW, and yes, I'm aware it's not a pro camera...not even close.... yet it's still better than smartphone:) Since I'm a total newbie here, I would like to ask you about the best option in terms of SD/SDHC card for my EOS M to install Magic Lantern and record/take photos in RAW.

Extra questions, do you have any experience with small, portable, not expensive tripods? Which one is worth buying for someone on a tight budget?

Thank you very much for any suggestions,


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