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General Help Q&A / ML will not boot on 7D
« on: May 14, 2019, 12:26:21 PM »

I have a Canon 7D Mk 1 with firmware 2.0.3

I have followed the install instructions to the letter (camera restored to default, in M mode etc).

Everything seems to go well until it is rebooted.

It is showing the latest nightly as the firmware but is still booting to the regular Canon menus.

I have tried this on a 16GB Lexar Pro and Sandisk 64GB Extreme Pro card and also used EOScard 1.4.

Am I missing something or is there a problem.

It's now back to the original firmware but I'd like to get ML installed as I'd like to use it for timelapse and resurrect it as a second camera for filming.

Many thanks

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