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could you please help me with these questions:
- has anyone tried Nyrius ARIES on the Canon 5D MarK III while recording 1080pRAW
- do you think we can attach an HDMI splitter on the 5D3  (RAW hack) and connect to it :
a 7"field monitor + the Nyrius ARIES  ( the Nyrius receiver will be connected to a laptop)
Thank you!

i recorded some RAW footage on  my 5D2 ,converted them to DNG and imported them in Adobe Premiere and After effects CS6 via Ginger
i was surprised to see that the playback resolution in premiere is flat and very noisy  whereas in After effects the footage remain very clean
any idea why ?
does premiere deteriorate the footage or is it just the quality of the playback ?
the 1st  screenshot is Premiere and the 2nd After effect (playback resolution is FULL for both PR and AE)

Thanks for your help

Two weeks ago i contacted a Chinese manufacturer of Compact Flash.
The seller claims that their plant manufactures a very (veryyy) similar cards to the Lexar CF cards.
She told me that the price for a 1000x , 64 GB sample card is 118,7$ ; and the price will be lower if we purchase 10 pieces and more.
Here is the link and the specs of the card:
I really want to test this card but I’m not so excited about spending 130$ on a piece of junk.
So what I propose is a call for everyone to contribute to the purchase of this card. (We can pay, for example 1 to 3$ per user)
If  A1ex , Audionut, g3gg0, nanomad…AGREE, we can send them the money via paypal , they can order the card directly and we will wait for their final test.
Please let me know if you are ok with this procedure
Thank you

General Chat / CompactFlash to SSD adapter for 5DM3 or 5DM2
« on: January 19, 2013, 04:31:16 PM »
i was wondering if it is possible to attach a CF to 2.5" SSD adapter to the 5DM2 or 5DM3 CF slot.
the benefit will be a higher transfer rate and cheaper storage.
for example we can attach an adapter like this one:
(the CF female side should be a 2 to 3 inch cabled dummy CF card)
one of the problem would be related to the power supply system. but i can't see what could be the other obstacles...?
what do you think?

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