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Raw Video / Inconsistent Framerates
« on: April 11, 2019, 11:33:29 PM »
Shooting in 1080p 30fps mode in the Canon menu without any Framerate override enabled in ML (edit: 6D). After exporting as a ProRes proxy file via MLV App the frame rates are inconsistent / incorrect in most of the clips.

This is causing me headaches in the post workflow because near the end I replace the proxies with master that are processed in Davinci Resolve which will of course have the correct 29.97 fps frame rate and thus won't exactly match the original proxy clip and will cause a re-linking error.

Posting here because I was told that the frame rate is determined by ML itself and has nothing to do with MLV App. Is this true and if so is this expected from ML? Is yes is there a way to force it to a consistent frame rate while it's recorded? Maybe just use frame rate override?

I am able to force the Framerate in MLV App but very curious why they end up off in the first place.

Post-processing Workflow / Exporting Video Straight from Lightroom
« on: April 06, 2019, 07:54:38 AM »
If you are using Lightroom for grading of DNG's you can actually export an H.264 video straight from Lightroom without having to export as jpeg or tiff and bring into an editor. Of course this limited format would not be good for editing after the fact in an editor but it is hand if you just need to quickly export and view / share a clip.

It requires a bit of a "hack" to the Slideshow template files since the interface does not let you go below .1 (or in newer version of Lightroom 1) for the Slide Length setting.

I have uploaded 2 templates here. One for 24fps and one for 30fps. I've tested the 24fps template but not the 30fps. Should be good based on the math, but...

To use it just
  • Import the template into the Slideshow model of Lightroom
  • Select the template
  • Click Export Video below the template browser

I think you could technically add the .wav file in if you wanted sound too but I haven't tried.

NOTE: There is a bug (I presume) in LR that causes it to drop several of the frames at the end of the video, at least in my 24fps test. This might be because it forces the fps of the exported video to 29.97 and there seems to be no way around it. However, the video does playback at the correct speed despite this.  So you may need to add extra frames (images) at the end before exporting to account for this.  Maybe someone can try it with a 30fps export and let me know. I don't have the time right now.

I am also getting a huge black mat around the video for some reason. At both 1080p and even 720p despite my original files being 1824x1026. Will hav etc play with that too.

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