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Been using magic lantern for a while now
but this is the first video I uploaded to YouTube
I think ill continue to do so

It was shot at 36fps and slowed down to 24 (33% slower)
Eos M
256gb Extreme Pro Card
Viltrox Adaptor
Canon 24-105

ML is the latest from Danne build

Ml Settings
1------ 36fps of 30fps
2------ 2:35:1 Crop mode
-2----- X3 Zoom Enabled
3----- 1080p MCM Rewire
-3---- Kill Global Draw on

Extract using MLVFS on Mac
Davinchi Resolve
Sharpened + color graded
General Help Q&A / Mlvfs Mac question
January 11, 2019, 09:41:48 PM
Hi I I had a question.
Hope anyone can help

I use mlvfs on my mac
I mounts s disk image folder with all my videos in raw image sequence
Do I need to copy the picture to an other folder the eject the disk image
Or can I just use my editing program to read the raw files in the disk image

Before mlvfs it's about 50% smaller due to compression
Once I use mlvfs on the folder I see all my full rez raw photos
I don't see why I can't with with them right from the folder

Reason I am asking this is if I have 50gb of mlv files
I use mllvfs on the folder
And if I want to copy them from the mlv folder to a normal folder
It takes about 45min mit copy across
I can allow my video editor to reference the images then as a normal folder

It's just a pain to wait the 45min
I am happy to wait I guess but I'm always tryign to find a faster workflow

I hope I explained it ok for anyone who reads this.

PS I have crash logs on my 5dmk3
Who can I give them to?

I use
5d mark 3
Mac Mojave 15inch quad core 2014
Davinchi resolve 15.2
General Help Q&A / Bit Rate help 5d mrk 3
December 09, 2018, 10:37:25 AM
Hi all,
The file size dose not change for me weather I use the 10bit or 14bit. Each dng photo after it is extracted is 4.2mb each

I tried 10bit, 12bit, 14bit lossless, and just normal 14bit.
I tried it on the 4k experimental build and I tried it on the nightly build, and the 10-12but experimental build too.

Yes the quality seem to be better in the 14bit when looking at each one in camera raw in Photoshop

But I would think if I choose 12bit the file size should be smaller right?
PS I'm using magic lantern the past 4days now so I'm new here. But I spend so much time in the last few days learning as much as possible and I love it.

Thanks for the help I'm sure it's something simple I'm doing wrong and I appreciate any help