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Looking for help choosing which model to go for:

 - I like the power of ML.  You could even say I'm partly doing this just to play with ML, I know it's not very pro.
 - Low light performance is a big one
 - Would like to get the best bang for buck for raw video
 - Good stills shooting performance
 - I have quiet a few m42 primes.  It's my Takumar collection I'm most concerned about, but this requirement could go if all the others are met
 - Sensor crop for zooming video would be good (t2i didn't have that last time I played)
 - Good resolution output for capturing (t2i / 550d I had before was not full HD)
 - Willing to spend £500-700, but if something is £1k and just way better, I'm interested

Any suggestions/tips most welcome.


I've been looking at s/h 5d mkIII's on ebay and they go for about £500 body only.

General Chat / DNG and DxO
« on: November 08, 2013, 11:59:22 PM »
I tried on a CR2, but I'm sure you can find workarounds to open a DNG. IIRC, DXO opens the DNGs from cameras that use this format natively, so you probably need to fake the EXIF somehow.

To mangle the data from a CR2, a clumsy hack would be to modify the code from dual ISO preview (since it can burn the preview in the CR2 if you don't call the undo hook). It's nothing more than a proof of concept, not a usable solution. But it proves that it can be done.

I looked into why Aftershot Pro could handle natively generated DNG's but not 'converted' ones.  From what I can gather, both ASP and DXO give up because the metadata is not formatted as expected, specifically MakeNotes or DNGPrivateData.  However, beyond that there is a suggestion that there may be issues with the raw compression for different DNG sources.

I would love to be able to work the DNG's in DXO, because the noise reduction and perspective correction tools are awesome.  Plus it has OpenCL support (as does ASP) which gives a nice boost to your workflow.

Hardware and Accessories / Interesting kickstarter screen project
« on: November 08, 2013, 12:52:18 PM »
Anyone seen this?  Thinking it might be good for the PI and also for rigging up to a camera:

Looks like signing up to the £75 option might just be cheaper than buying the panel and driver yourself, plus you get an enclosure.

9" 1280x800 with just the HDMI input.  Looks ok to me.

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