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Hello friends!

Originally had Magic Lantern Nightly.2016Apr23.70D111A installed. Never bothered upgrading because it worked fine and did everything I needed. Brother thought he would do me a favour and and install the 1.1.2 firmware or something (he's not clear on what he did).

Now, when I try to power on the camera with a non-ML card, freshly formatted card, or no card, it gives me this:

Firmware update program
Update file
cannot be found.
Please check the memory
card and reload
the battery and try again

When I use my original ML card, I get:

Model detection error.
Your camera doesn't look like a 70D 1.1.1

What you can do:
- Make sure you've got the right ML zip for your camera model.

- If in doubt, upgrade (or downgrade) your Canon firmware to 1.1.1 (again).

- To use your camera without Magic Lantern, format this card from your computer.

You may now remove your battery.

Both of these appear when I insert the battery. I tried reinstalling ML, but end up with the same issue. No access to menus, as far as I can tell. If I had the 1.1.1 firmware file, maybe that would work, but since that's the one that came installed on the 70D, there doesn't seem to be a .FIR file for it.

Any further suggestions?

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