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I've not tried dark frame subtraction before so I just gave it a go with my 6D at 1824x1026 14bit lossless and MVL App 1.13 but when subtracting a dark frame using a short (8-9s) uncompressed video I recorded with the lens cap on I get a sea of bright fully saturated pixels in dark areas with sharp details.

Actually I still get the bright saturated noise without dark frame subtraction just not as bad and even with raw processing completely disabled.
Also with most of the debayer algorithms the bright pixels are black but with AMaZE or AHD its really overpowering!
It only seems to happen at ISO 6400 and above.

General Help Q&A / crop_rec resolution on 6D
« on: June 08, 2018, 12:54:48 AM »
So I just tried crop_rec with mlv_lite on the experimental build with lossless compression and the result is amazingly sharp almost perfect video but the resolution is only 1824x634 which is too narrow, cant the vertical resolution be increased?

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