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Buried in the options of 5d Mark II is possible to order the order of braked images from dark to bright. Most important the version that I set the exposure is the central one (0) and then it is something like -0+
But in the moment that I run the bracketing functions of ML it overrides this and give me several options, none of the this one and all more confusing than the original. For example 0++  or 0--  where all photos are darker or brighter than the one I do the exposure, that makes you blind when taking the exposure. Or 0-+ that is similar to default Canon but not to -0+ that is what I want.
In this case seems that ML is removing a feature instead adding one, unless I miss something. It is confusing for me review bracketing photos when they are not ordered by brightness.

I think there is some extra info is available but I can not see the ISO. As standard Canon shows the aperture etc but not ISO and I'm forced to use the info version where the picture is smaller.
This is in a 5d Mark II

General Help Q&A / Help files are missing
« on: March 18, 2018, 02:21:42 PM »
When I press info button in my Canon 5d Mark II appears a message that says help files are missing and  a link t a URL. But I can not find any help files in the URL and I think installed all files in the memory card.
Where can I get the help files?

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