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General Help Q&A / What should I buy next
« on: December 29, 2019, 07:37:42 PM »
Hello guys, I have the canon 750D and unfortunately I dropped my it a few days ago and everything is not working.

I sent it for repair but I don't have high hopes honestly.

Anyways I was thinking about stepping up to a good camera because I'm very limited on the 750D in the sharpness and the video quality.

So, should I get the 5dm4 or the 5dm3 ??

I REALLY need the ML for the video raw, it looks amazing and promising, but it is not available yet for the 5dm4, and I can't buy the 5dm3 new and I'm not sure if buying a used one is a good decision to be made, since I'm in Egypt and I really don't trust the dealers around here at all.

What should I do guys ?, all input is appreciated. Thanks :)

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