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I would like to edit EXIF section of an image directly in-camera (mainly for manual lenses) and because we are not currently aware how Canon code handle this, I made a research and found libexif which is capable of working on saved pictures (jpeg).

There are other library which are able to open CR2 files (libtiff, exiv2,libraw, libopenraw...) and process raw/metadata, but if I didn't understand wrong they only allow to parse IFD without be able to save metadata to the original picture.

Libexif allow to manage directly files in JPEG format but not TIFF (an old patch can be found but doesn't seems to be merged) or CR2 (which is TIFF based); reading the documentation (not so much details can be found) it appears to be able to work on a passed memory buffer.

I'm not sure what should be done after editing that memory buffer and write back changes on disk.
I imagine that there are some offset/reference sparse through the file, so replacing directly that part of the file with the new one is not possible... Anyone know how exiftool or exiv2 manage this step?

@a1ex may be feasible/useful to create a module which is able to edit metadata in-camera?

Is anyone familiar using these libraries and can provide support?

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