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General Help Q&A / Recording HDMI out to a video capture card
« on: December 16, 2017, 01:27:29 AM »
I did not find this in any searches that I did, but it may already be answered and someone can point me there.  I have a 5D3 running ML on 1.2.3 firmware.  I would like to record to a video capture card, without actually recording to the CF card in the camera.  Recording in H.264 to the CF card stops at 29:59 (I am aware of the limitation).  Is there a way to do this?  Essentially, open the shutter and have it output continuously until my battery dies?  I appreciate any help here that will get me beyond the 30 minute limit, without going to a larger CF card AND recording raw (not an option).

To start off with please excuse the narrative and the clearly noob questions.  Yes, I have searched, but cannot find my answers.  I also am NOT a video person.  I have only done stills to this point, so this will be an adventure.

My father plays the piano beautifully.  But, he is in his mid-70's and eventually, that music won't be there any more.  So, I would like to make a recording of him playing.  I would like to get in TOTAL, about 2 hours worth of usable time.  I have two Canon 5D3s and a Canon HD (forget the model, but it is new and records HD) camcorder.  I have two Tascam DR-10SG microphones for the 5D3s and a Tascam DR-40 standalone stereo recorder.  I plan to put one 5D3 near the keyboard end, zoomed in on his hands playing.  The second 5D3 will also be tripod mounted and will be positioned also at the keyboard end, but with a wider angle lens to capture him.  I plan to roam with the video camera.  It will be a real challenge, but I plan to put all of this together in Adobe Premiere Pro and try to get 5.1 audio out (if possible using only what I have set up).  The two Tascam DR-10SGs will be pointed directly at the strings and the standalone DR-40 will be tripod mounted at the far end of the piano.  My questions are:

1) I am using 32GB CF (CF cards are Lexar 1066x) and SD cards in the 5D3 and 64 GB SD cards in the camcorder.  While I want the best video I can get, I can't have him stop every 12 minutes because my card is full due to recording video in raw format.  What other formats (H.264?) are available and how will that affect the overall video quality?

2) If I use H.264, I understand I am limited to a 4GB max on the card.  I also understand that ML will auto-restart, but that I will lose several seconds while that occurs.  That is really not an option.  So, is there a way around the 30 minute limit or do I need to plan to take breaks every 30 minutes or so?

3) Does anybody have any experience in doing this type of recording?  This is very important to me that I get it right the first time, so any and all advice is appreciated.

I hope that the members of this forum take these questions in the manner they are intended.  It is not my intent to repeat existing questions or have people repeat answers.  But, having never done anything remotely like this, I could use all of the advice that could be given.

Thank you all for your time in advance.


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