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General Chat / Canon EVF-DC2 on DSLRs?
« on: September 24, 2018, 06:18:08 PM »
Hey everyone!

I was wondering if there is a definite verdict on hot shoe communication? Is the hot shoe from the EOS M series different from the DSLR models so that it can be used with the EVF-DC viewfinders or is it just the communication protocol that is different? If so, is there a theoretical possibility to send the Live View image to the hot shoe and a EVF or is that definitely not possible? Just asking out of curiosity because I couldn't seem to find a discussion on this particular topic with the search function. I'm guessing its not possible or else ML wizards would have jumped on it already ;).

I played with a Manual Lens and focus peaking today and every time I do I notice that the eye pressed against the viewfinder as point of contact as well as shooting with the camera away from the body really bums me out. Which is why I looked at  EVF style solutions for DSLRs, but they are all super bulky and not the "real deal" somehow.


Share Your Videos / Music Video shot on 600D/T3i - 10 bit raw
« on: October 20, 2017, 11:00:24 AM »

I wanted to share this video because I think it is perhaps encouraging to see for other users what the old timey 600D is capable of. Now granted, the color grading is not the best, this was my first attempt dealing with Resolve and I'm by no means a professional when it comes to any of this. Still amazed by how good 1280x544 in 10bit raw can look though  :D.

Recording was continuous, lens was a sigma 18-35 f.1.8.
Everything filmed wide open at 1.8.
ISO was 400 if I remember correctly. NO denoising whatsoever!

And before anyone asks: Yes I was aware of the rolling shutter of DSLRs before I started filming, but I figured what the heck. It suits the whacky style of the video - It's not a bug it's a feature.

Also, inspiration for the video was the ever glorious Going Out West, by Tom Waits

Enjoy  :D

User Introduction / Hello ML Forum! Introduction from a 600D/T3i user
« on: October 20, 2017, 10:41:55 AM »
Hey y'all!

Just wanted to adhere to the forum etiquette and introduce myself before I start discovering (and hopefully contributing) all the other glorious threads on this forum. I have been using ML on a 600D/T3i with a lot of success, especially the 10bit raw function.  Icing on top of the allready fantastic Magic Lantern cake (sorry for the cheesy metaphor but I really dig this Operating System). Will post a music video I shot entirely with 10 bit raw in the "share your videos" section. So long and thanks to everybody who's contributing to make life for indie filmmakers a whole lot easier and a thousand times more exciting.

Cheers, Dave

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