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Been craving for AF in video for a while and once I saw what firmware 1.4 for EOS R can do and recent discounts I made a jump. I got quite good with manual focus but filming running kids with aperture lower than f4 was really hard. I couldn't find any video quality comparison of clog to raw footage from 5d mk III, so now that I got it I made one.

My observations are CLog does not match Raw but can get close. EOS R colors are cooler and require adding more magenta. Overall CLog can look pretty good in its own way but matching to RAW requires playing with quite a few dials.
Not regretting getting EOS R but cant get myself to sell my 5Dmk3 either. At least not yet. The price point is so low that I might just keep it. Raw is Raw :)
Btw. 4K crop is actually not a bad thing. I used ML 3x crop mode a lot and EOS R 4K cropped plus center 1080p crop gives me the same result. This is when I use a single prime for events and can record a scene from a distance to get two different views with lightweight setup and high aperture for low light situations, e.g. using 50mm f1.8 or 35mm f2.

Hope you find this informative.

shot with 5d3 and just one lens canon 35mm f2 IS.
all hand-held, no additional image stabilization added in post, no noise reduction.
settings: most footage using 1080 24p raw, few shots with 3k Raw, close ups with 3x zoom
ISO 100, F2, shutter 1/48
color graded: Davinci Resolve
editing: Premiere Pro

a short timelapse captured at Gold Coast, Australia.
Shoot raw with ML timer feature, graded with LR, edited in Davinci Resolve 14.

Share Your Videos / Melbourne Autumn city tour - 5Dmk3
« on: June 15, 2017, 03:08:19 AM »
This is my second video testing ML raw workflow over the longer period of shooting. Footage captured over 4 days probably total of 200GB. Final compilation of 5 minutes from selected clips. Handheld (no IS) or on a tripod.
Edited and stabilized in DavinciResolve 14 beta, Graded with EOSHD LUT. Workflow with MLVFS. Card Lexar Pro 1066 UDMA7.
Any feedback welcome.


Share Your Videos / Australian Seascape Sunrise UHD | crop_rec_4k
« on: May 31, 2017, 06:44:46 AM »
My first video using the new experimental crop_rec_4k module.
Shot with 5Dmk3, 17-40 f4 In 3k upscaled to 4k.

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