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(OP was updated 17/04/2023)

-What's included in this topic, quick toggle:

April 01 announcement    ● Preview evolution                  ● Crop mood presets
It's a new source-code    ● Build features                      ● Known issues
Supported models          ● My status with ML                ● Thanks
Crop mood or Crop mode?
Build walkthrough video  ● Fundraiser campaign            ● It's online!
Downloads                      ● Source code

Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on July 01, 2018, 04:34:54 PMAlso I am trying to figure out how to expand the cropped area of LiveView in x5 .. A real time correct framing in 2520x1080 like normal 1080p  ;D .

Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on July 01, 2018, 04:34:54 PMThis is the next big thing will happen to ML .

That was me back in 2018 when I was dreaming about previewing the beloved custom RAW video moods in real-time,
in 2020 I was wondering if it's even possible on our DIGIC 5 cams from ~10 years old . . Well, after hunders of hours and experiments on one of the most complex thing in our cameras . . it turns out yes:

Today, I am very proud to the announce a new major improvement coming to ML RAW video crop moods:

The Full Real-Time Preview

(Direct YouTube link: Crop mood - WYSIWG Edition)

-Preview evolution:


(2.5K 1:1 preset as example)

-Crop moods (presets):

All of old presets which were in current custom crop_rec_4k builds (either from me or Danne) are here, some of them were fine-tuned (more Time-Lapse presets can be added later).
Beside that, there are new presets, and they were organized depending on sensor Binning mode as following:

Crop mood have four main options:
  • OFF
  • 1:1 crop
  • 1x3
  • 3x3

-1:1 crop:

Centered crop on sensor, no pixel binning/skipping in this mode.

-FRTP:      Full Real-Time Preview.
-Cropped: Has centered cropped real-time preview.
-Crop factor calculation is based on Full frame sensor size.

-Full-Res LV preset has working preview for the first time. You can record 5208x3478 @ 3 FPS continuously in 14-bit lossless (240 MHz, hacks enabled, sound recording off) :) .


a.k.a Anamorphic, reads all vertical pixels, reduces aliasing and moire.

There are three choices for 1x3 preset for each aspect ratio, I made it like this:
  • Highset: Highset resolution which gives 23.976 FPS at current selected aspect ratio.
  • Higher:  Little lower resolution than "Highset" to allow 25 FPS option.
  • Medium: I kept the old presets here as choice.


EOS M and 100D have slightly slower sensor compared to 650D / 700D (hardware limitation),
this limit affects some few 1x3 anamorphic presets (either slightly lower FPS or resolution) as the two tables shows, on the left 650D / 700D list, on the right EOS M / 100D list:

650D / 700D
EOS M / 100D

-All of these presets have Full Real-Time preview.
-Crop factor calculation is based on Full frame sensor size.


1080p mode and experimental High Framerate options.

100D has slightly lower FPS compared to 650D / 700D / EOS M because of newer sensor version and currently it causes FPS limit.
1080p preset made mainly for EOS M, other models don't really need it.

650D / 700D / EOS M


-All of these presets have Full Real-Time preview.
-Crop factor calculation is based on Full frame sensor size.
-In 3x3 presets and sometime while idle (not recording) the preview would be black, setting focus box below center or just start recording will make the preview work again.

-New source-code and build:

A new source-code had to be written for many good reasons:
  • Make sure we are using the new preview work in best possible way.
  • Avoid complexity, unnecessary code, corrupted frames and crashes.
  • Provide organized and simple smooth user experience.
  • Make unified build for entry-level DIGIC 5 models (650D / 700D / EOS M / EOS M2 / 100D)
  • Don't break other models support (like 5D3), and finally merge the branch to magiclantern_simplified

-Build features:
  • Smooth, fast and snappy experience.
  • Full Real-Time previews.
  • HDMI support for all presets for 480p and 1080i Full and Info outputs.
  • Helplful warnings, automatic settings switching in some cases to achieve stability.
  • While idle, pressing zoom button will get into x10 mode from any preset.
  • Autofocus works while idle in x10 mode when using crop moods.
  • Magic Zoom from "Overlays" tab works in all presets.
  • Dual-ISO flicker fix option is implemented for all presets.
  • Latest sd_uhs and new hacks are included.

-Known issues:

  • I didn't notice issues :)

-Other models support:

-This work is applicable to DIGIC 5 models (without plus, entry-level models):
 EOS M2 port should be easy, will try to port in future (I will need a volunteer for running tests), also EOS M2 shares the same sensor as in 100D.

-DIGIC 5+:
They have diffrenet preview implementation than DIGIC 5 (without plus, 650D / 700D / EOS M / 100D / EOS M2)
Which mean current preview work can't be ported to 5D3, it needs to be reverse engineered which also means a lot of time and work.

I have started working on preview for 5D3 this year, I found some pieces but still missing a main piece. I stopped working last month on 5D3 (to finish the new preview work on entry-level models).
I might continue working on 5D3 this or next month.

-My status with ML, why it's not for free:

I became a ML user back in 2017, in 2018 I started digging into dev stuff, and since then I could give many improvements (with help from other devs) and some of my time to ML project for free until Q3 of 2022.
Unfortunately, I can't do that this way anymore due to increasing responsibility in real life :(, last year I had to make one of the following two choices behind the scenes:

1. Either stop working on ML and move on
2. Charge for the new things I worked on

Obviously *I chose the second option, like what I did with the new sd_uhs last year. I believe the second option is a win-win option.
*I didn't make this choice alone, because without you (the ML community) and your support, there is no second option.

The policy I did choose:
I am offering a feature that works (as described) and already tested, the guarantee of success is very high if not 100% :)
That also means the risk of failure was already taken by me, e.g. I have risked +300 hours working on real-time preview while I could just fail.

I am always open to suggestions and discussion, feel free to discuss.

-Danne and Walter for providing logs from EOS M and 650D, also running tests.
-ilia3101 for running tests on EOS M, also for his special support, he is going to handle the fundraiser stuff yet again.
-For users who contributed to buy me a 100D, without their support --> 100D port wouldn't happen.
-masc for running tests and for creating crop mood on EOS M demo
-For people who supported me either by donations or words, I appreciate it!

Speaking of naming - mood or mode?

Originally it was named "crop mode", I changed the word from "mode" to "mood" as some kind of joke (punning) in 1st April.
Crop mode or module allows to recrod in higher resolution (beside other things) compared to native resolutions provided by Canon.

First (crop mode) version was made in 2016 by a1ex and it was only for 5D3, back then it could only enable x3 crop to 720p and 1080p video modes, then in 2017 another version (second version) of (crop mode) came out which introudced high resolutions presets for first time (e.g. 3K and UHD) beside other stuff, it was only for 5D3 too.

In 2018 I jumped beside other devs and started porting to other models.
Main downside for presets ( 2017-2018 versions) was the preview, you couldn't preview what are you recording in real-time. (crop mood), a 2023 version (this thread), the correct real-time preview was presented to mostly all presets (entry-level cams), beside other tweaks.

Initially I wanted to rename "crop mood" back to "crop mode" after the second release, but I kept it that way because:

1-It would be easier just to say "I am using crop mood", because we already have many "crop mode" versions.
2-It could be a reminder that's an unofficial build, but a community build.

Last thing, I am using "crop mood" in two places:

1- "crop mood" for "" module
2- "crop mood" in the build naming: a crop mood build simply means this build include (crop mood), the 2023 version.

Okay, here we go:
Crop mood - Build Walkthrough

-The video shows what to expect from the build
-The build will work in the same way on 650D / 700D / EOS M / 100D
-You missed reading the first post? I will read it because it has useful info

Crop mood - WYSIWYG Edition Campaign

Goal reached!

-Pricing: 2214 GBP
-PayPal, debit and credit cards are supported

-Every donation will make us one step closer to a release date.
-You are paying for the things that have been done at its current state.

-Once we reach our goal, both the source-code and the build will be released to everyone!
-Now the thing is forward to ML community hands :)

Crop mood - It's online!

The new crop mood build versions will always be in this link:

(Build is available for 650D / 700D / EOS M / 100D)

-Source code:
 Reveal the magic!
Quote from: vastunghia on September 09, 2022, 11:12:47 AM
Just ran a new test, with Global Draw disabled I get continuous rec. and

  • Reported write speed: ~89 MB/s CF, ~60 MB/s SD, total ~148 MB/s
  • Actual write speed (calculated from final MLV file size): 90.1 MB/s CF, 60.7 MB/s SD, total 150.8 MB/s
So reported write speed looks pretty reliable to me, at least on my 5D3.

Also, I do not understand if my results are in line with your expectation. When you say "in LiveView" you mean with Global Draw enabled, right? So cannot compare these with your 135 MB/s I guess.

Thanks for your clarifications


Thanks for running the test.

To check write speed accurately with RAW video recording:

-Make sure your recording is continuous, at least record 4 minutes, this way we can ignore buffer impact on write speed or at least minimize it
-Share your FPS, number of recorded frames, MLV and M00 files sizes in bytes
-If you want to use Lossless, make sure your scene is 100% static in a controlled environment

LiveView and Global Draw are two different things. Pretty sure you already know what LiveView means. When I say in LiveView, Global Draw can be either disabled or enabled, for my test it was disabled.
I will redo my tests again to double check, also I will use 1.1.3 version instead of 1.2.3, because all my tests were using 1.2.3.
Edit 20/9/2022:

Latest sd_uhs which works perfectly on 5D3 / EOS M / 100D and other DIGIC 5 models can be found in:

SD Overclocking - DIGIC 5 only

Info 1
Info 2

Original OP: (keeping it for documenting some of the info is outdated)


One of my goals was to get stable 240 MHz SD overclocking preset across all DIGIC 5 models, so I was digging into SD stuff again for few weeks. and Thanks to 100D (where 240 MHz doesn't work) I could compare it directly to my 700D (where 240 MHz does work flawlessly).

I did find new things (related to SD configuration) which helped to move 240 MHz on 100D from "it doesn't work at all" to it works partially, but not really usable.

After a lot of tests I noticed a pattern, and I thought . . and came up with a magic trick . . current state with the Magic Trick:


1. So far managed to record 512 GB of data at ~86 MB/s write speed (hacks enabled) with 240 MHz SD overclocking using Sandisk Extreme PRO UHS-I U3 170 MB/s SD card without problems.

2. We don't need to worry anymore about read/write operations while running overclocking process, I found a way to pause read/write operations --> Which mean better stability while overclocking and "Keep ML" option will work fine after formatting SD card in camera.

-100D / EOS M:

1. You will be able to record around **4 Minutes and 30 Seconds on average at ~80 MB/s write speed (hacks enabled), after that it will drop to 21 MB/s (switch to 48 MHz).

2. That's better than nothing.

3. On one try I could fill 64 GB SD card with 240 MHz at ~80 MB/s write speed without dropping to 21 MB/s on 100D.

4. After some more tests I noticed that when SD card becomes hot, the drop to 21 MB/s begin to happen, example (I think ambience was around ~31° C):

● First try I could record around 5 minutes then it dropped to 21 MB/s
● I restarted the camera and got another ~5 minutes then it dropped to 21 MB/s (SD card is hot at this stage)
● I restarted the camera again, this time recording was limited to ~3 minutes then it dropped to 21 MB/s
● I restarted the camera again, recording time was limited to ~2 minutes then it dropped to 21 MB/s
● I restarted the camera again, recording time was under 2 minutes then it dropped to 21 MB/s

High SD card/SD controller temperature seems a stability factor here for 100D and probably the same thing for EOS M.
To verify: I put 100D inside the Fridge, I managed to fill 64 GB SD card twice at 240 MHz @ ~80 MB/s without problems (~25 minutes of recording), it didn't drop to 21 MB/s.

I don't think the heat is the only factor for this issue, it might be there a some related SD configuration tweaks which we are not aware of might solve this problem,
I mean solves instability at 240 MHz at high temps. I doubt if it a hardware limit. And it seems only cams with shared Card/Battery door are effected by this issue.

5. Bonus: Also the new things I found allows some SD card to work at higher OC, my Sandisk Extreme PRO 95 MB/s U3 UHS-I now works on 100D at 192 MHz (instead of 160 MHz).
   I am expecting that more cards should work in general at higher OC for 100D/EOS M, no guarantee though.

**It seems to depends on SD controller/card temps!

-It's not for free:
Yes, you have to pay in order to get it.

Reverse engineering work takes a lot of hours and effort, *initially I wanted ML users to give back their support to ML project in someway since they are getting our support for free.
My other ML goals are to work on lossless, SD overclocking, Crop modes on a DIGIC 4 model . . which is 600D, and give some of my support to DIGIC 4 models.

The price is based on averaged used 600D cost here (in my country).

*Yeah, that was my initial plan a month ago, but things changed a little. Unfortunately I started to loss my energy on ML project, I still don't know if this a temporary thing.
But I am still selling 240 MHz at 600D cost, I might not buy a 600D or might buy it, take a look into it then sell it again.

Selling forks under GPL is completely normal, getting a fair price for a dev efforts is okay too.

Total of 265 USD (Edit: Paid)
Download available

-How to pay:
● Contact me here on the forum by sending a PM or on Discord (@thebilalfakhouri#1803) or on Reddit, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
PayPal and Cryptocurrencies are accepted.
● 265 USD can be split across all interested users or supporters.  When the total is reached, all code will be released to everyone
● I will update the collected amount frequently after each payment.

● Tests were done using Sandisk Extreme PRO U3 UHS-I 170 MB/s
● There is no 100% guarantee of success, don't blame me
● No refund
● Both source code and the new would be released after we collect the full amount (265 USD)
  You will have to wait after you pay . . until we reach the goal, nothing would be released if we didn't reach the goal.
  What if there were no enough buyers? Let's wait 30 days at least. Then we will talk.

● The trick I used could be risky, and might damage SD card or SD controller . . but to be fair, I don't know. So far I didn't notice issues.
● The new 240 MHz preset has been tested by me (100D/5D3), ilia3101 (5D3/EOS M) and Walter (EOS M). Their reports were similar to as I described in "current state" above.

● Will you need a fast CF card anymore for 5D3? --> you might save some money by relying on SD cards and slower CF cards.
● Worst case scenario if new 240 MHz failed on 5D3 during recording, the card will become inaccessible and you might the lose the recorded clip. Until now that didn't happen to me (managed to record 512 GB) of MLV clips without issues.
   More tests are needed by the community (by you) to verify that on 5D3.

-Old vs New sd_uhs :

Old:  192 MHz and 240 MHz doesn't work on 5D3, you are limited to 160 MHz (~63 MB/s write speed).
         240 MHz doesn't work on EOS M / 100D, you are limited to 192 MHz (~70 MB/s write speed).

New: 192 MHz and 240 MHz does work on 5D3, 240 MHz goes up to ~86 MB/s write speed.
         240 MHz does work on EOS M / 100D (as described above), 240 MHz gives ~80 MB/s write speed.

Currently I am away from cameras, will post demo videos soon! (for 5D3/100D).

Feel free to ask questions, chat and throw suggestions!

-Collected amount:
  265 USD from 12 people.

-Remaining amount:
  0 USD.

  265 USD.

Goal reached!


The compiled version of the new module + source code have been posted in Reply #1:


Happy testing!

Users reports recap
After these, I was reading into SRM job memory buffers, then one of Greg's legacies showed:

Quote from: Greg on July 10, 2014, 09:10:03 PM
On the 500D picture quality (jpg raw) has an effect on the SRM.

             Photo mode          Movie mode
RAW         4x26MB                 2x26MB
JPG           3x26MB                 1x26MB

It seems "Image quality" does have an effect not only on SRM, on shoot memory too, so on 100D/700D (video mode):
             Shoot memory       SRM memory           Total
JPG        91 MB                     31x1 MB                   122 MB
RAW      95 MB                     31x2 MB                    157 MB ( +28% / +35MB more memory :) )

A given reason which make sense why this is happening:
Quote from: josepvm on July 10, 2014, 11:30:14 PM
So it seems the camera reserves one SRM buffer to convert the image to JPEG.

The camera reserves more memory as preparation for RAW to JPEG conversion step while shooting Still pictures in JPEG format. Or it might be there another reason too which we don't know.

-Results on 700D:

-1736x2214 @ 11 bit-lossless at 23.976 FPS, 240 MHz overclock, no GD (~78MB/s required write speed):

JPG:  first clip: 1 Minutes and 54 Seconds, second clip: 1 Minutes and 13 Seconds.
RAW: I have to stop it manually after 6 Minutes of recording :D

I didn't make tests on 5D3, I might expect an increase too, also for other models.

-How to check available memory and the increase:

1-Unload all modules (RAW video and crop mode must be off).
2-Set "Image quality" to JPG from Canon menu/settings.
3-Set the camera to video mode.
4-Restart the camera.
5-From ML settings go to "Debug" tab --> click on "Free memory", wait a little and check:

-shoot total
-SRM job total

And write them down.

Redo steps 2 to 5, but this time Set "Image quality" to RAW.
Share your numbers.

JPG                                                                                                RAW

-Other thing:
By setting Image quality to RAW (gaining more memory) --> this fixes broken "Simple" silent picture on 700D because of more SRM memory.

I don't know why this thing isn't yet adapted in both Silent and mlv_lite/mlv_rec modules, it should be there some kind of warning or something.

-Don't forget setting "Image quality" to RAW before recording RAW video! :D also you must do a camera restart after changing "Image quality" to RAW!, if you don't make a restart you will lose some of shoot memory (on 700D it's 59 MB from 95 MB, so the lost was 36 MB).
Welcome to:

-What is this?
It's a port from my custom builds for 650D/700D to 100D, please read 650D/700D thread for more details then come back here and read the differences.

-Port status:
This port is a work in progress, expect some missing things compared to 650D/700D builds, please report bugs if you found some.

-What's missing:
-crop_new module (Crop mode V2), not ported yet (didn't make tries), will work on it soon (should work after making some tweaks).

-crop_rec (Crop mode):
25 FPS isn't working in UHD 1x3 preset (hardware limit), only 23.976 FPS works.

"One more hack" doesn't work on 100D, it freezes LiveView same as EOS M.

-What's working:
All other things not mentioned above are working fine :) (well, HDMI output not tested yet).

-Quirks (not related to my build, but I have noticed it):

When selecting 3K and 1440p presets you need to turn off then on RAW video multiple times to let RAW video update RAW video resolution parameters.

Recording stops very early on 100D e.g. when recording high resolutions like 2560x1440p @ 23.976 FPS at 10 bit lossless with 192 MHz overclock compared to 700D (on 100D it's 1-2 seconds while on 700D it's up to 11 seconds, same settings, same scene, same everything).

Edit: Fixed the second issue, also provided more details for the first issue, read this.


-Focus Pixel Maps:
I have added them too.

-Other notes:
-Will update this OP and add more details, also make it nicer with more photos and showcasing short videos as porting progressing.
Do you still remember this weird issue I had before?

Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on August 05, 2021, 12:50:28 AM
-M03-2337 - 4.5K: Doesn't have flickering issue, can be processed in MLVApp without any problem.
-M03-2338 - 4.3K: Does have flickering issue, the flickering pattern is first frame is dark, second frame is bright, third frame is dark and so on, has flickering issue both in MLVApp and cr2hdr
-M03-2339 - 4K:    Does have flickering issue, the flickering pattern is the first two frames are dark, second two frames are bright and so on, has flickering issue both in MLVApp and cr2hdr

I figured out what was happening :):

-Let's record new Dual-ISO clips in 4.5/4.3/4K 1x3 presets using 700D and showcase the problem:

-Processed Dual-ISO clips:

4.5K                                                                                                                                                                4.3K
[gifv][/gifv] [gifv][/gifv]


-Unprocessed Dual-ISO clips (zoomed in view):

4.5K                                                                                                                                                                4.3K
[gifv][/gifv] [gifv][/gifv]


Have you figured it out yet?
Above flickering problem is happening because of waterfall (moving) Dual-ISO lines in both 4.3K and 4K presets, the waterfall Dual-ISO lines has also another side effect which was called crawling, crawling showcase:

Clip with Crawling                                                                                                                                      Clip without Crawling (I swear to god it's not a static picture)
[gifv][/gifv] [gifv][/gifv]

(both was shot at 1736x976 with Dual-ISO enabled, cropped to 960x540 and zoomed in 140%)

-In 1x3 mode crawling is there but it's minimum compared to 1080p 3x3 mode, because of high vertical resolution.

-So how we can control Dual-ISO lines and make it static (remove waterfall effect)?

I have looked closely into 4.5K/4.3K/4K 1x3 presets, and found out that certain values for Timer B register will cause Dual-ISO waterfall effect :), some values will make waterfall effect faster/slower (that's explain above flickering patterns in 4.3K/4K clips) and other values will make Dual-ISO lines completely static like 4.5K preset.

It seems a1ex has mentioned before that tweaking FPS would solve crawling issue:
Quote from: a1ex on December 05, 2013, 03:40:50 AM
To avoid the "crawling" artifacts, tweak the FPS. IIRC, at 25.000 fps it's OK.

But he wasn't very specific about Timer B and moving Dual-ISO lines. 1080p25 mode doesn't have Dual-ISO lines waterfall out of the box (Timer B value there produces static Dual-ISO lines) which will work without crawling artifacts.

For other framerates like 23.976 and 29.970 which both have waterfall effect:

-1080p24: FPS swings among 23.973 and 23.983, Timer B value swings among 2528 and 2527, enabling FPS override and setting it to 23.976 will lock FPS to 23.973 and Timer B to 2528 --> waterfall effect is removed (Dual-ISO lines are static) which means this would solve both crawling and flickering issues.

-1080p30: FPS swings among 29.958 and 29.973, Timer B value swings among 2023 and 2022, enabling FPS override and setting it to 29.970 will lock FPS to 29.973 and Timer B to 2022 --> won't remove waterfall effect --> Increasing FPS Timer B from FPS override submenu to 2024 which make FPS 29.943 removes waterfall effect.

So what's needed is just reducing FPS few steps and would remove waterfall effect, same things worked with 4.3K/4K 1x3 presets and others.

Other solutions for waterfall effect which may work:

-Very easy: Increase FPS Timer B a little bit (my way), probably decreasing it a tiny bit instead of increasing it may work too.
Can be implemented directly e.g. for crop_rec presets, just you need to find right FPS Timer values by trial and error. Stay tuned for my next build release for 650D/700D ;).

-Medium: Reverse Base-ISO and Second-ISO depending on FPS Timer B value every X number of frames, I have not tested this, can't see why it won't work. I think there is a formula for FPS Timer B could be written.

-Difficult: fix it in post :D, flickering issue caused by waterfall effect could be fixed fairly easy (just guessing), but crawling artifact would be a lot harder.

General notes:
-Flickering issue caused by waterfall Dual-ISO lines is more visible at aggressive Dual ISO setting like 100/1600 and 100/3200. setting like 100/400 would have minimum to no flickering (probably same applies for crawling, didn't make much tests).
-There are other flickering issues caused by Dual-ISO processing algorithm because it was designed for Dual ISO photos in the first place, not videos . . this flickering problem related to some parameters like white level and probably other things (same as when processing RAW video with ACR, at certain settings you will have some flickering).

Other flickering issue is probably related to how MLVApp handle Dual-ISO clips with reduced bit-depths like 12/10 bit, these two flickering issues probably won't be presented with latest version of cr2hdr and when using 14-bit lossless clips, and might only happen when processing Dual-ISO clips using MLVApp, to be tested later. (I haven't made any tests yet), I will share example to showcase these flickering issues in future.

-The only advantage I can see for waterfall Dual-ISO lines is the ability to recover full resolution image for Time-lapses (static subjects), needs special algorithm for that.

-4.3K 1x3 preset:
100/3200 Dual ISO, pushed 3.5 stops in MLVApp.

-Sorry for "witt" typo in 0:06, I meant "with".

Dual-ISO has just become more practical in RAW video :D
Reverse Engineering / SD investigation on DIGIC 4
April 15, 2022, 09:35:02 PM
I was digging into SD overclocking on DIGIC 4. let's start with some info:

-I am still not quite sure which version of DIGIC 4 SD controller is based on, it's one of these:

1- Physical Layer Specification v2.00 (introduced in 2006):
Doesn't support UHS-I mode and SDR modes, recommended rated frequency is 50 MHz (25MB/s), max frequency is 67 MHz.
In part two of layer specification v2.00 they mentioned it supports 1.8 Signaling.
Supports only SD and SDHC cards (up to 32 GB maximum).

1- Physical Layer Specification v3.00 (introduced in 2009):
Here is the first interesting info, SDXC card capacity first introduced in Layer Specification version 3.00, and never mentioned in 2.00 version (both parts) . . and guess what, all DIGIC 4 models with SD interface support SDXC card capacity (source: Canon website).
Version 3.00 is used in all DIGIC 5 models (support UHS-I, SDR modes).

Photo source: Part 1 Physical Layer Specification Ver3.01

-Finding overclocking registers on DIGIC 4:
In DIGIC 5 models there is a function which can toggle between the built in presets (24/48/96 MHz), calling this function works, and toggling between presets shows us which registers are changing.
Fortunately same function is also presented in DIGIC4 models, and from all LOGs I have captured (thanks Walter for help, my tests are done on 550D) + QEMU logs, the only register I could find and made sense is:

0xC0400004 (mentioned way back here and here)

Default value: 0x3000003 = 48 MHz (21MB/s), other values:
0x2000003 = 24 MHz (~11 MB/s)
0x1000003 = 16 MHz (~7 MB/s)

In Latest experiment I forced the register value to 0x4000003 which resulted in invalid benchmarks/clock speed:
Write 97.0 MB/s
Read 4946.8 MB/s
Write 5019.6 MB/s
Read 4970.8 MB/s

I see this as good sign, we might find some valid values using trial and error.
It might be some kind of ratio in this register value, between the left and right numbers . . Well, since I don't have DIGIC 4 camera, I want you (DIGIC 4 users) to test for example 0x3000002 and 0x3000001 . . run card benchmarks after each tweak, any difference?

-How to test:
-First let's make sure if we are overriding 0xC0400004 correctly:
-Install an iso-research build
-Download , copy it to ML/modules folder in your SD card
-Load and modules, you will find "Apply patch" setting showed in "Debug" tab
-From "Apply patch" submenu you can set a value for this register, the default one is 0x3000003
-Change the value to 0x2000003 --> click on "Apply patch" --> run card benchmarks, it should give you 10.7/11.0 w/r speeds, if that happen that mean the override is working, if not, well I need to find another way to override this register --> Let me know

-You can see 0xC0400004 value by enabling "Print 0xC0400004 value" from "Apply patch" submenu, it will print it on screen, you can disable this while running card benchmarks, turn it on to make sure if the new value is applied

-Now once again set value to 0x1000003 --> click on "Apply patch" --> run benchmarks it should give you 7/7.1 w/r speeds (just to make sure once again if the overriding is working)
-Time for trial and error values, firstly please test these values:

Any change in speeds?

Secondly, these ones:


-If the benchmarks showed not realistic numbers (+5000 MB/s) during your tests, perform a camera restart before continuing testing other values.
-Do this test and run benchmarks in Photo mode (none-LiveView)
-Report back, all DIGIC 4 cameras with SD interface can do the test (60D/550D/600D/1100D).
-I am expecting max of 25 MB/s (maybe a little higher) at a certain value.

-Do it on your own risk!
-This test might break your SD card or SD card controller

DIGIC 4 models doesn't include Voltage switch function in their ROMs, it's required to enable 1.8 Signaling and UHS-I mode, I think this could be implemented via sdSendCommand function.
Hi, is this April 1st?
700-D-Live-View-Write" border="0 April-1st" border="0

Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on August 22, 2021, 04:18:40 AM
Last week I was looking for ways to gain extra write speed while RAW recording, e.g by disabling Canon tasks in background or something like that . .

That idea lives! . . managed to gain ~13 MB/s write speed improvement in LiveView, all RAW video modes are benefited, the following benchmarks in 1080p24 mode:

1- 700D (with 240MHz SD overclock):

Before (Default, no hacks):                                                                                After (with new hacks):                             

-Combining the new hacks with the "Small hacks" from RAW video:

-82.8 MB/s write speed in LiveView 8)


-Some results:
-2560x1440 1:1 16:9 Continuous! (@ 23.976, 10-bit lossless)
-1736x2214 1x3 2.35:1 Continuous!  (@ 23.976, 10-bit lossless)
-2880x1226 1:1 2.35:1  Continuous!  (@ 23.976, 10-bit lossless)
-You can definitely record longer in 3K 3072x1308 1:1 2.35:1 preset (@ 23.976, 10-bit lossless)
-High frame rate modes can be Continuous! or "You can definitely record longer".

-feel free to test other modes, with different bit-depths, and don't forget to share the result.

-The Details:

I was trying to find a clean way to see LiveView activity how it start and how it stop, what processes are being activated, how we can deactivate some of unnecessary processes in a clean way (by calling Canon functions), so I got an idea to capture DebugMsg log, between PauseLiveView and ResumeLiveView functions, once with MMIO and once without them, I got interesting sequence of how LiveView processes are being deactivated:

32.309.545    run_test:0008b598:00:00: Pause LiveView
32.309.782    MainCtrl:ff0ceef0:9c:01: ID:1(24)
32.309.857    MainCtrl:ff0ceefc:9c:03: Request LV_ACTION : (1)
32.310.068    MainCtrl:ff0ceef0:9c:01: ID:80050022(25)
32.310.125    MainCtrl:ff1476cc:9c:03: PROP_LV_ACTION : LV_STOP
32.310.228     PropMgr:ff2a6a5c:33:01: PropCBR camctrl:0x80050022,0x1
32.310.254     PropMgr:ff0ff82c:33:01: PD_CheckAudioLevelStart
32.310.285     PropMgr:ff0fecb4:33:01: SendPipeEvent [0][0][88]
32.310.354     PropMgr:ff1c6f78:83:01: changeCBR PropID(0x80050022)Parameter(1)Size(4)
32.310.787     PropMgr:ff10e818:14:03: alvChangeAckCBR : PROP_MOVIE_SOUND_RECORD[0x205000e]
32.310.837     PropMgr:ff10e518:14:03: _ALV_SetALCMode : Change ALCMode[2->1]
32.310.894     PropMgr:ff0e3d00:2f:05: mvrChangeAckCBR : Sound Auto(C=2,R=48000,B=16)
32.310.934     PropMgr:ff0ff0c8:33:01: ptpPropChangeEvCBR[205000e][4][2]
32.310.976     PropMgr:ff0fecb4:33:01: SendPipeEvent [0][0][9]
32.311.044     PropMgr:ff1c6f78:83:01: changeCBR PropID(0x205000e)Parameter(2)Size(4)
32.311.185         Gmt:ff181a78:9a:01: gmtProperty ID=0x80050022(0x1)
32.311.279         Gmt:ff19dfe8:9a:03: [LVREC]Gmt::CurrentState:0, Event:8
32.311.297         Gmt:ff19e690:9a:03: [LVREC] gmtIgnore
32.311.322         Gmt:ff180f8c:9a:03: gmtConductorStop
32.311.404         Gmt:ff1771b8:a9:03: evfComAct(12)
32.311.429         Gmt:ff17746c:a9:03: COM_ACT_LV_SUSPEND
32.311.516         Evf:ff179ce4:a9:03: evfStop
32.311.611         Evf:ff4ee868:a9:01: [VRAM]vram_SetSenserDriveParameter(105, 1212, 0 1)
32.311.633         Evf:ff4ee888:a9:01: [VRAM]vram_SetSenserDriveParameter(0, 0, 0 0)
32.311.647         Evf:ff3810e0:ae:03: SDRV_StopDevice
32.311.681         Evf:ff380988:ae:03: UnregisterHDInterruptCBR
32.311.704         Evf:ff3809c8:ae:01: sdrv_unregisterHdInterruptCBR[1]
32.311.740         Evf:ff380988:ae:03: UnregisterHDInterruptCBR
32.311.755         Evf:ff3809c8:ae:01: sdrv_unregisterHdInterruptCBR[0]
32.311.840        AeWb:ff263690:98:03: [AEWB] aewbLvComAct(12):ActionType
32.311.895        AeWb:ff261f58:98:03: [AEWB] aewbSuspend
32.311.919        AeWb:ff2715ac:b0:03: [AF] AfCtrl_Act_Suspend
32.312.004        AeWb:ff272b70:b5:03: [CLRCALC] CLR_CALC_Stop
32.312.059        AeWb:ff380784:ae:03: UnregisterVDInterruptCBR
32.312.193      LVFACE:ff17d650:aa:03: lvfaceEnd
32.312.547      LVFACE:ff2c6edc:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0xc, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
32.312.806         Gmt:ff0d5a9c:9a:01: Event 4 Result State 6->7
32.312.847         Gmt:ff19c2c8:ab:03: [GRPCTR] LVGRAPHIC_CTRL_PermitPowerLockForcibly[0][0]
32.312.873         Gmt:ff19b840:ab:03: [GRPCTR] graphic_ctrl_PermitPowerLock[0][0]
32.312.935         Gmt:ff0d5a9c:9a:01: Event 19 Result State 6->7 ID 0x80050022(1)
32.312.988         Gmt:ff18023c:9a:03: gmtInactivateConductor:0x7 0x10
32.313.016         Gmt:ff0d5a9c:9a:01: Event 6 Result State 7->7
32.313.055         Gmt:ff18023c:9a:03: gmtInactivateConductor:0x5 0x2
32.313.076         Gmt:ff0d5a9c:9a:01: Event 6 Result State 7->7
32.313.116         Gmt:ff18023c:9a:03: gmtInactivateConductor:0x1 0x4
32.313.140         Gmt:ff0d5a9c:9a:01: Event 6 Result State 7->7
32.313.247  GuiMainTas:00002928:00:00: >>> INT-6Ah  FF56FB28(00000000)
32.313.393  GuiMainTas:00002928:00:00: <<< INT-6Ah done
32.313.445         Evf:ff179d5c:a9:03: evfStandby
32.313.483         Evf:ff17ac14:9b:01: CancelDeliverStage
32.313.522         Evf:ff17bab0:9b:01: CancelJpegStage
32.313.568         Evf:ff17cef8:9b:01: [CFIL] CancelCFilterStage 0xff0d49c8 0x0
32.313.647         Evf:ff19d588:ad:01: Cartridge Cancel[0]
32.313.669         Evf:ff4fb0c0:ad:01: RecStandby_x1_CancelPreproPath
32.313.702         Evf:ff4faf9c:ad:01: RecStandby_x1_StopPreproPath[0][dc70000]
32.313.742         Evf:ff382808:98:01: [RSHD] RSHD_DRV_Stop
32.313.782         Evf:ff4fafe4:00:00: >>> INT-5Eh EDMAC#9 00011144(00000009)
32.313.825         Evf:ff4fafe4:00:00:     addr 0217A840, ptr 0217B608, size (please load, flags 40010000
32.313.853  **INT-5Eh*:00000564:ad:01: ReadEDmacHivshdAbortCBR
32.313.866         Evf:ff4fafe4:00:00: <<< INT-5Eh done
32.313.894         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-5Dh EDMAC#8 00011144(00000008)
32.313.924         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00:     addr 020F61EC, ptr 02109680, size (please load, flags 40010000
32.313.945  **INT-5Dh*:00000564:ad:01: ReadEDmacDefCorreAbortCBR
32.313.956         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-5Dh done
32.313.995         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-5Ah EDMAC#2 00010F90(00000002)
32.314.022         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00:     addr 0BDE7800, ptr 0BDE7800, size (please load, flags 20000000
32.314.042  **INT-5Ah*:00000564:ad:01: WriteEDmacVramAbortCBR
32.314.053         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-5Ah done
32.314.070         Evf:ff4fb884:ad:01: [PATH] RecStandby_x1_StopVramPath
32.314.102         Evf:ff3847a4:ad:01: [DEVDRV] LVDEV_DRV_StopCommon
32.314.211         Evf:ff37b290:ad:01: HistLCG_CancelPath
32.314.264         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-59h EDMAC#1 00010F90(00000001)
32.314.299         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00:     addr 04000080, ptr 04000080, size (please load, flags 20000000
32.314.323  **INT-59h*:00000564:ad:01: WriteEDmacYuvAbortCBR
32.314.335         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-59h done
32.314.386         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-F9h EDMAC#16 00010F90(00000010)
32.314.416         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00:     addr 0DC70000, ptr 0DC70000, size (please load, flags 00000080
32.314.435  **INT-F9h*:00000564:ad:01: WriteEDmacFenYuvAbortCBR
32.314.446         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-F9h done
32.314.468         Evf:ff3800d8:ad:01: WbInteg_CancelPath
32.314.486         Evf:ff4fe54c:98:01: [FST] FSTPAS_DRV_Stop
32.314.508         Evf:ff4fed3c:98:01: [WBITG] WBINTEG_DRV_Stop
32.314.578         Evf:ff4fe3bc:98:01: [AEITG] AEINTEG_DRV_Stop
32.314.607         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-6Dh EDMAC#5 00010F90(00000005)
32.314.638         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00:     addr 0D9C1E00, ptr 0D9C1E00, size (please load, flags 20000040
32.314.661         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-6Dh done
32.314.692         Evf:ff37be7c:ad:01: ObInteg_CancelPath
32.314.715         Evf:ff37f010:ad:01: Af_CancelPath
32.314.737         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-83h EDMAC#17 00010F90(00000011)
32.314.764         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00:     addr 007543F8, ptr 007543F8, size (please load, flags 20000080
32.314.786  **INT-83h*:00000564:ad:01: AfWrDmacAbortCBR
32.314.798         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-83h done
32.314.898         Evf:ff4ee868:a9:01: [VRAM]vram_SetSenserDriveParameter(105, 1212, 0 1)
32.314.919         Evf:ff4ee888:a9:01: [VRAM]vram_SetSenserDriveParameter(0, 0, 0 0)
32.314.936         Evf:ff381108:ae:03: SDRV_StanbyDevice
32.314.951         Evf:ff3803b0:ae:01: sdrv_SetSenserDriveParameter
32.314.994         Evf:ff56ea34:91:01: SetLvTgNextState[10] 2527
32.315.032         Evf:00017928:91:01: [REG] @@@@@@@@@@@@ Start ADTG[CS:2:404528c4]
32.315.061         Evf:000179b0:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[0x80000000]
32.315.083         Evf:000179f8:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[01050000] <----- Excel Tab Number
32.315.093         Evf:00017a14:91:01: [REG] Total:2
32.315.122         Evf:00017928:91:01: [REG] @@@@@@@@@@@@ Start ADTG[CS:2:40453398]
32.315.149         Evf:000179b0:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[0x8860000c]
32.315.173         Evf:000179b0:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[0x88b00000]
32.315.195         Evf:000179f8:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[05100000] <----- Excel Tab Number
32.315.205         Evf:00017a14:91:01: [REG] Total:3
32.315.317         Epp:ff17afc8:9b:01: deliverCancelJob:0
32.315.348         Epp:ff0d49e4:9b:03: Epp_CancelCompleteCBR (0x00000008)
32.315.399         Epp:ff17c16c:9b:01: jpegCancelJob:0
32.315.427         Epp:ff17c1f0:9b:01: Alloc[0]Shrink[0]Free[0]JpegCnt[0]
32.315.450         Epp:ff17c20c:9b:01: ###Cmp[-15238532, Cnt=[0]
32.315.473         Epp:ff177a98:a9:03: evfCompleteTransferYuvCBR 0
32.315.494         Epp:ff0d49e4:9b:03: Epp_CancelCompleteCBR (0x00000020)
32.315.546         Epp:ff37352c:9b:01: [CFIL] roughMonoCancel 0xff0d49c8
32.315.580         Epp:ff0d49e4:9b:03: Epp_CancelCompleteCBR (0x00000010)
32.315.606         Epp:ff177988:a9:03: evfJobCancelCompleteCBR
32.315.663         Epp:ff0d4a28:9b:03: Cancel_Complete!!
32.315.685         Epp:ff0d4ad4:9b:03: Select NOMAL
32.315.824    CLR_CALC:ff275fdc:b5:03: [CLRCALC] ClrCalc_Stop
32.316.193     CtrlSrv:ff39bb28:83:03: MainEventHandler PROP_LV_ACTION(1)
32.316.223     CtrlSrv:ff39a214:83:03: MainEventHandler PROP_LV_STOP
32.316.524     CtrlSrv:ff3bd9d8:c0:03: CtrlSrv GuiClearBackImageWithoutRefresh(2783) DisplayType:0
32.316.589     CtrlSrv:ff52c1f0:83:03: StopLiveViewApp(0x8d2ce4)
32.316.604     CtrlSrv:ff695a20:83:03: StopLiveViewErrorApp
32.316.630     CtrlSrv:ff6d8664:83:03: StopLiveViewUnaviApp(0x0)
32.316.649     CtrlSrv:ff697218:83:03: StopLiveViewIsoApp(0x0)
32.316.663     CtrlSrv:ff698848:83:03: StopLiveViewQualityApp
32.316.679     CtrlSrv:ff6deba8:83:03: StopLiveViewEfApp
32.316.697     CtrlSrv:ff6e6bf0:83:03: StopLiveViewShutterApp
32.316.804     CtrlSrv:00002780:00:00: >>> INT-6Ah  FF56FB28(00000000)
32.316.950     CtrlSrv:00002780:00:00: <<< INT-6Ah done
32.317.017         Evf:ff179dd4:a9:03: evfEnd[FrameNo:56]
32.317.062         Evf:ff380a90:ae:03: UnregisterHeadErrorInterruptCBR
32.317.099         Evf:ff3804fc:ae:03: UnregisterVDInterruptHigherPriCBR
32.317.172         Evf:ff4ee868:a9:01: [VRAM]vram_SetSenserDriveParameter(105, 1212, 0 1)
32.317.195         Evf:ff4ee888:a9:01: [VRAM]vram_SetSenserDriveParameter(0, 0, 0 0)
32.317.212         Evf:ff381188:ae:03: SDRV_ShutdownDevice
32.317.226         Evf:ff3803b0:ae:01: sdrv_SetSenserDriveParameter
32.317.275         Evf:ff56ea34:91:01: SetLvTgNextState[14] 2527
32.317.323         Evf:00017928:91:01: [REG] @@@@@@@@@@@@ Start ADTG[CS:2:40452980]
32.317.354         Evf:000179b0:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[0x81700051]
32.317.377         Evf:000179b0:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[0x81760051]
32.317.398         Evf:000179f8:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[01090000] <----- Excel Tab Number
32.317.409         Evf:00017a14:91:01: [REG] Total:3
32.317.438         Evf:00017928:91:01: [REG] @@@@@@@@@@@@ Start ADTG[CS:2:404534a8]
32.317.462         Evf:000179b0:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[0x00303ffd]
32.317.480         Evf:000179b0:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[0x00082809]
32.317.502         Evf:000179f8:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[02060000] <----- Excel Tab Number
32.317.513         Evf:00017a14:91:01: [REG] Total:3
32.317.538         Evf:00017928:91:01: [REG] @@@@@@@@@@@@ Start ADTG[CS:2:40453320]
32.317.565         Evf:000179b0:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[0x89000000]
32.317.588         Evf:000179b0:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[0x88120000]
32.317.610         Evf:000179b0:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[0x89080000]
32.317.631         Evf:000179f8:91:01: [REG] ADTG:[05050000] <----- Excel Tab Number
32.317.641         Evf:00017a14:91:01: [REG] Total:4
32.317.653         Evf:ff3f50a0:92:03: PowerDownLvds
32.317.694         Evf:ff56f6ac:91:05: ImagePowerOff
32.317.768         Evf:ff19d4a0:ad:01: Cartridge Clear[0]
32.318.458         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.318.512         Evf:ff37b248:ad:01: HistLCG_ClearPath
32.318.623         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.318.654         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.318.694         Evf:ff4fb9fc:ad:01: RecStandby_x1_ClearVramPath
32.318.718         Evf:ff38401c:ad:01: [DEVDRV] LVDEV_DRV_End
32.318.819         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.318.848         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.318.871         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.318.891         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.318.919         Evf:000c6438:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.319.002         Evf:000c6438:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.319.083         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.319.152         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.319.235         Evf:ff2c6edc:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x2, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
32.319.380         Evf:ff2c6edc:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x1, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
32.319.576         Evf:ff2c6edc:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x10, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
32.319.637         Evf:ff4fb024:ad:01: RecStandby_x1_ClearPreproPath
32.319.749         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.319.785         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.319.825         Evf:ff382790:98:01: [RSHD] RSHD_DRV_End
32.319.966         Evf:ff2c6edc:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x9, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
32.320.022         Evf:ff2c6edc:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x8, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
32.320.063         Evf:ff2c6edc:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x12, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
32.320.113         Evf:ff380080:ad:01: WbInteg_ClearPath
32.320.193         Evf:ff2c6edc:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x5, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
32.320.270         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.320.320         Evf:ff4fe4b4:98:01: [FST] FSTPAS_DRV_End
32.320.342         Evf:ff4fec94:98:01: [WBITG] WBINTEG_DRV_End
32.320.359         Evf:ff4fe34c:98:01: [AEITG] AEINTEG_DRV_End
32.320.384         Evf:ff37be34:ad:01: ObInteg_ClearPath
32.320.463         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.320.510         Evf:ff37edd4:ad:01: Af_ClearPath
32.320.612         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.320.662         Evf:ff2c6edc:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x11, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
32.320.750         Evf:ff19cda4:ad:03: PathEnd Start
32.320.765         Evf:ff36e014:ad:03: PathEnd End
32.320.912         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.321.006         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.321.077         Evf:ff0d6478:b9:07: LVICV_ReleaseResource
32.321.173         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-8Bh EDMAC#24 00011144(00000018)
32.321.213         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00:     addr 0159E930, ptr 0159FE80, size (please load, flags 40020000
32.321.244         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-8Bh done
32.321.284         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-58h EDMAC#0 00010F90(00000000)
32.321.314         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00:     addr 01FA72B0, ptr 01FAE77C, size (please load, flags 00000000
32.321.335         Evf:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-58h done
32.321.467         Evf:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.321.529         Evf:ff2c6edc:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x18, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
32.321.589         Evf:ff2c6edc:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
32.321.678         Evf:ff138e74:00:01: [PM] EnablePowerSave (Counter = 1)
32.321.943       LVICV:ff2c6edc:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x2a, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
32.322.008       LVICV:ff2c6edc:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x2b, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
32.322.100       LVICV:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.322.160       LVICV:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.322.185       LVICV:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.322.223       LVICV:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.322.308       LVICV:ff2c5d78:00:01: [CLKSAVER] پڑClockSave Outپڑ
32.322.358       LVICV:ff1a27d4:b9:03: ===== ResUnLock (Tracking) ====
32.322.502         Gmt:ff18023c:9a:03: gmtInactivateConductor:0x0 0x1
32.322.550         Gmt:ff1771b8:a9:03: evfComAct(22)
32.322.577         Gmt:ff177628:a9:03: COM_ACT_LV_RELEASE_VRAM 1
32.322.679        AeWb:ff263690:98:03: [AEWB] aewbLvComAct(22):ActionType
32.322.789         Gmt:ff0eb22c:80:03: SRM_FreeMemoryResourceForLiveViewYuv 0x44000064
32.322.863      RscMgr:ff0e5e2c:80:02: srmEventDispatch: Current = 0, dwEventID = 1, dwParam = 12 S
32.322.958      RscMgr:ff210844:80:03: ---- MODE[0 0 0]
32.323.043      RscMgr:ff20c38c:80:03: RealClearBusy(0x1) 0x0->0x0,0x0(0x0)
32.323.122      RscMgr:ff21df38:80:05: srmFreeLiveView 0x44000064 0x44000064
32.323.155      RscMgr:ff215118:80:01: ###### VirtualFreeMemoryToShootMemoryObject 0x11C968
32.323.191      RscMgr:ff214dcc:80:01: VirtualAllocFreeMemory 0x11C968 0x6CA770 0x0
32.323.227      RscMgr:ff214e5c:80:01: ###### ChunkSize 32653324
32.323.258      RscMgr:ff214e88:80:01: ###### VIRTUAL_FREE pMemoryUnit->VirtualFreeSize[0] 32653328
32.323.287      RscMgr:ff214eb4:80:01: ######    +pMemoryObject->Virtual1stFreeSize 131514304
32.323.307      RscMgr:ff215084:80:01: ######    +pMemoryObject->Virtual2ndFreeSize 0
32.323.358      RscMgr:ff2144d8:80:01: FreeMemoryToShootMemoryObject 131514304 32653312 0x11C968
32.323.380      RscMgr:ff2144ec:80:01: ###### FreeMemoryToShootMemoryObject 0x11C968
32.323.500      RscMgr:ff21dfcc:80:01: FreeLV 12 11C968 0 3
32.323.542      RscMgr:ff21dff4:80:03: #LiveView YUV ADDR Free 0x44000064
32.323.607      RscMgr:ff210844:80:03: ---- MODE[0 0 0]
32.323.684      RscMgr:ff20c38c:80:03: RealClearBusy(0x1) 0x0->0x0,0x0(0x0)
32.323.779      RscMgr:ff210844:80:03: ---- MODE[0 0 0]
32.324.023      RscMgr:ff20c38c:80:03: RealClearBusy(0x2100) 0x0->0x0,0x0(0x0)
32.324.082      RscMgr:ff20c38c:80:03: RealClearBusy(0x1) 0x0->0x0,0x0(0x0)
32.324.151      RscMgr:ff0e6034:80:02: srmEventDispatch: Current = 0, dwEventID = 1, dwParam = 12 E
32.324.210         Gmt:ff3806c0:ae:03: UnregisterVDInterruptMiddlePriCBR
32.324.232         Gmt:ff380784:ae:03: UnregisterVDInterruptCBR
32.324.296         Gmt:ff1771b8:a9:03: evfComAct(21)
32.324.381        AeWb:ff263690:98:03: [AEWB] aewbLvComAct(21):ActionType
32.324.490         Gmt:ff376e94:9a:03: libres_FreeMemorySsDevelopCBR
32.324.520         Gmt:ff235db8:97:05: [MNAV] MEMNAVI_SetMemoryMap: 1
32.324.568         Gmt:ff19c2c8:ab:03: [GRPCTR] LVGRAPHIC_CTRL_PermitPowerLockForcibly[0][0]
32.324.592         Gmt:ff19b840:ab:03: [GRPCTR] graphic_ctrl_PermitPowerLock[0][0]
32.324.619         Gmt:ff19c56c:ab:03: [GRPCTR] LVGRAPHIC_CTRL_MuteOffForcibly[0][0]
32.324.655         Gmt:ff0d5a9c:9a:01: Event 6 Result State 7->8
32.324.704         Gmt:ff1858a8:9a:03: gmtReleaseVram state:8
32.324.721         Gmt:ff37647c:9a:03: GMTLIB_RESOURCE_RequestFreeMemoryVram
32.324.766         Gmt:ff0e9a80:80:03: SRM_FreeMemoryResourceForImgVram 154 3
32.324.840      RscMgr:ff0e5e2c:80:02: srmEventDispatch: Current = 0, dwEventID = 1, dwParam = 17 S
32.324.895      RscMgr:ff21e234:80:03: Free ImgVram : Normal
32.324.921      RscMgr:ff21e258:80:03: ImgVram Before 154 154 154
32.324.947      RscMgr:ff3763fc:9a:03: libres_FreeMemoryVramCBR
32.324.965      RscMgr:ff21e2b4:80:03: srmFreeImgVram 154 3 3
32.325.005      RscMgr:ff21e494:80:03: ImgVram After -1 -1 -1
32.325.057      RscMgr:ff0e6034:80:02: srmEventDispatch: Current = 0, dwEventID = 1, dwParam = 17 E
32.325.115         Gmt:ff0d5a9c:9a:01: Event 27 Result State 8->8
32.325.177         Gmt:ff17ff24:9a:03: gmtReleaseResource:0x0(0x4000)
32.325.205         Gmt:ff1941f4:9a:03: [WAKU] gmtStopWaku (state:7)
32.325.292         Gmt:ff189de4:9a:01: [WAKU] Event 18 Result State 7->7
32.325.331         Gmt:ff0d5a9c:9a:01: Event 5 Result State 8->9
32.325.371         Gmt:ff181118:9a:03: gmtStop:1
32.325.414         Gmt:ff0d5a9c:9a:01: Event 7 Result State 9->9
32.325.964    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.326.085    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.328.913     CtrlSrv:0001c388:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.328.974     CtrlSrv:0001c388:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.330.547     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2632 dword=342
32.331.848     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.333.119     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.334.374     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.335.649     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.338.914     CtrlSrv:ff3288d0:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.338.969     CtrlSrv:ff3288d0:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.348.913     CtrlSrv:0001c398:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.349.006     CtrlSrv:0001c398:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.349.302    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.349.421    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.351.963     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2632 dword=342
32.353.274     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.354.555     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.355.818     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.357.072     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.358.915     CtrlSrv:ff4b85fc:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.359.000     CtrlSrv:ff4b85fc:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.368.913     CtrlSrv:ff4ba004:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.368.961     CtrlSrv:ff4ba004:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.369.080     CtrlSrv:ff6914c8:83:03: StopLiveViewAFFrameAppFromMain
32.373.780     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2632 dword=342
32.375.098     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.376.371     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.377.651     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.378.913     CtrlSrv:ff4cfbec:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.379.000     CtrlSrv:ff4cfbec:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.379.853    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.379.970    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.380.050     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.388.915     CtrlSrv:ff328658:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.388.979     CtrlSrv:ff328658:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.395.504     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2632 dword=342
32.396.812     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.398.065     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.398.915     CtrlSrv:ff4cfbec:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.398.957     CtrlSrv:ff4cfbec:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.399.410     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.400.713     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=2888 dword=378
32.408.913     CtrlSrv:ff4c1a14:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.408.998     CtrlSrv:ff4c1a14:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.409.292    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.409.411    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.413.858     CtrlSrv:ff68af58:83:03: StopLiveViewBackgroundApp
32.417.656     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=4000 dword=0
32.418.914     CtrlSrv:ff4cfbbc:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.418.954     CtrlSrv:ff4cfbbc:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.419.338     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=4400 dword=0
32.420.932     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=4400 dword=0
32.422.482     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=4400 dword=0
32.424.014     CtrlSrv:ff4cfb9c:04:02: TransparentBitmap  byte=4400 dword=0
32.428.913     CtrlSrv:ff4d024c:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.428.957     CtrlSrv:ff4d024c:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.435.546     CtrlSrv:ff524560:83:01: PopColorPalette
32.435.745     CtrlSrv:ff66badc:83:01: StopGuidanceActive(0x0)
32.435.886     CtrlSrv:ff39daa0:83:03: IDLEHandler GOT_TOP_OF_CONTROL
32.435.901     CtrlSrv:ff521618:83:03: CancelDateTimer
32.435.934     CtrlSrv:ff521624:00:00: *** CancelTimer(0x17)
32.438.914     CtrlSrv:ff4b7a38:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.438.992     CtrlSrv:ff4b7a38:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.439.285    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.439.407    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.441.606     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.441.806     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.441.953     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.442.090     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.442.226     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.442.369     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.442.511     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.442.657     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.442.794     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.442.935     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.443.072     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.443.208     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.443.351     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.443.495     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.443.636     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.443.770     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.443.910     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.444.051     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.444.190     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.444.332     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.444.478     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.444.615     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.444.753     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.444.890     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.445.033     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.445.172     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.445.320     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.445.460     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.445.598     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.445.737     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.445.878     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.446.022     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.446.168     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.446.311     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.446.446     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.446.580     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.446.719     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.446.856     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.446.992     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.447.130     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.447.274     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.447.414     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.447.556     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.447.699     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.447.832     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.447.974     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.448.115     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.448.256     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.448.394     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.448.532     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.448.673     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.448.811     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.448.913  DisplayMgr:00016db8:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.448.952  DisplayMgr:00016db8:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.449.028     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.449.180     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.449.319     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.449.454     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.449.593     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.449.737     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.449.877     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.450.016     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.450.159     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.450.300     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.450.431     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.450.568     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.450.704     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.450.845     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.450.988     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.451.122     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.451.257     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.451.399     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.451.536     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.451.678     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.451.818     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.451.958     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.452.100     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.452.237     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.452.377     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.452.517     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.452.661     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.452.793     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.452.928     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.453.069     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.453.210     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.453.351     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.453.495     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.453.631     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.453.770     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.453.911     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.454.052     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.454.190     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.454.327     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.454.474     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.454.619     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.454.754     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.454.898     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.455.043     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.455.185     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.455.328     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.455.468     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.455.611     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.455.757     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.455.890     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.456.035     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.456.173     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.456.314     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.456.449     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.456.582     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.456.724     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.456.864     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.457.007     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.457.148     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.457.293     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.457.433     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.457.576     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.457.721     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.457.861     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.458.003     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.458.146     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.458.291     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.458.433     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.458.572     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.458.718     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.458.858     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.458.915  DisplayMgr:00002b9c:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.458.964  DisplayMgr:00002b9c:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.459.095     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.459.248     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.459.400     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.459.546     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.459.679     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.459.817     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.459.961     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.460.108     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.460.248     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.460.384     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.460.522     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.460.666     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.460.813     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.460.957     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.461.090     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.461.236     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.461.372     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.461.523     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.461.662     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.461.809     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.461.948     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.462.087     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.462.229     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.462.368     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.462.512     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.462.652     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.462.785     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.462.922     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.463.059     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.463.194     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.463.331     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.463.476     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.463.615     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.463.756     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.463.893     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.464.033     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.464.172     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.464.312     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.464.457     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.464.597     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.464.747     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.464.890     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.465.036     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.465.180     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.465.323     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.465.466     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.465.607     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.465.747     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.465.891     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.466.031     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.466.169     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.466.312     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.466.448     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.466.589     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.466.734     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.466.878     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.467.017     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.467.158     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.467.310     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.467.455     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.467.599     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.467.744     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.467.886     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.468.030     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.468.172     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.468.310     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.468.450     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.468.592     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.468.732     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.468.872     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.468.911     CtrlSrv:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.468.969     CtrlSrv:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.469.253    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.469.376    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.469.576     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.469.722     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.469.859     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.470.004     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.470.155     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.470.296     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.470.441     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.470.581     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.470.715     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.470.856     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.470.999     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.471.136     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.471.270     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.471.409     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.471.551     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.471.687     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.471.825     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.471.973     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.472.107     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.472.248     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.472.393     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.472.536     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.472.679     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.472.820     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.472.964     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.473.103     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.473.241     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.473.381     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.473.523     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.473.663     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.473.801     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.473.937     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.474.079     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.474.207     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.474.342     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.474.480     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.474.622     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.474.761     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.474.903     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.475.036     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.475.172     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.475.308     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.475.451     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.475.596     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.475.739     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.475.886     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.476.032     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.476.173     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.476.311     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.476.458     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.476.600     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.476.743     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.476.887     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.477.028     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.477.175     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.477.314     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.477.455     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.477.603     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.477.752     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.477.896     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.478.040     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.478.184     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.478.326     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]SetPaletteWithIndexToDisplayDeviceWithoutEnableEngine  153
32.478.486     CtrlSrv:ff12e870:82:02: [Post]ChangePhysicalScreen  165
32.478.568  DisplayMgr:ff129428:82:02: SetBitmapVramAddress pBitmap_Address=41380008
32.478.593  DisplayMgr:ff1299ec:82:02: SetParameterToBitmapDisplayDevice
32.478.698  DisplayMgr:ff1285a0:82:02: EnableBitmapVBufferForPlayBackAndWait WaitBmpCBR=ff12e880
32.478.791  livev_hipr:000ba500:00:00: *** msleep(0x64)
32.478.850  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.478.960  focus_task:00002780:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.479.013  focus_task:00002780:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.479.632  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.479.768      PtpDps:ff0fe9fc:33:01: Dispatch : Cur = 0, Event = 88, Param = 0x0
32.479.792      PtpDps:ff2a9e38:33:03: PtpCamCtrlCheckAudioLevelStart
32.479.852      PtpDps:ff0fe9fc:33:01: Dispatch : Cur = 0, Event = 9, Param = 0x0
32.479.893      PtpDps:ff2969fc:33:01: ptpPropertyChangeEvent[205000e][4][2][0]
32.479.924      PtpDps:ff287464:32:01: GetConnectSessionFirst end[0][3]
32.479.957      PtpDps:ff2a2464:33:01: PROP:0x205000e,2
32.480.000      PtpDps:ff287464:32:01: GetConnectSessionFirst end[0][3]
32.480.025      PtpDps:ff287658:32:01: GetConnectSessionHandle 1 err[0][0]
32.480.043      PtpDps:ff287464:32:01: GetConnectSessionFirst end[0][3]
32.480.057      PtpDps:ff287658:32:01: GetConnectSessionHandle 1 err[0][0]
32.480.081      PtpDps:ff2a124c:33:01: ptpGetPropEvent FAILED! [d195][0]
32.480.169  clock_task:000a498c:00:00: *** msleep(0xc8)
32.480.232    run_test:0009c214:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.480.896    cls_task:000b8c48:00:00: *** msleep(0x64)
32.481.735  notifybox_:0008f9bc:00:00: >>> INT-68h  FF129ABC(00000000)
32.481.800  **INT-68h*:ff129b04:82:01: VdInterruptHandler bmp=ff12e880 img=0 localWaitBmpCBR=ff127cd8
32.481.826  **INT-68h*:ff12e894:82:01: WaitCBR pParam=0
32.481.849  notifybox_:0008f9bc:00:00: <<< INT-68h done
32.488.906     CtrlSrv:0001c394:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.488.954     CtrlSrv:0001c394:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.493.579     CtrlSrv:ff4d7790:04:02: refresh whole   fReverseScreen=0
32.493.623     CtrlSrv:ff1aca40:84:01: copyDataToStorage eventID(0x80050022)Data(1)size(0)
32.493.658     CtrlSrv:ff1b0e80:83:03: PROP_LV_ACTION[1]
32.493.843     CtrlSrv:ff1aca40:84:01: copyDataToStorage eventID(0x205000e)Data(2)size(0)
32.494.108  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.496.270  notifybox_:000a0d78:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.496.323    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.496.368  console_ta:000c7e4c:00:00: *** msleep(0xc8)
32.496.440  tweak_task:00094438:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.496.590  debug_task:0008c228:00:00: *** msleep(0xc8)
32.496.646  focus_misc:000a08d4:00:00: *** msleep(0x64)
32.496.698  livev_lopr:000b3174:00:00: *** msleep(0xc8)
32.498.912    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.498.988    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.499.284    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.499.402    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.499.475  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.499.535    run_test:000bec40:00:00: *** msleep(0x64)
32.508.912    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.508.961    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.509.004  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.509.057    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.518.908    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.518.952    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.518.991  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.528.906    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.528.976    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.529.268    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.529.388    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.529.461  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.529.585    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.538.913    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.538.964    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.539.085  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.541.920  notifybox_:000a0d78:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.542.007  tweak_task:00094438:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.548.911    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.548.961    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.549.005  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.549.055    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.558.907    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.558.983    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.559.279    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.559.397    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.559.472  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.568.912    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.568.956    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.568.997  livev_hipr:000ba500:00:00: *** msleep(0x64)
32.569.047  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.569.087    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.578.909    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.578.949    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.578.990  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.579.045    cls_task:000b8c48:00:00: *** msleep(0x64)
32.588.910    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.588.992    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.589.834    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.589.952    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.590.105  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.592.896  notifybox_:000a0d78:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.592.947    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.592.992  focus_misc:000a08d4:00:00: *** msleep(0x64)
32.593.062  tweak_task:00094438:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.598.914    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.598.970    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.599.017  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.601.965    run_test:0008b5a4:00:00: *** msleep(0xfa)
32.608.910    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.608.961    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.609.005  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.609.057    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.618.907    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.618.981    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.619.277    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.619.396    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.619.474  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.628.913    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.628.960    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.629.002  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.629.137    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.638.911    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.638.961    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.639.081  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.641.876  notifybox_:000a0d78:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.641.958  tweak_task:00094438:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.648.911    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.648.994    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.649.279    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.649.400    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.649.477  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.649.528    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.658.913    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.658.960    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.659.003  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.668.908    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.668.953    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.668.995  livev_hipr:000ba500:00:00: *** msleep(0x64)
32.669.047  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.669.088    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.678.908    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.678.985    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.679.273    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.679.392    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.679.468  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.679.527  clock_task:000a498c:00:00: *** msleep(0xc8)
32.679.580    cls_task:000b8c48:00:00: *** msleep(0x64)
32.688.913    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.688.981    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.689.658  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.692.452  notifybox_:000a0d78:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.692.506    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.692.551  console_ta:000c7e4c:00:00: *** msleep(0xc8)
32.692.621  debug_task:0008c228:00:00: *** msleep(0xc8)
32.692.670  focus_misc:000a08d4:00:00: *** msleep(0x64)
32.692.742  tweak_task:00094438:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.692.866  livev_lopr:000b3174:00:00: *** msleep(0xc8)
32.698.913    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.698.962    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.699.003  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.708.907    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.708.981    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.709.269    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.709.391    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.709.467  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.709.518    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.718.911    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.718.958    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.719.001  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.728.908    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.728.956    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.728.999  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.729.116    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.738.912    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.738.995    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.739.286    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.739.404    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.739.555  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.742.349  notifybox_:000a0d78:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.742.434  tweak_task:00094438:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.748.914    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.748.966    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.749.012  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.749.066    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.758.908    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.758.954    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.758.994  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.768.908    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.768.978    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.769.272    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.769.389    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.769.464  livev_hipr:000ba500:00:00: *** msleep(0x64)
32.769.523  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.769.568    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.778.913    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.778.964    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.779.005  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.779.065    cls_task:000b8c48:00:00: *** msleep(0x64)
32.788.913    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.788.970    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.789.644  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.792.434  notifybox_:000a0d78:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.792.488    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.792.534  focus_misc:000a08d4:00:00: *** msleep(0x64)
32.792.606  tweak_task:00094438:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.798.912    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.798.993    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.799.290    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.799.407    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.799.490  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.808.913    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.808.960    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.809.000  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.809.054    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.818.907    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.818.946    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.818.987  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.828.907    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.828.984    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.829.267    TouchMgr:ff334164:c1:02: [TCH] G:0 F:0 O:0 B:0 Cnt0 #0 X0 Y0 0 0 ID(0,0)
32.829.386    TouchMgr:ff3352c0:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x14, 0xff333700, 0xff333700, 0x92a484)
32.829.460  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.829.582    fps_task:000a2938:00:00: *** msleep(0x14)
32.838.912    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.838.959    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.839.083  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.840.076  notifybox_:0008f9d8:00:00: >>> INT-50h MREQ FF31AB78(00000000)
32.840.132  **INT-50h*:ff138e04:00:01: [PM] DisablePowerSave (Counter = 2)
32.840.156  **INT-50h*:ff138e74:00:01: [PM] EnablePowerSave (Counter = 1)
32.840.177  notifybox_:0008f9d8:00:00: <<< INT-50h done
32.840.206  notifybox_:0008f9d4:00:00: >>> INT-36h SIO3 FF31ABFC(00000000)
32.840.231  notifybox_:0008f9d4:00:00: <<< INT-36h done
32.840.255  notifybox_:0008f9d4:00:00: >>> INT-36h SIO3 FF31ABFC(00000000)
32.840.266  notifybox_:0008f9d4:00:00: <<< INT-36h done
32.840.289  notifybox_:0008f9e0:00:00: >>> INT-36h SIO3 FF31ABFC(00000000)
32.840.324  **INT-36h*:ff31af1c:00:00: *** mpu_recv(06 05 03 38 9d 00)
32.840.397  notifybox_:0008f9e0:00:00: <<< INT-36h done
32.840.716         Gmt:ff181a78:9a:01: gmtProperty ID=0x80030035(0x9d)
32.840.805         Gmt:ff0d5a9c:9a:01: Event 19 Result State 9->9 ID 0x80030035(157)
32.842.690  notifybox_:000a0d78:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.842.774  tweak_task:00094438:00:00: *** msleep(0x32)
32.848.914    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: >>> INT-0Ah Timer FF0C15AC(00000000)
32.848.968    PowerMgr:ff0c1118:00:00: <<< INT-0Ah done
32.849.013  audio_comm:000b2798:00:00: *** msleep(0xa)
32.849.054    run_test:0008b5b4:00:00: Pause LiveView Done?

In this LOG we can also see what EDMACs channels are related to which functions which is cool. so I tried to call each function which shut down a LiveView process, I avoided functions which are related to Preview (YUV paths) and RAW data, I started to call them one by one, the interesting ones are:

32.311.895      AeWb:ff261f58:98:03: [AEWB] aewbSuspend

32.312.193      LVFACE:ff17d650:aa:03: lvfaceEnd
32.312.547      LVFACE:ff2c6edc:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0xc, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)

32.313.647      Evf:ff19d588:ad:01: Cartridge Cancel[0]

Calling this will disable aewb function (driver?), Side Effects:

-White Balance and Exposure settings will be locked, you will not able to change them, in our case only during RAW video recording. This alone gains ~7 MB/s .
-Shutter fine-tuning won't work properly, since this feature based on aewb task. Not sure if there is a workaround for that, didn't dig into it.

I am not sure what LVFACE task is for, it's related to to EDMAC channel #12, from what I understand LVFACE is for face/subject tracking feature?
Calling it gains ~3MB/s, didn't notice any side effects during my tests, I didn't make tests with autofocus enabled.

3-Cartridge Cancel:
I have no idea about this, it gains ~3MB/s by calling it. Side Effect: in some resolutions I had only the first frame corrupted in RAW video recording.

1-Managed to record more than ~128 GB of MLV files in different modes, I didn't have any crash, *no corrupted frames.
(*in some cases only the first frame when Cartridge Cancel hack is enabled, not always, all other thousands of frames were fine).

2-These hacks are being enabled only when you record RAW video (once you hit the record button), once RAW video recording stops, by default mlv_lite will pause LiveView during buffer flush, then it will resume LiveView which means all hacks would be disabled/reset.

3-It should work on all DIGIC 5 modes, DIGIC 4 cameras have these functions too, I can expect an improvment on 5D2 (DIGIC 4 models with CF interface).

4-Use it at your own risk.

5- Tested on 700D and 5D3.123, both works as explained above, 5D3 got also ~13 MB/s improvement ;D

-Using the hacks:

You can see them in RAW video submenu (mlv_lite), lvfaceEnd hack is enabled by default.

-You need to enable aewbSuspend and CartridgeCancel manually as this photo showing:

-More hacks: includes lvfaceEnd and aewbSuspend.
-One more hack: includes CartridgeCancel.

-feel free to play with them and make your own tests (disable one of them.. etc).


In my 650D / 700D (T4i / T5i) thread

-5D3 (113/123)
Danne builds. (Updated)

Danne builds. (Updated)

Levas's custom build for 6D with this

-I already found the stubs for these cameras and decided to port these hacks immediately, EOSM and 5D3 builds are based on latest Danne builds.

-Source code:
Download my repository for 650D/700D, and open it with SourceTree so you can see the commit:
magic-lantern-bilal (7-4-2022).7z (crop_rec_4k branch)

0xff261f34 700D.115 aewbSuspend
0xff17d63c 700D.115 lvfaceEnd
0xff19d558 700D.115 CartridgeCancel

0xff23ff10 5D3.123 aewbSuspend
0xff16e318 5D3.123 lvfaceEnd
0xff181340 5D3.123 CartridgeCancel

0xff23bc60 5D3.113 aewbSuspend
0xff16d77c 5D3.113 lvfaceEnd
0xff17fd68 5D3.113 CartridgeCancel

0xff2606f4 EOSM.202 aewbSuspend
0xff177ff8 EOSM.202 lvfaceEnd
0xffa7e7d8 EOSM.202 CartridgeCancel

0xff25fb90 650D.104 aewbSuspend
0xff17c564 650D.104 lvfaceEnd
0xff19b9b4 650D.104 CartridgeCancel

0xff24c5e4 6D.116 aewbSuspend
0xff170d08 6D.116 lvfaceEnd
0xffceffdc 6D.116 CartridgeCancel

0xff258818 70D.112 aewbSuspend
0xff1702d8 70D.112 lvfaceEnd
0xffd6b71c 70D.112 CartridgeCancel

0xff253f98 100D.101 aewbSuspend
0xff16f49c 100D.101 lvfaceEnd
0xffab6bcc 100D.101 CartridgeCancel

0xff10fa28 60D.111 aewbSuspend
0xff0fb9d4 60D.111 lvfaceEnd
0xff263cd8 60D.111 CartridgeCancel

0xff1134ac 600D.102 aewbSuspend
0xff0fc424 600D.102 lvfaceEnd
0xff281278 600D.102 CartridgeCancel

0xff1c60fc 1200D.102 aewbSuspend
0xff1ae510 1200D.102 lvfaceEnd
0xff345fdc 1200D.102 CartridgeCancel

0xfe1a6fdc 1300D.110 aewbSuspend
0xfe1a6fdc 1300D.110 lvfaceEnd
0xfe34bd1c 1300D.110 CartridgeCancel

Have fun!
General Chat / Looking for 60D/600D ROM files
September 26, 2021, 11:52:59 PM
Hello 60D/600D users, I am looking for ROM files (ROM0.BIN & ROM1.BIN) for these two cameras, if you have one of them or both please PM me.

You can PM me on Reddit or Discord too @thebilalfakhouri.
Before creating a dedicated forum for ML project (2012), there was a Google group (since 2009) which was created for ML where users and developers could chat to each other:

Another nice piece of history
Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on August 07, 2020, 10:02:06 PM
I was trying to get Force HDMI-VGA to work on 700D, it didn't work, I had a black screen for a few seconds after activating it then it's get back to 1080i output and it does this again and again...

Affected cameras: 700D, 650D ?. . others?

I tried to debug the problem today, I found "Force HDMI-VGA" isn't working only when the camera in LiveView, I modified the code so I code enable "Force HDMI-VGA" in none still photo mode and play mode, after doing that "Force HDMI-VGA" has worked finally, now I had 720x480 output instead of 1080i output, switching the camera to LiveView would change the output back to 1080i, and the camera will try to get into 720x480 again and again, 1080i output then black screen then 1080i output then black screen in loop

Something is happening in LiveView which prevents the camera to switch to 720x480 with "Force HDMI-VGA" option, does 5D3 have this issue?

I have 1080p monitor and when attaching my 700D to the monitor using HDMI, the camera won't accept outputting in 1080i, it outputs to 720x480p, I do think my monitor doesn't support outputting Interlaced signal properly (some scanning lines pattern would happen) but it can show the Interlaced image at least . .

By reading "Force HDMI-VGA" code, I found an option to force outputting Full-HD signal (1080i), tried it on my 1080p monitor, the output switched from 720x480p to 1080i, nice! but again this only worked in none-LiveView mode, since I know how to switch the Interlaced signal in 1080i to Progressive, I got rid of scanning lines pattern, so Forcing VGA to 1080i, then switching the signal to Progressive might be very useful for some users.

Edit (18-6-2021): I was able to fix the problem when forcing 1080i HDMI output in LiveView for 700D (mostly other DIGIC 5 cameras), you can try this option here, unfortunately this fix doesn't make "Force HDMI-VGA" work on 700D.

To this point, I didn't know why "Force HDMI-VGA" doesn't work in LiveView.

For users, could u try "Force HDMI-VGA" in 650D / EOS M / 70D / 5D3 / 6D / 100D in LiveView , does it work?
-make sure you are in 1080i output first

Some time ago, me and reddeercity found out how to change HDMI output signal from Interlaced to Progressive, also HDMI video system from NTSC to PAL, it was only matter of changing some registers values, wasn't that hard, also by digging into "Force HDMI-VGA" code, I found an option to force 1080i output on HDMI displays instead of 720x480p because some monitors don't support interlaced signal, so it output only in VGA mode, this option might be useful for some people.

Now I made a simple module includes these options:

Supported models:

(700D.115 / 650D.104 / 600D.102 / 550D.109 / 6D.116 / 5D2.212 / 100D.101 / EOSM.202 / 70D.112 / 60D.111 / 50D.109 / 1100D.105).

The HDMI output should be 1080i to use Progressive option.

-You will need a build from iso-research branch
-The module works in crop_rec_4k builds too, but it conflict with crop_rec module if both loaded, unload crop_rec in this case (use a custom crop_rec_4k build for 70D).
-Download the module, then copy it to ML/modules folder in SD card.

-Some HDMI TVs/monitors won't work when using Progressive setting, it will give black screen
-Currently the module have quirks on DIGIC 4 cameras when using it while recording H.264 video.
-Progressive mode might make an overhead, I got some choppy frames when recorded 720p60 H.264 video
-Using Progressive mode on capture card might give squeezed 1920x540p output, you may need to de-squeeze it to 1920x1080p

-1920x540p is cleaner than 1920x1080i, I could see the noise clearly.
-If your 1080p monitor doesn't support Interlaced signal, enable "Force 1080i output" option, you may have scanning lines pattern, try switching "Signal" to "Progressive".

-After forcing HDMI output to 1080i, you may need to switch the camera to photo mode (beside turning off "Force 1080i output" option) if you want to get back to VGA output.

-This module might be useful for streamers :)
-Use it at your own risk

Module settings:
-Signal: change HDMI output signal from 1920x1080i @ 60 Hz to 1920x540p @ 30 Hz
-System: change HDMI video system from 1080i @ 60 Hz to 1080i @ 50 Hz, or from 1920x540p @ 30 Hz to 1920x540p 25 Hz, or from 720x480p @ 60 Hz to 720x480p @ 50 Hz
-Force 1080i output: Force high resolution (1920x1080i) on HDMI displays.


This video recorded in initial hdmi_out release, so "Force 1080i output" wasn't there at that time.

Short showcase on 5D2 from @Skinny (Thanks!):

This module Confirmed working on 700D, 5D2 and 550D, please test this new module and feedback for other models, if the module didn't work on a certain model then report back.

Download / Source code / Technical discussion
(New OP 21/9/2022)

Experimental SD Overclocking module with selectable presets (160/192/240 MHz) for DIGIC 5 models only (5D3 1.13 / 5D3.123 / 6D.116 / 70D.112 / 700D.115 / 650D.104 / 100D.101 / EOSM.202 / EOSM2 1.0.3).

Download / Source code / Technical discussion

Stock 700D160MHz192MHz240MHz

How to:
-You need a build based on crop_rec_4k branch (Experiments / crop_rec builds)
-Download, then extract it somewhere on PC
-Copy to your SD card in "ML/modules" folder
-After loading the module in camera, select a preset (160/192/240) then restart the camera
-Run "Benchmarks" test from in Photo mode
-Share the result, your card name, selected preset.

SD card recommendations:

-Any SD card with W90 label (capable of 90 MB/s write speed) should work with 240 MHz or lower.
-List of SD cards which were tested and they work fine at 240 MHz (pay attention to SD card capacity, lower capacities may not be capable of 90 MB/s write speed):

  • Sandisk Extreme PRO   95 MB/s  (64 GB or higher, SDR50, 32 GB isn't stable at 240 MHz)
  • Sandisk Extreme PRO 170 MB/s  (64 GB or higher, does 32 GB work?)
  • Sandisk Extreme PRO 200 MB/s  (64 GB or higher, does 32 GB work?)
  • Sandisk Extreme R190/W130      (256 GB or higher, do lower capacities work?)
  • Sandisk Extreme Plus R170/W90 (256 GB or higher, do lower capacities work?)
  • Samsung PRO Plus  (128 GB or higher, does 64 GB work?)
  • Samsung EVO Plus (256 GB)
  • Samsung EVO Select (256 GB)
  • Lexar UHS-II V90
  • Lexar Professional 256GB 1066x SDXC UHS-I (Silver Series)
  • Kingston CANVAS Select Plus UHS-I, U3, V30 (128 GB or higher, does 64 GB work?)

-SD cards which doesn't work well at 240 MHz:

  • Kingston Canvas Go!

-SDR104 is selected by default which should work on all fast SD cards (UHS-I W90). Only try SDR50 when SDR104 fails. Like with Sandisk Extreme PRO 95 MB/s case.

-Some models will have "(H)" beside some presets which indicates that Hybrid clock speed will be used; clock speeds for read operations will be different (slower) from the one for write operations.
This won't affect write speed performance. Read speed benchmark will not represent the actual read speed for an SD card at an selected frequency (only in (H) case).

-Some SD info can be found in "Show CID info" option.

-Perform "Low Level Format" in camera if you had speed drops, run benchmarks again.

Before:                                                                                                         After:

Edit 6/6/2021: this thread is outdated, please move to the main thread for both 650D / 700D (T4i / T5i):

New Build for 650D
Download link:

New-Preset" border="0
Build-modules" border="0
New-Build" border="0

It's the same build from 700D, follow these posts for How to use it and What contains:

-Confirmed working by @LeandroFreitas

Please feedback, after you have some fun :P
**Download links in the End of the post**
This new OP created in 24-5-2021

My custom builds are splitted now from the official 650D/700D threads, now we can focus the discussion on my builds, I will share future updates and tutorials frequently in this thread.

Welcome to:

Once upon a time, Trammell Hudson said:
"if it breaks your camera, you get to keep both pieces". Nothing changed, same applies here and in every build you are using :D

-Why would you use my builds?
It's included features might be useful or interesting to you, read below.

-Why wouldn't you use my builds?
These builds include bleeding-edge developments, it might break your camera, Don't use it if you are afraid!. However, to some point I know what I am doing, I only use my builds on my camera, never bricked it, some users used my builds too without resulting in a broken camera, the stats look good, Relax.

-SD Overclocking module with selectable presets 160MHz, 192MHz and 240MHz.
-High resolutions pre-made presets (crop_rec) 1920x1280p/1440p/3K 1:1, 4.5K/4.3K/4K/UHD 1x3 and more (Including preview fixes, correct framing real-time previews in 1x3 modes)
-Magic Zoom V2 (LiveView zoom in to check focus while recording!) for some (crop_rec) presets.
-Changeable resolutions, framerates and binning modes module via (crop_new), you can get Full-Resolution LiveView 5208x3472 continuous in 10-bit lossless @ 5 FPS!
-ISOless 8 & 15 Dual ISO fix for some 700D users.
-You can use lower bit-depths in lossless compression when shooting in high resolutions.
-Shutter speed is correct when using any preset, or FPS override.

-Enhanced experience for 1x3 Binning modes (Disabled Canon GUI, ML top bar would go to bottom automatically for better preview)
-Bit-depth is showing in ML bottom bar when using Crop mode.


How to use this build? Tutorial
I am preparing full video tutorial about this build included other related info, it may take a while!
Currently you can follow this post as guide, let me know if you have questions

General notes:
-You can load both crop_rec and crop_new modules, but don't activate them at the same time (use "Crop mode" or "Crop mode V2").
-Use maximum aspect ratio and and resolution from mlv_lite when using crop_rec presets with real-time correct preview, otherwise mlv_lite won't crop the RAW data correctly.

-Loading the modules
After installing the build, some modules should be loaded manually for once to be able to record RAW video, use crop modes, view recorded RAW clips . .
I recommend to load the following modules to get the best out of my builds:

crop_new: Second version of crop mode (read below).
crop_rec: First version of crop mode (read below).
dual_iso: Dynamic range improvement (read about it here).
mlv_lite:  Records RAW video.
mlv_play: RAW video (MLV) player.
mlv_snd: Adds sound recording to RAW video.
sd_uhs: Does SD overlocking which increase write speed (continue reading).

-Load these modules from "Modules" tab from ML settings, highlight a module and press SET button for each module, then restart the camera.
-Loading other modules is fine if you need them.

-SD Overclocking
We can bypass SD Controllers write/read speed limits using sd_uhs module:

-Select a preset (160, 192 or 240 MHz) then restart the camera.
-The highest preset 240 MHz gives ~ 68 MB/s write speed in video mode, and 240 MHz preset is stable when using Sandisk Extreme Pro 170MB/s Card.

-Best compatible SD card is Sandisk Extreme PRO UHS-I U3 170 MB/s (works in all presets, stable at 240 MHz).
Second-best is Sandisk Extreme PRO UHS-I U3 95 MB/s (works well in 160 MHz and 192 MHz presets)

-Perform "Low level format" in camera to get stable write speeds (at least for once), image on the left before low level format, image on the right after performing low level format; stable as hell:

-Crop mode (crop_rec) with Pre-Made Presets

1- 2.5K Expanded Preview: Experimental Real-Time Correct Framing Preview in default x5 Mode.
2- 1440p 1:1: 2560x1440 16:9 @ 23.976 or 25 FPS with Fixed Cropped Preview.
3- 3K 1:1: 3072x1308 2.35:1 @ 23.976 FPS with Fixed Cropped Preview.
4- 4.5K 1x3: 1x3 Binning 1504x1782 with 1.86 Crop factor ~2.50:1 @ 23.976 or 25 FPS with Correct (Un-Stretched) Preview.
5- 4.3K 1x3: 1x3 Binning 1440x1836 with 1.94 Crop factor 2.35:1 AR with Correct (Un-Stretched) Preview.
6- 4K 1x3: 1x3 Binning 1360x1976 with 2.05 Crop factor ~2:1 @ 23.976 FPS or 25 with Correct (Un-Stretched) Preview.
7- UHD 1x3: 1x3 Binning 1280x2160 with 2.18 Crop factor 16:9 @ 23.976 or 25 FPS with Correct (Un-Stretched) Preview.
8- 1920x1280p 1:1: 1:1 1920x1280p @ 23.976 or 25 FPS with Correct Preview.
9- Full-Res LV 1:1: 1:1 Full-Resolution LiveView 5208x3478 @ 2 FPS.
10- 720p50 3x3: 3x3 Binning in 720p (square pixels in RAW) 1736x698 @ 50 FPS with Correct (Un-Stretched) Preview.

-You can easily check focus by pressing Half-Shutter in LiveView while not recording (works in all 1x3 presets and 1920x1280p 1:1 preset) to get into x10 mode, unpress Half-Shutter to get back to normal LiveView.


Crop mode submenu settings:
-Shutter range: Full range allows you to get the lowest shutter speed and highest shutter speed possible with camera Hardware, e.g: down to 1/24 shutter speed, up to 1/36K shutter speed @ 23.976 FPS.
-Bit-Depth: This allows you to get 10/12 Bit-Depths with higher resolutions presets:
Always select 14-bit lossless from mlv_lite, select 10-bit or 12-bit from crop_rec submenu.

-Set FPS: Change the framerate for some presets to 25 FPS instead of 23.976 FPS (works in all 1x3 presets, 1920x1280p 1:1 and 1440p 1:1).

-Magic Zoom V2
-3K and 1440p presets aren't supported, you can use regular x10 mode.
-I had corrupted frames when using Magic Zoom V2 with *HDMI monitor, don't use Magic Zoom V2 with HDMI monitor attached while recording.
*However attaching HDMI monitors isn't recommended in general for these small cameras; it cause problems even with official builds.

-4K and UHD 1x3 Presets do have Magic Zoom V2, but with not perfectly centered preview or stretched zoomed preview, but it's valid for focusing.

-Nail your focus While recording!
-Works with All presets with real-time correct framing preview.
-You can trigger it by Zoom button or SET button.
-No overhead or slowness, didn't have corrupted frames during my tests (on camera LCD screen).
-Real-Time as Canon Preview, it's a Canon preview actually, but zoomed.
-Works with Global Draw OFF.


-Crop mode V2 module (crop_new) with Arbitrary Resolutions:
Instead of pre-made presets, this is the new version of crop_rec from a1ex, which allow you to select any preferred resolution, framerate and binning mode.

-How to use it?

Select "Pixel binning" mode, set your X resolution and Y resolution, set your desired Framerate option, Press SET button in LiveView to apply the settings.

-Using 10/12 Bit-Depths in crop_new:
Always select 14-bit lossless from mlv_lite, and use 10/12 Bit-Depths option from crop_new submenu.

-Refresh LiveView manually after changing the settings by pressing SET Button in LiveView.

-Shutter range: Full range allows you to get the lowest shutter speed and highest shutter speed possible with camera Hardware (360° to 1°), e.g: down to 1/24 shutter speed, up to 1/36K shutter speed @ 23.976 FPS, or
in low framerate presets e.g @ 2 FPS loweset shutter speed would be 0.5", 360° and highest shutter speed 1/12K, 0°

-Fix Preview: Fix pinkish preview in x5 Mode, max X resolution should be 3112.

-x10 Mode will be valid for focusing, and won't be patched.
-This module doesn't include any recent preview fixes.

-Using HDMI:
-Connecting HDMI works, in general there is an overhead when using HDMI with 1080i output you may have corrupted frames especially in high resolutions like x5 mode/1440p/3K 1:1, but using HDMI in 720x480 output doesn't seem to make an overhead (it just act like camera LCD)

-The following crop_rec presets will only work with 1080i output! and with Full Canon preview (toggle between Small and Full preview by pressing Info button in LiveView):
  • All 1x3 presets which has real-time correct preview which are 4.5K/4.3K/4K/UHD in addition to "2.5K Expanded Preview"
  • "720p50 3x3" preset may not work with HDMI, didn't test it.

-I didn't have corrupted frames with 1x3 (real-time correct preview) presets and HDMI 1080i output, don't use Magic Zoom V2 while recording it will produce corrupted frames between the switch (Normal/ZOOM preview).

-Write speed improvement:
-You can get ~13 MB/s write speed increase when using the new hacks, total write speed in LiveView is 82.8 MB/s!, more info in this thread: LiveView hacks (write speed improvement).

-Looking for more recording times?

-Check Image quality and its effect on memory (more RAM 4 free).

Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on June 15, 2022, 06:37:18 PM
-Results on 700D:

-1736x2214 @ 11 bit-lossless at 23.976 FPS, 240 MHz overclock, no GD (~78MB/s required write speed):

JPG:  first clip: 1 Minutes and 54 Seconds, second clip: 1 Minutes and 13 Seconds.
RAW: I have to stop it manually after 6 Minutes of recording :D


-Download the New build:
-Download the New build with re-solved Dual ISO ISOless 8 & 15 for some 700D users:
-Some users have stuck shutter value issue in ML menu, please try this build:
-Some users may have both stuck shutter value issue in ML menu and ISOless Dual ISO errors, try the following build which contain both fixes:

-Download the New build:
-Download the New build with re-solved Dual ISO ISOless errors for some 650D users:

magic-lantern-bilal (25-5-2022).7z (crop_rec_4k branch)

-Original post has been moved to Reply #2.

Upcoming tutorial: Shooting in Full-Resolution LiveView 5208x3472 continuously in 10-bit lossless @ 5 FPS (or in 12-bit lossless @ 4 FPS).
The OP was updated in 13-6-2021

I loved shooting in Higher resolution Modes with ML, I hated the cropped Preview in these Modes, that was the major pain for me, The Preview . .
I spent the last three weeks trying to understand How Preview registers works, hopefully I would get something, and I got it:

Introducing the New Expanded Real-Time preview in x5 Mode

650D / 700D: This build
EOS M: This build from Danne (Thanks!)

1- Real-Time Responsive Preview as Normal 1080p Mode preview.
2- Accurate Aspect Ratio out of the box, No ML Global Draw is needed.
3- No slowness and No overhead, which means no corrupted frames and no drops in write speed.
4- Accurate Framing Preview if you consider there will be data in the right instead of Black Bar.
5- Works on HDMI monitors too.

Known Limitations:
-Black Bar in the right instead of the right part of actual RAW data.

-The Preview is in the Top Part of the screen, not centered on screen.
-You may compare ML Framing vs The New Preview to trust it.
-Turn OFF Global Draw for better Preview. (Edit: No longer needed on 650D / 700D builds).
-Feel the responsive.
-Instead Normal of x5 Mode Preview? Wow!
-Still working on Black Bar limit.

1-What about Higher Resolutions like 3K, 4K?
-Didn't try yet, I guess it should work, at least we could get the new preview for Normal x5 Mode (2520x1080) and apply it on 3K resolution, but with more Black Area in the right and cropped height.

2-1x3 Binning Mode?
-Something still puzzling me for increasing the Height Preview in None-Zoom Modes, no luck yet, However 1x3 Mode is more important to me compared to x5 Mode, I am working on it hardly.

Edit: Yes it works, you will find 1x3 presets with real-time correct framing preview in custom crop_rec builds, currently it's only for 650D / 700D / EOS M.

3-Other Cameras?
-This development and research started on 700D, fortunately EOS M has benefited too, because it has Identical registers and values as in 700D, no further modifications happened, same preset Works on both cams, also 650D might be identical and 100D might be very similar (I can take a look for 100D, 650D if registers were the same, let me know if there a volunteer), However 5D3 doesn't share the same set of registers, 6D also might be different, I can't work on other cameras, Sorry, I don't have them.

4-You got correct Aspect Ratio for this Preview without ML Anamorphic setting, Could we use same method for correcting Aspect Ratio instead of ML Anamorphic setting to be used for Anamorphic Lenses?
- Yes, we can fix Aspect Ratio without ML Global Draw, with very responsive LiveView.

5- I am photographer?
-I am not here.

6-Is it possible to make 1080p 1:1 preset in Crop Mode with Real-Time Correct-Framing preview?
-Yes, Let me know if you need it. (Edit: We did it, 1920x1280p 1:1 preset).

-Let's keep this thread for testing and sharing thoughts about this topic, this development started from LiveView Investigation.

Have fun.
Reverse Engineering / LiveView Investigation
August 27, 2020, 12:04:37 PM
These LiveView Crop Registers and Screen/LiveView/HDMI resolutions threads don't fit the info I will discuss, I want to draw the full image of the complex LiveView (with your help), How things related to each other, It's difficult to do it myself alone So any help from you is needed.

for Users: the main goal for me is to achieve real-time correct framing preview.

Today I am Discussing :

1- LiveView Crop Registers
2- YUV Resolution
3- HDMI Black Bars

Let's start investigating:

LiveView Crop Registers
From LiveView Crop Registers thread:

"By locking the registers between x5 and x10 you can bring x10 real-time preview into x5 vice versa in Canon 700D, here is the registers between the two:"
Google spreadsheet Link

A couple of days ago I succeed to reduce the cropped preview area but only in x10 mode for both width and height, actually I got the full width of x5 mode in x10 mode, but the things get different for these registers in x5 mode, it will not work in the same way, I noticed 3 types of registers:

1- Stretching Registers
2- Limit Registers Registers control the Limits of other Registers (Has no visual effect)
3- Preview Region Registers control the region of cropped area, its values are a resolution values

1- Stretching Registers

There are specialized registers for Vertical stretching and other registers specialized for Horizontal stretching, let's take a look for Horizontal registers first:


3-C0F11A88 (Has two values 0x0 or 0x1, Reverts C0F11B8C effect)

These first two registers have a ratio between the left part and right part values, it changes at different modes depending on other factors Like YUV resolution and the preview area, Examples in x5 Mode:

C0F11B8C = 0x0*
C0F11A8C = 0x1E002B

With default value, a normal view in x5:
Default-x5-View" border="0

Tweaked C0F11A8C to 0x1E003B, It seems it's trying to show a new part of LiveView but there is no Data to show it, it seems like signal loss in this area:
C0-F11-A8-C-to-0x1-E003-B" border="0

Tweaked C0F11A8C to 0x1E001B, You lose part of LiveView by stretching it, Simply this the trick which Canon uses to make a Digital lossy Zoom like in x10 Mode:
C0-F11-A8-C-to-0x1-E001-B" border="0

C0F11B8C has the same effect, its value in *Idle mv1080 (Without H.264 Recording) = 0x50009, Tweaking it to 0x5000a gives the lost signal, Tweaking it to 0x50008 gives a Horizontal Zoom.

These registers have limitations, You can't decrease/ increase too much, the limitations are coming from the ratio between the two parts in the same register e.g in C0F11A8C between 0x1E002B, or other registers depending on the mode, not sure what are they exactly.

Note: C0F11A88 gives same result as above two registers, the differences are it has two values 0x0 or 0x1, in x5 mode it's 0x0 , tweaking it to 0x1 gives massive Horizontal stretching (Zoom) in one step, and it reverts C0F11A8C  effect, normally in x5 mode C0F11A8C = 0x1E002B, tweaking it to 0x1E003B will show the signal loss, but after tweaking C0F11A88 from 0x0 to 0x1 in x5 Mode, Now tweaking C0F11A8C to 0x1E003B will increase the Horizontal stretching (Zoom) instead of giving the signal loss or compressing LiveView Horizontally, its effect has been reverted by C0F11A88.

in x10 Mode C0F11A88 = 0x1, tweaking it to 0x0 gives massive signal loss area in one step.

Second, the Vertical registers in x5 Mode:

1-C0F11BCC = 0x0*
2-C0F11ACC = 0x1E002B (Yes same value as Horizontal one)

3-C0F11AC8 (Has two values 0x0 or 0x1, Reverts C0F11ACC effect)

Vertical registers are more aggressive, for C0F11ACC in x5 mode if you attempted to increase it value from 0x1E002B to 0x1E003B to get signal loss as the Horizontal register, it will stuck the LiveView maybe because there no data to show, figure out how to Control it without frozen LiveView, tweaking it to 0x1E001B gives a vertical Zoom stretching.

Default C0F11ACC value in x5 Mode:
Default-x5" border="0

Tweaking C0F11ACC to 0x1E001B in x5 Mode:
C0-F11-ACC-to-0x1-E001-B-in-x5-Mode" border="0

Also C0F11BCC has same value as C0F11B8C, its value in *Idle mv1080 (Without H.264 Recording) = 0x50009, Tweaking it to 0x5000a gives the a frozen LiveView, Tweaking it to 0x50008 gives a Vertical Zoom stretching.

2- Limit Registers and & 3- Preview Region Registers

Let's start with the Experiment:
Reducing the Cropped area in x10 Mode:


Default x10 Mode:
Default-x10-Mode" border="0

Default x5 Mode:
Default-x5-Mode" border="0

Reduced Cropped Area in x10 Mode
Reduced-Cropped-Area-in-x10-Mode" border="0

Random Notes and Details:

1- There are some registers controls some factors between the stretching registers and region of cropped area registers, and affect how it work together, and by tweaking these registers with other adjustments for the registers showed in the video above we can get the full height of x5 Mode in x10 Mode, I don't understand these scaling routines and how it affect the limits and the cropped area yet, so I don't have accurate answer what is it really doing, Here are Three Example in x5 Mode: (Also Managed to get full width of x5 Mode into x10 by tweaking only three registers)

2- Reducing x5 Cropped Area Experiment: :D

3- Some registers with 0x80XX00XX appear to control the preview, some of them can break LiveView also.

-The best way to start is by increasing or trying to fix 1x3 Preview, the required registers are between mv720 and mv1080, I hope there is no other registers should change to fix 1x3 preview, and there is no Horizontal registers to deal with.

YUV Resolution

Without HDMI black bars Experiment and DebugMsg LOG I wouldn't be able to get this, a1ex is a bit evil on this . .

Quote from: a1ex on September 23, 2018, 10:54:22 AM
c0f04xnn: EDMAC channel "x", filtered out

He is filtering our registers out of adtg_gui :( , commented out these Lines :P:

    if ((dst == 0xC0F0 && (reg & 0xF000) == 0x4000) ||  /* EDMAC block 1: 0xC0F04xnn */
        (dst == 0xC0F2 && (reg & 0xF000) == 0x6000) ||  /* EDMAC block 2: 0xC0F26xnn */
        (dst == 0xC0F3 && (reg & 0xF000) == 0x0000) ||  /* EDMAC block 3: 0xC0F30xnn */
        /* ignore EDMAC activity */

Especially this range of registers "0xC0F04xnn" , Now we can get interesting ones . .

-How did I find out what controls YUV resolution properly?

In Idle mv1080 and Idle mv720 Mode YUV resolution is 960x639 A.K.A in ML Menu the Craw buffer size:
Idle-960x639-YUV" border="0

When you start H.264 recording it changes to 1728x1151 on 700D, interesting:
Mv1080-H-264-YUV" border="0

When you start H.264 recording in mv720 it changes to 1280x689
Mv720-H-264-YUV" border="0

Now using adtg_gui between Idle and H.264 recording we can Identify these registers:
Craw Buffer Changing

Increasing YUV resolution Experiment in mv720


Download Dumped YUV files Also included 422ToImage 1.9.2, the Repository is down.

-Does YUV resolution control or related to cropped area in x5 Mode? YUV resolution in 700D in x5 Mode is 1032x687, matches 1032x687 of RAW data without up-scaling (you can align YUV dump and RAW DNG dump without re-sizing unlike idle mv1080 on 700D), also Movie Crop Mode has 1728x971 YUV resolution out of the box, I will do an Experiment to decrease YUV resolution from 1728x971 to 960x539 to see if LiveView will be cropped more.

-Didn't play with Vertical resolution registers, I can override mv1080 H.264 registers in Idle mv1080 and LiveView still working with increased YUV resolution, increasing Vertical resolution is possible, might be simpler.

-This might lower the overhead when using HDMI, maybe if we decrease YUV resolution? using HDMI on 700D in mv1080 YUV resolution is 1620x639.

-I have tried to record H.264 @ 1728x689 instead of 1280x689 in mv720 to force H.264 Encoder to down scale 1728 to 1280 instead of YUV path, however I got stuck video in H.264 file.

HDMI Black Bars
By pressing Info button you can toggle between two Canon default previews which are Canon global DRAW with a small Canon Preview with black bars in the Left and Right, also in the bottom, and the second Preview by Canon without Canon global draw and with bigger size LiveView, I captured a LOG using DebugMsg in x5 Mode (Because YUV resolution are not changing in x5 mode), I narrowed down to this part of the LOG:
4.441.384  **INT-6Dh*:ff37cf1c:ad:03: RamClear_StartPath
4.441.394  **INT-6Dh*:ff37d084:ad:03: RamClear_LV_RAMCLEAR_COLOR_BLACK
4.441.467  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c334:ad:03: LV_StartTripleRamClearPassLR Width:600, Height:440, VW:3840
4.441.482  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2d14:MMIO : [0xC0F11004] <- 0x00000000
4.441.484  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2d14:MMIO : [0xC0F11440] <- 0x00000001
4.441.485  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2d14:MMIO : [0xC0F11444] <- 0x00000000
4.441.487  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2d14:MMIO : [0xC0F1108C] <- 0x00000002
4.441.488  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2d14:MMIO : [0xC0F11144] <- 0x00000001
4.441.490  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2d14:MMIO : [0xC0F11448] <- 0x00001000
4.441.491  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2d14:MMIO : [0xC0F1144C] <- 0x00000001
4.441.493  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2d14:MMIO : [0xC0F11450] <- 0x01B70257
4.441.494  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2d14:MMIO : [0xC0F11454] <- 0x00000257
4.441.553  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c3f0:00:00: *** RegisterEDmacCompleteCBR(0x5, 0xff37bfdc "WriteEDmac1CompleteCBR[%x]", 0x777c4)
4.441.574  **INT-6Dh*:ff0c7ba4:MMIO : [0xC0201010] <- 0x0000006D
4.441.575  **INT-6Dh*:ff0c7ba8:MMIO : [0xC0201200] -> 0x00000001
4.441.636  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c404:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x5, 0x4b9ee000, 0x24bf14, 0x60000000)
4.441.714  **INT-6Dh*:000c76ec:00:00:     size (600, skip 3240) x 439, 600, skip -1683120,
  (600, skip 3240) x 440
4.441.733  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F0450C] <- 0x00000001
4.441.737  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04510] <- 0x01B70258
4.441.741  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04514] <- 0x00000258
4.441.743  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04518] <- 0x00000CA8
4.441.745  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F0451C] <- 0xFFE65150
4.441.747  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04520] <- 0x00000CA8
4.441.748  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04524] <- 0x00000000
4.441.750  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04528] <- 0x00000000
4.441.756  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c29e8:MMIO : [0xC0F04504] <- 0x60000000
4.441.757  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c29e8:MMIO : [0xC0F04508] <- 0x0B9EE000
4.441.781  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c410:00:00: *** ConnectWriteEDmac(0x5, 0x6)
4.441.787  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c29e8:MMIO : [0xC0F05014] <- 0x00000006
4.441.808  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c424:ad:03: SetEDmac1 addr:0x4b9ee000
4.441.866  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c4a0:00:00: *** RegisterEDmacCompleteCBR(0x1, 0xff37c05c "WriteEDmac3CompleteCBR[%x]", 0x777c4)
4.441.880  **INT-6Dh*:ff0c7ba4:MMIO : [0xC0201010] <- 0x00000059
4.441.882  **INT-6Dh*:ff0c7ba8:MMIO : [0xC0201200] -> 0x00000001
4.441.935  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c4b4:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x1, 0x4c20e000, 0x24bf14, 0x20000000)
4.442.011  **INT-6Dh*:000c76ec:00:00:     size (600, skip 3240) x 439, 600, skip -1683120,
  (600, skip 3240) x 440
4.442.028  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F0410C] <- 0x00000001
4.442.031  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04110] <- 0x01B70258
4.442.032  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04114] <- 0x00000258
4.442.034  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04118] <- 0x00000CA8
4.442.036  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F0411C] <- 0xFFE65150
4.442.038  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04120] <- 0x00000CA8
4.442.039  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04124] <- 0x00000000
4.442.041  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04128] <- 0x00000000
4.442.045  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c29e8:MMIO : [0xC0F04104] <- 0x20000000
4.442.047  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c29e8:MMIO : [0xC0F04108] <- 0x0C20E000
4.442.070  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c4c0:00:00: *** ConnectWriteEDmac(0x1, 0x4)
4.442.076  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c29e8:MMIO : [0xC0F05004] <- 0x00000004
4.442.093  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c4d4:ad:03: SetEDmac3 addr:0x4c20e000
4.442.148  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c4f8:00:00: *** RegisterEDmacCompleteCBR(0x9, 0xff37c09c "ReadEDmac1CompleteCBR[%x]", 0x777c4)
4.442.163  **INT-6Dh*:ff0c7ba4:MMIO : [0xC0201010] <- 0x0000005E
4.442.164  **INT-6Dh*:ff0c7ba8:MMIO : [0xC0201200] -> 0x00000001
4.442.220  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c50c:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x9, 0x4074e100, 0x24bf40, 0x40000001)
4.442.255  **INT-6Dh*:000c76ec:00:00:     size ((600, skip -600) x 440) x 2
4.442.271  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F0490C] <- 0x00000001
4.442.273  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04910] <- 0x01B70258
4.442.274  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04914] <- 0x00000258
4.442.276  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04918] <- 0x0007FDA8
4.442.278  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F0491C] <- 0xFFFFFDA8
4.442.279  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04920] <- 0x0007FDA8
4.442.281  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04924] <- 0x00000000
4.442.283  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04928] <- 0x00000000
4.442.287  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c29e8:MMIO : [0xC0F04904] <- 0x40000001
4.442.288  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c29e8:MMIO : [0xC0F04908] <- 0x0074E100
4.442.311  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c518:00:00: *** ConnectReadEDmac(0x9, 0x6)
4.442.317  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c29e8:MMIO : [0xC0F05038] <- 0x00000001
4.442.339  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c524:00:00: *** ConnectReadEDmac(0x9, 0x7)
4.442.344  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c29e8:MMIO : [0xC0F0503C] <- 0x00000001
4.442.401  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c548:00:00: *** RegisterEDmacCompleteCBR(0x8, 0xff37c0dc "ReadEDmac2CompleteCBR[%x]", 0x777c4)
4.442.415  **INT-6Dh*:ff0c7ba4:MMIO : [0xC0201010] <- 0x0000005D
4.442.417  **INT-6Dh*:ff0c7ba8:MMIO : [0xC0201200] -> 0x00000001
4.442.462  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c560:00:00: *** SetEDmac(0x8, 0x4074e100, 0x24bf40, 0x1)
4.442.496  **INT-6Dh*:000c76ec:00:00:     size ((600, skip -600) x 440) x 2
4.442.511  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F0480C] <- 0x00000001
4.442.514  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04810] <- 0x01B70258
4.442.517  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04814] <- 0x00000258
4.442.519  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04818] <- 0x0007FDA8
4.442.521  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F0481C] <- 0xFFFFFDA8
4.442.523  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04820] <- 0x0007FDA8
4.442.525  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04824] <- 0x00000000
4.442.526  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2b88:MMIO : [0xC0F04828] <- 0x00000000
4.442.530  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c29e8:MMIO : [0xC0F04804] <- 0x00000001
4.442.532  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c29e8:MMIO : [0xC0F04808] <- 0x0074E100
4.442.551  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c56c:00:00: *** ConnectReadEDmac(0x8, 0x3)
4.442.556  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c29e8:MMIO : [0xC0F0502C] <- 0x00000000
4.442.570  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2d14:MMIO : [0xC0F11004] <- 0x00000001
4.442.571  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2d14:MMIO : [0xC0F11440] <- 0x00000000
4.442.572  **INT-6Dh*:ff2c2d14:MMIO : [0xC0F11444] <- 0x00000001
4.442.593  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c590:00:00: *** StartEDmac(0x5, 0x0)
4.442.699  **INT-6Dh*:ff37c590:00:00:     addr b9ee000, ptr b9ee000, size (600, skip 3240) x 439, 600, skip -1683120,
  (600, skip 3240) x 440

Look at LV_StartTripleRamClearPassLR Width:600, Height:440, VW:3840 and size (600, skip 3240) x 439, 600, skip -1683120,
  (600, skip 3240) x 440

These numbers are changing when toggling the Preview by using Info button, also some of 0xC0F04xnn registers have same values, then immediately I remembered a post in the past from a1ex, these kind of registers are filtered in adtg_gui, before capturing DebugMsg LOG I was trying to reduce black bars with no success, and no success mean something is missing, now the missing guys are shown in adtg_gui:


These two registers are related to each other, to shift box preview around and get different sizes of preview, when increase C0F04210 value you should decrease C0F04218 to get the correct preview size, e.g: on 700D in mv1080:

C0F04210 = 0x1b70a50
C0F04218 = 0x4b0

If you want to decrease preview size you should decrease C0F04210 e.g from 0x1b70a50 to 0x1b70950, now to fix the box preview you should increase C0F04218 from 0x4b0 to 0x5b0, Now LiveView are broken, you need to do other adjustments for the other registers (showed in the next experiment)

Registers between Canon Previews when pressing Info button in Movie Crop Mode:
Canon Previews HDMI in Movie Crop Mode

From above link Notice in full preview in Movie Crop Mode, C0F04210 = 1C70870 and C0F11590 = 0x1C70437

0x870  = 2160
0x437 = 1079

I noticed many times Canon are using doubled resolution size values in some of their resolution registers, if you want to tweak above registers you know now how to calculate it right, didn't play much with Vertical resolution values.

in mv1080 on Canon 700D toggling between the two preview using Info button also changes YUV resolution, to narrow the registers down I used Movie Crop Mode, this only changes Black Bars and the size of LiveView on HDMI without changing YUV resolution, I couldn't get a HDMI to USB capture card unfortunately there no capture card like that in my country, will get one from Ali Express but it will take months to arrive, so I used my smartphone for that, sorry and here is the Experiment:

HDMI Black Bars Experiment in Movie Crop Mode
Note: I put White tall papers on TV bezels to show HDMI black bars better.



Movie Crop Mode full size Canon Preview:
Movie-Crop-Mode-full-size-Canon-Preview" border="0

Movie Crop Mode full size Canon Preview with tweaked registers:
Movie-Crop-Mode-full-size-Canon-Preview-Tweaked-Registers" border="0

Movie Crop Mode small size Canon Preview with tweaked registers:
Movie-Crop-Mode-small-size-Canon-Preview-Tweaked-Registers" border="0

Notice the offset between the last two images.
General note: You can also do some calculations for these values instead of trial and error method.

Your turn on 5D2 :D Wondering how it would be on DIGIC 4 cameras.

Unfortunately I couldn't do it in mv1080 mode, the preview will still broken after tweaking same registers, there are a missing ones, didn't try too hard to find them.

Furthermore, please push it further and further :)
Reverse Engineering / Screen/LiveView/HDMI resolutions
August 07, 2020, 10:02:06 PM
I was trying to get Force HDMI-VGA to work on 700D, it didn't work, I had a black screen for a few seconds after activating it then it's get back to 1080i output and it does this again and again, I will try another builds, but Found this register for Width resolution for Canon screen or HDMI after running adtg_gui:


Canon Display: 0x2cf02cf
0x2cf = 720

HDMI Output: 0x77f077f
0x77f = 1920

The fun fact when overrding it it give the same scrambled effect when increasing the width resolution in LiveView, but this time with the whole screen elements, yes with Canon and ML global draw, maybe this will make understanding how Width resolution is implemented easier, because the scrambled effect is done outside LiveView this time.

Here is a video showing it on Canon display (same results on HDMI output), I took also screenshots but it was fine not scrambled after overriding the register:

This register doesn't have effect when you in photo mode?

Note: this is long term topic, I will post more things slowly, at least for me
Hello All
A few days ago I dropped the lens accidentally, this not the first time, after every drop of the lens, the front piece of the lens comes out, I re attaches it and everything will work as before

After dropping the lens the front piece comes out like this:
Two" border="0

But last time I dropped it I wasn't so lucky, I got this message from Canon:
Canon-M" border="0

-Of course all contacts are clean and I am sure nothing wrong with them

And this what happens inside the lens:

The Aperture motor is faulty, stucked?

or there is something not in the right place, like this: (Edit: No, it's in right place)
Not" border="0

I can open up/close down the aperture manually by hand . . and the focus ring is okay . .

I am gonna appreciate any help from you!

Canon 700D - 50MM 1.8 Canon Lens
1736x976 14-bit lossless @ 25 FPS
Imported and Exported in MLVApp, Done without Color Correction or Color Grading, just added a little more contrast.
This interview was captured on green screen.

These events are completely from fiction

The vocal audio was noisy, and was de-noised by RTX Voice from Nvidia, it did pretty dam great job!
General Chat / Update the dates - reminder
July 08, 2020, 12:33:05 AM
Hello Community

Does Rec. Level (in Sound Recording, Canon menu; which limits sound recording volume) work when recording RAW Video (mlv_lite) with mlv_snd?
It didn't work for me, I didn't find answers

-New DIGIC Processor
-New CMOS Sensor
-10-bit HEIF Still Images (Continuous 16 FPS with Optical Viewfinder , Continuous 20 FPS LiveView when using Mechanical or Electronic shutter)
-4K 10-bit 4:2:2 with Log Internally (RAW Video Internally also)
-4K up to 60 FPS
-Dual CFExpress slots
-New A.I Autofocus algorithm with Dual Pixel AF
-Wide range WiFi
-Low energy Bluetooth
-Money is Money , no pricing yet.

So this camera will beat Canon C-Line ?

The footage was exported directly from MLVApp with no adjustments , there is huge green cast on skintone this because the lights are cheap , it was a quick work .
Today I got two SanDisk Extreme pro 64GB 95MB/S , the Max write speed is 27MB/s sometimes up to 30 or 34 (27MB/S is constant unlike 30 or 34) on my laptop , and read speed of 90MB/S on my laptop too , on the camera with and without sd_uhs the write speed is always 27MB/S the read speed is high as expected 78MB/S

How can I know if it was fake or not ? is there a software to do the benchmark for write/read speeds ?
I tried to format the cards in NTFS same things , also as I know the write speed is the main standard thing to know if the card speed is true U3 or not , the read speed isn't important ? because I have normal 32 GB card class 10 from Grand brand the write speed is 25MB/S and the read speed goes up to 80MB/S .

Please help , to know if I am doing something wrong or not , I can replace them but I should make sure more.

Some pic:

66426526-399708650650367-3795363222521905152-n" border="0
66130235-1912710848829767-1247185599983517696-n" border="0
1x1  Resolution: 5208x2214
1x1" border="0

1x3 MLVApp Resolution: 1736x2214 to 5208x2214
1x3-A-I" border="0

1x3 Topaz Gigapixel A.I Resolution: 1736x2214 to 5208x6642 in Topaz Gigapixel then over-sampled to 5208x2214 in After Effects
1x3" border="0

These Images are cropped to specific area at 1280x544 , Download 5K Full-Images Here and do your pixel peeping :D

Can 1x3 be better than 1x1 ?
Oh yes! with little artifacts , this is only one example, maybe (or maybe not) in some cases it will be not that good but still a lot better than normal 1x3 stretching.

The problems:
It takes a lot of time! at least on my normal Laptop Nvidia 840m and i5-4210U , 12GB of RAM , Topaz Gigapixel A.I uses GPU or CPU, if your system better than mine maybe it will be x50 faster , for me it took about 15 to 20 Minutes , I can upscale by Width so I just entered 5208 value to get my desired resolution but it also will up-scale the height automatically; this make the process longer and there is no Anamorphic de-squeeze e.g. I can't up-scale 1736x2214 to 5208x2214 directly I should up-scale it first to 5208x6642 then stretch the height down , you don't have to up-scale the width to x3 like what I did e.g. 1736 to 5208 , instead you can go to 3840 and squeeze the height to correct aspect ratio depending of what want.

Also it's a better method for de-squeezing 5x3 than normal stretching , more examples are coming.
I started with this video to understand somethings:

You can up-scale videos by converting it to image sequence first and load the images , It's better to up-scale before stretching 1x3 or 5x3 footage, so set the value from .33 to 1.0 or 1.67 to 1.0 in MLVApp then export it as sequence .

I think this method will be better for videos only if it was real-time process or nearly real-time , not sure how it will perform (take time) on high end systems.

What about up-scaling 1x1 5208x2214 to 10K ?
Of course it will be better than 1x3 , try it and the point is to get better 1x3 videos , maybe real 5K or 4.5K  :D

I wanted to make some video examples but I can't do it on my system , if you have a good system show us please your clips :D
General Development / LiveView Crop Registers
July 03, 2019, 04:22:12 PM
By locking the registers between x5 and x10 you can bring x10 real-time preview into x5 vice versa in Canon 700D, here is the registers between the two:

I have started to look into it again; I am trying to get real-time correct framing LiveView in x5
Controlling LiveView size is a huge thing:

1-Better compressed videos 8-bit 4:2:2 JPEGs.
2-small Proxies for all mods in all cameras beside RAW.
3-Continuous recordings at maximum resolution.

+Correct real-time LiveView framing & real-time previews.

I see the next great enhancements are LiveView and JPEG encoder.

It seems also hard to do it  :P , but I am gonna give a new try to get correct (full size in x5) real-time framing in LiveView (That's the beginning). I will back on the track in about a month  :D .

I hope we can reach MJPEG by 2020.
I read many times Cameras can do higher frame rates in lower bit-depths as example Apertus:

Cmosis CMV12000
"Up to 300 (10 bit), 132 (12 bit) FPS at Full Resolution"

How Bit-Depths related to FPS ?

Is this about data transfer speed? Sensor can do 300 FPS at 12 bit but the processor or something else (buffers) can't handle it because of the data amount at 12-bit compared to 10-bit with less data and more FPS?

Explanation needed @a1ex  :D
I am still searching around how we can get real-time MLV preview, I gave some ideas here.

And got this idea today
Can we encode MLV from the card to in camera ? Using the chipset or H.264 engine not sure what I should call it.

Making proxies in camera it will be very fast process just like recording H.264 (e.g. in 700D a 20 seconds clip @1736x976 @ 29.97 FPS needs 20 Seconds to encode it and maybe less, then we can preview it in real-time with sound.

Not sure if it worked how the higher resolution will take to encode, but at least we don't need real-time encoding, some more seconds doesn't seem a problem.
How many of you users saw this introduction before? The history began from here:


Trammell Hudson is the first creator of Magic Lantern firmware. Then many developers joined the development and started to port the other cameras. It was only for 5D2.

More info:
Autofocus in Video for example in 700D is slow *not sure why* (Maybe the cameras doesn't know when to refocus on subjects, motion detection problems?), when pressing half-shutter while shooting videos the Autofocus becomes faster and it focuses a lot quicker (It thinks we will take picture during video recording).

If there any way and maybe it exists; to make:

1-Motion detect (making the camera recognize big movements to refocus and when to refocus).

I haven't managed to test Motion Detect feature in ML for taking pictures when Action happens.

2-After big movements detection pressing half-shutter digitally by ML to focus faster.

Not sure if this way can help, maybe Yes.
For brute-forcing registers e.g. in sd_uhs or LiveView (between x5 and x10 for uncropped preview).

Is it possible, only the knowledge and skills are required?
General Development / RAW Down sampling Engine
March 31, 2019, 01:26:16 PM
I don't know what it's called in Canon cameras but it's there (Still didn't search about it, but I am sharing what I was thinking yesterday maybe some of you would start to dig into it before me).

Okay so most of Canon cameras have mRAW and sRAW settings in still photos and after some reading about it it's down sampling full sensor RAW image data to lower RAW resolution which will perform lower noise and small sizes and since you can do e.g. in 5D3 22.3 MP at 6 FPS also mRAW and sRAW is the same so it's very fast as Lossless compression.

1-Using it for decreasing crop factor:

If 5D3 can do 3840x1616 crop factor of x1.5 no continuous recording at 140 MB/S down sampling it to 3072x1308 will be continuous with less noise too and more sharper image instead of straight 3072x1308 crop factor of 1.88 .

Or for Time-Lapses if you want only 3840x2160 with advanges of 5.7K sensor , instead of shooting at Full-Res LiveView then down sample it in the post , it takes more processing time and stoarge, the other way is to shoot 3840x2160 from the beginning, oh now we have a crop factor, The compromise is using Down sampling straight from the camera no crop factor less file sizes more sharpness less noise.

2-Using it for real-time MLV file playback if that possible:

I made an experiment in the past playing 2560x1440 vs 1736x976 , the higher resolution took more time to view it, but hey since we are only need to *preview* it, we don't have to process it in full MLV resolution for example we don't need to playback 1920x1080 which is will be slow , down sampling 1920x1080 to 1280x720 or 960x540 on the fly then playing it from the RAM in mlv_play is enough to preview the footage maybe if not in real-time. Is this possible in theory?

1.5- Related to 1:
Of course using it in 1x3 Binning mode for continuous recording, we will have our Footage straight out of the camera 1736x738 (No aliasing No moire and Less noise with Less size file) instead of 1736x2214. Cool Ha? It's x5 cooler than the original Cool , but still *not sure if that possible in Cameras like 700D.

*Not sure if 700D have this Engine , We don't have mRAW and sRAW in 700D.

Can we use MotionJPEG Engine to convert DNGs to JPEGs from the card? This also could be better real-time playback solution.
Got an idea if there anyway to use autofocus informations from smartphone sensor with a dual pixel autofocus to control focusing automatically (Transfer smartphone sensor data) on a DSLR . What should I call it?
Automatic follow focus or Using smartphone phone sensor as external autofocus device.

Is that possible (Disabling autofocus data from the DSLR sensor and use the data from smartphone sensor to measure the focusing distance changing)? So where to start?

That's will be huge for using smartphone as external monitor and dual pixel autofocus device  :D .
As some of you know 1st April is the a1ex day for tricking our minds for mind blowing things then we know it's true .

Okay 1st April for this year (2019) I guess will happen the followings:

1- Arbitrary resolutions for DIGIC 5 and maybe one cam from DIGIC 4 which is 5D2.
2- Better up-scaling algorithm for 1x3?
3- Full port for one of new cameras like 80D or 5D4 .
4- Better adtg_gui which can work beside other modules like crop_rec.
5- More stable sd_uhs? or a better performance.

6- None all of these, please try again next year or go to do these f***ing things yourself.

1 & 3 very likely to happen.

Your guesses now?

Original file in Google Drive: Download

Shot on 700D:
1504x640 in 3x3 and 1504x1920 in 1x3 downsized to 1504x640 (@ 23.976FPS 2.35:1).
I can shoot up to 1736x736 (1736x2214 in 1x3) 2.35:1 but this requires 80mb/s write speed in 1x3 Binning mode so I reduced the resolution to get more recording times (with sd_uhs).

There is a little bit of aliasing in some cases (not noticeable) but it's a lot better than normal video in 3x3 without Dual ISO! we can say No aliasing.

This means in our Cameras we have now:
-RAW Video without aliasing and Moire!
-Entire dynamic range which is around 14 Stops!
-No quality loss when using Dual ISO!
-Less noise Better shadows in low light!
-Cinema Camera! :D

The problems:
-Very stretched LiveView
-This requires high write speeds (80mb/s in 1736x736 @ 23.976fps 14-bit lossless for 700D).
Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on September 15, 2018, 03:40:57 PM
The problems are the write speed now about 80mb/s in 14-bit lossless (1736x736) so no continuous recording but this is the small problem and with some more tries to get higher SD writes speed and using Analog gain to get 10-bit lossless working in increased resolution will become not a big deal.

Annoying one: LiveView is very stretched! you can use ML Framing instead which is slow unfortunately.

Edit: 17-9-2020:
1- With the recent developments now we can get full SD UHS overclock, max write speed on 700D would be ~68 MB/s in video mode, also we can record at 10-bit lossless using the Analog Gain too, that means continuous recording at some high resolution presets.
2- Recently I worked on LiveView especially the Preview part, now there is new 1x3 mode with Correct Un-Stretched Preview, you can find it Here.

How can you try it?
Just wait for the new crop_rec to be ported in other cameras and maybe this is easy, Look at bleeding-edge testing.

Bleeding-edge testing:
650D/700D: Updated 6/6/2021, Try This Build
6D:    Here
5D3:  Here
EOS M: Here

More Details:
Sellab is an Arabic word (السِلاب) Means: White or black dress the woman wears it in sad period of time such as someone death.


Fakhouri WORKS = فاخوري ووركس (A name of the company)

Shot on 700D using 10-bit build when it was the first release 1600x680 @ 24fps .
Kit lens 18-55 STM.

"A rehearsal for future movie called Sellab.
This was technical testing when Magic Lantern has released the new 10-bit raw video recording @ 1600x680 24fps  (700D).

Also a training and catching the problems before it will appear in real production days such as Lighting, Camera Movement, White Highlights, CGI Shots (Logo in the Car was very tricky to track without markers).. etc and what the Film look will be look like ."

If you interested in CGI:
The logo on the car rendered with Element 3D - Tracking using Mocha pro.
The rocket lunch the same as well - the smoke using trapcode particular.
Red lights flickering on the machine wasn't real - Done with After effects also the hour hand replaced with 3D one and it was animated.

See you 2019.
After setting 720p 50/60 from canon panel and enabling crop_rec 3x3 720p mode:
1.Set Preview to Real-time in mlv_lite settings.
2.Enable the Anamorphic 5:3 (1.66) setting from Display menu. (1.66 because you know the stretch value in 5x3 720p is 1.67)
VRAM0" border="0
Check your liveview!
The colors are also normal

Maybe this will be a lot helpful if we can only enable Anamorphic without global draw for best performance.
After pressing recored of course the liveview becomes a bit more choppy, we can add something like "Disable anamorphic or change liveview to Frozen"After pressing record (whatever if that really necessary).
But it still a lot better than Framing mode, Make your tests for recording times and performance!

Edit: We will have wrong aspect ratio framing for lower aspect ratio, Anamorphic will preview the full areas of sensor in the top and bottom but actually it's cropped depended on aspect ratio (we can fix it easily by adding some Anamorphic adjustment settings).
EX: In both images aspect ratio is 4:1 (1736x432) and the correct one is Framing Preview
Anamorphic preview
Anamorphic1" border="0

Framing Preview
Framing2" border="0

And if I am correct, as I know for x5 mode the full cropped area is 2520x1080 (Canon 700d) but canon only shows part of it in liveview instead of, in the Framing mode (mlv_lite) shows the full cropped area (I don't know what the way to get Framing preview (in code)), so if we can only stretch down horizontally and vertically the liveview to fit in LCD display like the Anamorphic does we will have the Real-time Framing preview.

Your thoughts.
(Tested on Canon 700D).