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General Help Q&A / 5D III 123 audio menu missing
February 20, 2017, 11:38:44 AM
Hello and have a nice week
I installed magiclantern-Nightly.2017Feb12.5D3123 and in audio menu there is only speaker volume and beep test tones. Analog- digital gain, input shource, wind filter etc are missing.
I was trying to install older builts even the old one that i use and there are all this in audio menu, but i cant fix it.
Could you please help me.
Hardware and Accessories / 5D iii ML & HDMI Recorder
February 15, 2017, 04:52:54 PM
Hello to everyone,
Is there any way to see all these ML features (zoom window, upper information bar...etc) in external recorder? I am guessing that this is not possible because if i can see these it will be record in to recorder file. Thank you in advance.