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I think it's a good idea to make a new topic for this app. Here is my second attempt to build a macOS app that includes Magic Lantern support. This app now uses the GPLed open-source MacLantern project. The MacLantern project includes all the code that interfaces with the MLV files and runs as a separate process. The app uses inter-process communication to read data from the process. The open-source project can be included into other Mac projects as well. Actually I am building a secondary Mac app that only focuses on MLV to CinemaDNG conversion which will be GPL.

You can simply import your MLV files and start previewing them right away. The app can export to ProRes and H.264 at the moment. Other Codecs are in the works. This is not the official binary from my website. I thought I first release it here to have something for you guys to play with and talk about.


Binary Download Link:

MacLantern Repo:

Minimum Requirements: MacOS 10.13.0 High Sierra and a Metal capable graphics card (I can't backport it to older versions of MacOS, since the app uses some vital technologies introduced in High Sierra.)
I like to publish a commercial application that deals with MLV footage on MacOS. So far it's free for download and I have really positive feedback and users like it.

But recently I came to the conclusion that it is just not possible for me to publish the app as it is right now and not violate the GPL as it is regarded by members of this project. I wrote all the code myself and don't use any GPLed source code. However after talking to @a1ex I also think it's still a derivative work and no matter what I do, it will always be derivative work, because it is simply impossible to provide a clean room implementation. You have to look at the Magic Lantern source code to even understand the MLV file format.

So, I don't want to violate the GPL and I don't want to be a dick to everybody that is developing for this wonderful project. I am writing this post here, because I like your input. I am in a dilemma and I like to know what behaviour is acceptable.

I don't want to publish the source code of the whole app, because 1) there is a big issue with asian and eastern Europe based developers who just take your source code from GitHub and put it into the App Store for money and 2) I like to support my family and bring in a little money. As far as I can see, I have 2 options:

1) Stop developing my app and remove all downloads from the internet. The current version is time bombed and expires May 15.

2) Find a solution to publish some of the source code, that is actual derivative work as open source under GPL and keep the rest commercial. I was thinking about a command line tool, that can be interfaced from any app.

What would you guys prefer? And what is the technical acceptable way to go with option 2?

I am Martin Hering, a long time Apple Developer. I recently got into filming and Magic Lantern. As a developer I was a little frustrated with the RAW processing situation on MacOS. There seems not to be an all-in-one setup-free solution that is able to develop RAW images and export to ProRes or whatever. So I decided to fill this gap. I only put in a couple of hours yet, but developing RAW and export to ProRes already works. You don't need any other tools or programs, you only need to run this app. Here's a screenshot:

And here's an example ProRes 422 export, filmed with a 5d Mark III (350 MB):

The application uses Apple's system RAW engine and Core Image for image processing. Export is 2.8x faster than MLRawViewer. Here is what I have planned for 1.0:

- Folder based file management
- Batch processing files
- Histogram and RGB Parade
- Reference Mode (2 images side by side to match footage)
- Export to all kinds of formats

Let me know what you think and if you like to test it out. I might be able to post an alpha version in 2 weeks. Also please post your feature requests.