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General Chat / To EOS M users, why?
« on: December 08, 2016, 08:07:16 AM »
Trying to get a grip on why the EOS M appears so popular, even on ML forums, just can't see the benefits at all, am I missing something?

Small body so small it becomes difficult to grip, without buying a small grip.

Limited choices of M lenses means an adapter with near the depth of a pancake, then in addition a manual lens like m42, eos, whatever including perhaps additional adapter, all of a sudden it ain"t compact.

No in body IS so rely on lens IS but what choice in lens? For video rig type stabilization becomes more necessary for free camera movement in video.

Even C mount lenses are not that small.

Is it just really a photographers choice, something that I have no interest in?

Crippled currently in raw with only, mv720 and mv1080crop? Although devrlopment is daily so this could well change.

I'm manual everything, touch screens never make sense to me as a 3x loupe is always on the back for obvious reasons, autofocus never, screens not even articulated, for a releatively new camera thst's odd, prefer that to touch screeen.

Just can't see where the M fits? What's the killer feature?

Don't get me wrong, not trying to say its crap, it depends on user needs but I can see no benefits to me, so conclude its not for me.

Can anyone suggest what I'm missing or what else is difficult to get on with on the M?

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