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Raw Video Postprocessing / Adobe CC updates that should make you guys happy
« on: September 09, 2013, 09:33:38 AM »
Hi - been a while since I posted here, but I guess you may be just slightly interested in what's about to happen to Adobe Media Encoder and Premiere Pro.

CinemaDNG has been a little on the back burner at Adobe for a while now, so it's frustrating pulling the DNG frames from ML raw video into some of the applications (After Effects is hardly the best choice for quick transcodes and fast edits!). With the arrival of SpeedGrade there was a new drive to support digital cinema workflows, and today I can finally announce that in the free updates to CC due to drop mid-October, Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder will be able to read CinemaDNG frame sequences natively. Media Encoder CC will be able to transcode uncompressed CinemaDNG sequences to any format you want with full hardware acceleration, plus the ability to apply Lumetri color grading and BITC to the footage as you go - no longer any need to open After Effects or Premiere Pro to turn a DNG frame sequence into a video file. Premiere Pro will also be able to open CinemaDNG frame sequences.

I know it's not exactly support for MLV, but I'm still pushing for that  ;)

There's a mountain of other improvements, full info at

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