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General Help Q&A / Is my 7D Fried?
« on: July 29, 2016, 04:51:39 PM »
Honestly Im really worried. I was testing out magic lantern a couple months ago checking out raw 2k footage stuff... And it was fun. But then things became more unstable. Would crash more often...

Now Ive uninstalled Magic lantern, but it still really unstable in video mode. Can hardly shoot anything without the screen getting garbled up and freezing. I get err 80 and err 70 very regularly...

I even tried reinstalling 203, Im even tempted to try installing firmware 205 to see if that fixes it.

Even stranger is I even saw a buffer meter while in stock 203, has ML altered some flags that it didnt put back after uninstalling?

So yeah, has ML killed my camera? :(

Im not going to blame you guys or anything, this project is great and its clear many many people have a great time without without a hitch, have i just been really unlucky?

Raw Video / What lens do you use with cropped raw?
« on: May 21, 2016, 11:23:25 AM »
Not sure if this should be here or post processing, this kinda feels like the right place as its to do with filming in raw, but is a hardware topic rather than something to do with the software...

Admins feel free to move to the correct sub forum if this is the wrong place...

Anyway, When shooting with raw cropped on my 7d your loosing fov, so to compensate I've been using wider angle lenses... i particularly like my sigma 10-18, at 10mm...

But I wanted to know your opinions, and what you do?

Hi ive posted a topic in the raw forums, but its not been approved for a few days now. How long does it normally take?

Also while im at it, Is the reason theres no 2k h264 development because the onboard encoder chip cant handle it?

Hi new to the boards...
The 7D has a max CF speed of 80MBps from what i read, so that really limits how much you can shoot raw 2k on... even with a fast CF card that maxes out the bus speed...

Im not a deep level hardware expert, but what is the port on the underside of the camera?

I know its for extension kits like geo tagging and wifi data linking... But does it has a faster bus for data storage?

Could some one in ML dev team do a crowd fund to design and build a this port to sata/ssd interface? Maybe something built into a grip extension?

Can this port save data faster than 80MBps or is it also limited by the CF data bus speed?

Just my two pennies worth...

It would be great to be able to shoot 2k for longer than a few seconds...

Oh and this might be a silly question... Why not 2k compressed to h264? It is a limit of the hardware compression chip?

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