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Raw Video / Advantages of Bleeding Edge
« on: April 15, 2014, 02:38:39 PM »
What are the differences between ML for 1.1.3 and the bleeding edge for 1.2.3?.  Maybe I'm not searching the forum right but I cannot find an answer.  So far I had been running 1.1.3 with no problems and decided to try 1.2.3 and it's also working ok (haven't used it long enough though).  I use an external monitor most of the time and it seems to work ok except I get no ML info on the screens (no global draw) when mirroring on.  If I turn mirroring off I get nothing in either monitor.  Any info would be appreciated.  What are the advantages of the ML team working on firmware 1.2.3?.  In the mean time I'm going back to 1.1.3 

Raw Video Postprocessing / Artifacts in Highlights
« on: March 26, 2014, 04:53:05 PM »
I've discovered some artifacts when processing highlights.  I've been using RAWMagic to convert RAW files to DNGs and then using Davinci Resolve to color correct and export Quicktime movies.  As most of you know Resolve sees the DNG sequence as a movie and I can color correct directly.  On the master settings for the clip I've been applying the BMD Film color space and gamma and adjusting the exposure to 1 and checking highlight recovery.  This as a general rule of thumb gives me a good starting point from where to color correct.  At close inspection, I'm getting some magenta artifacts on the highlights at the edge of white with no detail.  The interesting thing is that if I use ACR to correct my DNG sequence I get no artifacts.  Any ideas?. Here is two 500% blowup of a window that shows what I mean.

I hope this is a good way to share photos.

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