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Raw Video Postprocessing / Portable Storage options ?
« on: September 29, 2018, 07:39:00 PM »
On location, Raw video files are enormous. Laptop is a bad option.

I tried a gnarbox, didn't work.
Using compactflash (and the occasional sd) transferring via usb3.0 reader.

Right now, I have a laptop, but the battery dies too much.

Could I load MLV producer onto a Pi or something similar ? Transfer to a storage drive ?

Anyone experimenting with storage options ?

General Chat / Hardware Removal and conflicting functionality
« on: April 12, 2017, 07:14:23 PM »
Will the ML code function without the Eos/Ef flash or mirrorbox connected to the camera?

Hey Guys,

Before i get blasted for even asking (before doing it myself) i thought i would bite the bullet and ask for some patience with lack of coding knowledge...

Has anyone stripped down -any- camera to basic functionality without connecting all parts. Such as, running a camera without a flash, or a mirrorbox, or any other (non essential) hardware?

I would like to rebuild the housing of my cameras to suit my needs, and in the process, potentially remove unnecessary parts. While code will stay inside the firmware for these functions, are there obvious issues popping up immediately with this (train of thought)?

For example, i need to remove the mount, mirrorbox, and flash. I really only theoretically (patience please) need the sensor, pcb, digic, card reader, battery, lcd (or hdmi out) and a few buttons to navigate the menu. In an ideal world,running ML only on a Canon product but with a custom body.

I apologize if this answer is obvious, such as "don't remove any hardware"... But ultimately this is what a eosm is vs a t2i.
The reason i ask here, is.because im a user of ML and respect the knowledge of those who made it. I cannot find any info online and ive built a camera on an arduino before, so i understand the most basic concept of code via "processing". As far as i got was assuming it might work but could i null functions of missing hardware, or will the firmware not boot of parts are missing, etc.

Thanks for the great work. I appreciate all nonsarcastic responses immensely.

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