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So I shot an interview the other day, just looking through the footage and it seems when I load it in MLV app, most of the interview is missing. The card filled and stopped recording during. The card is also full so it should be there. Anybody understand this and have a fix? Cheers

Hello guys, it's been a long time! I eventually jumped from the 5d mk iii raw, to a stint with sonys a7sii (vomit), and now I have the Ursa Mini Pro... but now my next project!

I'm looking into building a high speed camera from an existing sensor and custom FPGA. Just as a hobby for studio use but hey if it works well I could possibly produce more! The affordable projects I've seen have been pretty disappointing, awful color, poor resolution, jagged edges you name it. In fact I recommended one of them get in touch with guys here to try and get help with his demosaicing algorithm but he never listened and it just looks rubbish.

So my questions to people who've walked the path of working with canon and getting such great results already.

1) Is the sensor generally responsible for a certain color reproduction or is color science purely down to the software? So for example are canon sensors just awesome or is it cause of the post processing the color is so nice? Did you guys have to somehow hack this when unlocking the raw video?
2) Can I use software such as IMATEST, to shoot My ursa mini pro next to my Frankencamera with color charts and then try to match the color science coming out of it in that fashion?

Thanks, I hope this starts an interesting discussion :)

Raw Video / Is 5d MKIII Raw stable enough for professional use?
« on: March 23, 2016, 11:18:30 AM »
The other day out of about 200 shots, 2 of them were dodgy, one had pink lines, another looked like it had turned into a jig saw... wierd! Anyway my point is, is there some build that is 99.9% stable and wont give you these fucked up shots, after you have shot them? Or is it unfortunately only good for stuff you can re-shoot.


Hope you like :)

So as the topic title said, one of my shots out over over 100 had purple/pink lines all along the bottom of the frame. No settings changed so was pretty random. Anyone know of this?

General Help Q&A / How come the bitrate amplifier was removed?
« on: February 24, 2016, 01:22:41 PM »
Just as the topic title says. Did the bitrate increase not do anything? I thought it was a super feature!

So as the title says, I love the auto focus racking for jib shots etc but the fact it stops recording right after makes it unusable often. I don't actually get what the point of that is! So my question is! Is it possible to have the camera automatically focus rack and then not stop recording.

Thankyou :)

I'd just like to better understand the zoomed in, extra high resolution shooting capabilities of the camera. Is it a poorer quality digital zoom? Is your sensor turning into a super 35 cropped sensor like the a7s can do? Whats happening here?

Thankyou :)

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