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I did a fresh installation of CR2HDR BETA 3 today, only to find it DELETES original DNG files after converting. What the hell!? Sure, it adds a -dualiso suffix, but only after overwriting the original file! And there's no option to disable that behaviour in the settings. Not to mention it also fails to copy the original's EXIF data to the dual-ISO file, so now I'm left with a bunch of nicely converted, but de-EXIF-ed files, thanks a lot. :/
I'm getting odd "bleeding" from the bright stripes onto the dark stripes, as seen here:

Is this a problem only with older Canons like mine? And is there anything automated I can do about it? I mean, it's sure to wreak havoc on pictures after merging the exposures...

(This is an enlarged screenshot of a 100% zoom in Lightroom after converting the image from .CR2 to .DNG, if that matters.)