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Raw Video / Raw Recording Stops on 5D M3
December 16, 2015, 12:16:54 AM
Hello all!

I've had Magic Lantern for about a few weeks now and I've been having problems with getting the raw_rec module to work.

While recording in 1920x1080 ALL-I and IPB under the Canon menu and 1920x1080 16:9 in the Raw_Rec menu, I only get about a few seconds (12-30s) on average for clip until my 5D stops recording.

If I drop the resolution in the ML menu to 720p, the problem goes away and the recording timer is green as opposed to red.

I've been Googling for a few hours and the closest thing I found was this: The solution was to simply record at a lower resolution which doesn't seem right.

The issue is probably a read & write speed problem, but I'm using a Sandisk 32GB Extreme Pro CF Card (160Mbps). There's no other card in the 5D and I have the 5D set to record/write to the CF card if I do insert an SD card.

It's weird because the yellow text I get says 103.6MB/s at 29.970p, and 160Mbps is definitely higher than that. The highest resolution I can go to is 1728x972 and there it reads 83.9MB/s.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate all the help I can get!

(On a side note, if I try to run H264.ini, I get an error saying that it can't be found. Is that normal?)