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I have an infrared (full spectrum) converted 550D, and started to take false color pictures (before I did only monochrome, which is much easier).
It's really hard to imagine how an image would look after editing, as one of the main points is to exchange the blue and the red channel.
I use a 680nm Filter, where blue and green still gets light, for false color.

Therefore I decided I need a false color filter, which converts the picture for me.
I already implemented it, I'll create the pull request later and will link it here.
It's working, not perfect but I think it's OK, but has still room for improvements ;-)

Here a Screenshot:

I'm open for discussion - but probably there are not that many infrared converted cameras...
Hopfully my pull request gets merged anyway.



I have a Camera with broken shutter here, buying a new one or fixing it is not worth it.
I would simple remove it.

I read, it's possible to take pictures from live view, in this case it's possible to take pictures without shutter movements.

Is it possible to override the check of the shutter, or make the error function to do nothing? Currently the camera Displays Error 99, the shutter has multiple sensors, so I cannot do a simple hardware hack.

Has anybody already did something like this? Or has a tip for me, where to look in the code?

Thank you!


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