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Hey Guys,

i'm experiencing a strange bug latelty. I got an new (old) PC and installed Windows and stuff. I installed the latest QuickTime version and Avid Codec for DNxHR. When i load my footage in Premiere Pro i get a white image only. When i try do play it back with QuickTime, the picture won't playback at all and i can only here the sound. I created the file converting my MLV file with MLVFS and Davinci Resolve 12.5.1. The strange thing is, when i play it back with my laptop i don't get a problem at all, everything runs smothely.

Here the specs of the PC:
CPU: AMD amd phenom ii x4 960t at 3.6 GHz

Anyone any idea what could be the problem, or even better, the solution?

Hey everyone,

i was thinking about the way my 100D usees its USB connection. I know that it is used for both transfering data, but also as an outbut for RGB signals. What i found to be interesting was, that when you plug in an USB cable to use something like DSLR Controller or the Canon Utility app on your pc, the Camera will send a liveview image via the connection, but also shows an image on the camera.
But if you plugin the RGB Cable, it will shut down the build in screen.  Does anyone know why it does that?

I thought maybe there is a way for ML to emulate commands that come via USB, so the camera thinks there is an USB Cable pluged in and will leave the screen on, while sending signals to the RGB cable.

Another thing i saw was, that DSLR Controller and the Canon Utility Programm will show audio meters but won't playback the actual sound. Does anybody know why ?

Unfortunately i can't code anything so i am not able to test these things myself. I just thought about it and felt like sharing my idea. Im sorry if a topic like this already exists but a quick search (really quick) didn't show anything.

Hello everybody,

im looking for a way to power a Canon 5D II , a 700D and a Canon 100D with an external Akku. I looked and found several solutions for the 5D an 700D like this:

Unfortunately there is no way to power the 100D with that.

The only thing i fould was for the EOS M , wich uses the same battery as the 100D

Has anybody an idea what else i could use? I need it for events and weddings so it should be reliable and easy to use.

Raw Video / Canon 100D RAW Workflow
« on: April 26, 2016, 11:29:54 AM »
Hello everybody,

since nikfreak did such great work and ported magic lantern to all versions of the Canon 100D / SL1 i think it might be time to give our little camera an own RAW thread.

I would love to discuss which settings you used to get the best results and maybe share some videos you made. I would also be very interested in the way you do your postproduction. 

So, i hope you like to share your experiences and thoughts about RAW on the SL1

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