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Share Your Videos / 550d RAW in AYIA-NAPA
September 03, 2013, 10:32:02 AM

handheld, stabilized using prodad plugin. The footage was very shaky! 50mm+ aps-c+crop

Vimeo compressed my video. In original 20 mbps bitrate the file size was 300mb, and now it`s only 43mb...

I shoot this in 1480px width, in full hd mode 24fps (with no line skipping). I have only 3 seconds video clips.

I have only one lens: 50 mm f1.8 and the aperture was about f12-20

Watch  in hd, thanks.
Hi! I find that an exposure metering freez   on "evaluative mode" in video mode... I hate this method of exposure metering because it takes all of image and give`s me an incorrect information about exp. The best   mettering mode to shoot a video is "Partial" ( when i can choose an object  to exposure on) but i can`t get it...  more about this problem.

It would be brilliant if it would be  posible to make Partial exp. work.
Thank`s a lot for all you do and done for us!

Please, let me know anything about that.
P.S.: sorry for my english.