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Hi all,

I shot these videos this spring using the 10-bit module, had problems with vertical stripes then, using MLVFS, hopefully not too visible in the end.
Shot with shoulder rig, and Canon L 16-35mm lens. Simple grade using a Log-C starting point i Resolve. Hope you like it!

Hi all,
would like to share a short teaser for a documentary project im working on. It is portraits of four norwegian artists working with wood as material. Shot on 5D3, mostly 10bit raw this spring. The films are not finished yet, but the teaser is sort of. Let me know what you think.


Hi everyone, just finished this short thing for the university. Its shot in 10-bit Raw on 5D3, 1080p, converted in Resolve (log C) and some tweaking in premiere. Shot the same thing non-raw last year, and its not even close image wise.. Really quickly done, high iso adds some unwanted grain.
Hope you enjoy it!
August 06, 2016, 11:56:11 PM

I took my camera on holiday, and shot some video. It mostly from Narvik, but also some clips from Abisko, Sweden. Narvik is a norwegian industrial town in a scenic landscape. Hope you enjoy it!

Shot on Canon 6D - Mostly 1600 x 680, 1920 x 818.
Canon 35mm f2, Mlrawviewer.
Share Your Videos / ML RAW "Printing with water"
June 21, 2016, 09:11:48 PM

Would like to share my latest work.
Filmed with 5d mark iii and 24-70mm and Helios 44-2 58mm. The video is quite long, and made for screening in an art gallery. It's also in norwegian. I used the new crop mode module and there is also some h264 crop mode in there. Dont think the stripes issue is very apparent in the end.