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General Chat / Replacing focusing screen on 5DIII
« on: April 27, 2018, 07:44:35 PM »
Fast and precise manual focusing is paramount to getting the best results from the manual Samyang lenses (and old but excellent lenses from other suppliers, ie. my belowed Nikkor-S 50mm 1.4.) But with the focusing screens supplied with modern digital cameras fast focusing can be a daunting task, especially if the light conditions are less than ideal. I have replaced the focusing screens in my two 5D mark III's with the EC-B focusing screen originally designed for the 5D mark II. The EC-B has a split-image field in center of the screen - and it works extremely well with lenses better than f3.5-4. The 5DIII is not primarily designed for exchangeability of the focusing screen, but the procedure is really straight forward and very simple.

General Chat / ML belongs in the photo/cine Hall of Fame
« on: March 27, 2018, 03:12:43 PM »
What an excellent tool ML is! I find it extremely telling and important, that the latest nightly for the majority of cam brands now has been around for something like 8 weeks. The software is sleek, has a very modets footprint in-cam, and yet provides us with an insane amount of possibilities - and the amount of combinations is staggering. At some point I'd like to know exactly how many copies of each nightly for every camera people have downloaded. I am sure, the numbers will tell a tale of a resounding succes and an extremely important addition to the craft of photography and film making. Along with the brilliant inventors of Leicas, Nikons, Canons, Contax'es, Rolleis et cetera, you fine programmers and engineers really belong in the Photography/Cinematography Hall of Fame. Thank you so much for ML. And a happy Easter...

Feature Requests / ML Start Menu
« on: September 04, 2016, 08:44:04 PM »
Would it be possible to set the default ML start page to MyMenu, when MyMenu has been altered from "factory setting"? The benefits from this should be obvious - and mirrors the Canon Menu system.

On several occasions Walter Schulz has beena keen advocate for storing and reusing our ML settings - an all-too-often overlooked folder in the ML universe on our SD-cards (or wherever ML lives aND WORKS.) My setings folder has these entries, where the .cfg-files are configuration files, and the rest describe the modules, I have decided to activate under MODULES tab. And - Walter, you are soooooo right.


The most important config file is Magic.cfg, which looks like this when opened in a text viewer like Notesbook:

# Magic Lantern Nightly.2016Jan14.5D3113 (ca5315a3b586 (unified) tip)
# Built on 2016-01-14 00:11:33 UTC by
# Configuration saved on 2016/01/21 22:11:18
card.test = 0
beta.warn = 21
menu.first = -5
af.frame.autohide = 0
dof.preview.sticky = 1
rec.notify = 2
focus.follow = 1 = 1
shoot.num = 7
battery.drain.rate.rev = 209
hist.draw = 0
crop.index = 1
crop.enable = 1
focus.peaking = 1
zoom.overlay.pos = 3
zoom.overlay.trig = 4
zoom.overlay = 1
disp.mode.x = 971

This config was made in my 5D3.113, and saved to my Magic Lantern folder on my PC in a folder named 5d3113 Settings. Problem is, that I've invested a fair bit of time selecting the different settings. Could I transfer these settings to my other 5D3.123 - which has - as the name implies - the newer firmware 123.

So - out with the .123 SD-card, copy the .113-settings on to it. Back in cam, turn on... And - voila! Same settings on both cams, in spite of the different firmware.

And if I had a list of possible settings with the possible values, I'd be able to adjust settings with my computer in .txt-mode.

Maybe 650D-settings would transfer without problems to your 700D or your SL1. Maybe my settings would work on a 7D.203 as well. Maybe...! Those of you with several different cams should be able to benefit from settings transfers between your cams - having the same setup from cam to cam would be a godsent. Good luck.

Forum and Website / A small correction to the great universe of ML
« on: November 28, 2015, 09:41:48 PM »
Hi - I have a few suggestions I'd like you to consider.

On the ML main page 100d/SL1 is marked as not supported altogether, which isn't quite correct. Okay, so it is not a nightly yet, but neither is 70d, which is marked as being in progress.

And perhaps a much more difficult christmas wish: An update of the features list so both SL1 and 70d are represented. A great many questions in the various fora stem from ignorance about this very important page. It is my guess, that even the two versions for 5dIII may differ,  if even so slightly when it comes to their actual features.

Really the features page is so totally important, that one might feel, that it should enjoy a more prominent position, i.e. as a sticky on the Forum page.

General Chat / Dynamic range and old virtues
« on: October 29, 2015, 08:20:17 PM »
@dfort - thank you for  - being you. I know how much effort you put into ML on a large variety of platforms including the Eos M.

I started as a young journalist on a small provincial/regional newspaper in 1978. We had two photographers, and of course they couldn't fill the paper, so us underdogs had to take pictures as well. Can you imagine how many times they gave me shit for my bad pictures? This was totally wrong - that was bad - this wasn't good enough and that was... I got my first cam at my communion in '66, a Nikkormat FT, 50 1/4, a helluva cam and I still have it. And I still buy film and develop my pictures in the wet room.

I worked my way through the dark room, gradually improving my skills.

This is where dual iso comes in. And ML.

You and DeafEyeJedi and all the other people in the ML universe make it possible for us cam-nerds to accomplish something very close to what we used to do, first in the field and later in the dark room with our chemistry and some (expensive) photographical paper. Do you remember Ilford HP5 or the FP4? ML recreates the dynamic range of that, and among many ML users DeafEyeJedi shows us what can be accomplished with ML. Do you remember Cibachrome? We toyed with expanding the dynamic range, either the exposure way or by chemical manipulation. It was hard work. DI/HDR/RAW/ML makes it so much easier.

ML makes us better photographers. Our Canons have a potential, and basically the Canon firmware is pretty sound. With ML I feel a new freedom and a new way to depict what I really feel when I look at a beautiful face or a fascinating scenery. ML makes it more fun and lifts the quality of our work. You contributed to that.

When I think of Henri Cartier-Bresson, who I have visited in Paris in 1969-70 and several times after that, especially when my paper/salary allowed me to travel, I think of him as the Leica man.

This is where Eos-M comes in. A small, handheld piece, discretely depicting the people at the quais, in front of eglise St Germain-des-Prés or la tour Eiffel, la colline de la Montmartre on a rainy day in March or a kissing couple at Gare du Nord. Much cheaper than Leica, but just as much kaPOW and photographical joy.

Dynamic range   : 13.34 EV (cooked), or
Dynamic range   : 10.49 (+) 7.83 => 12.85 EV (in theory)
Very impressive

dfort, just look at DEJ's pix - - no wonder I love my Nikkor 1966 50 1/4, and I have an adapter, so that I can put it on my 700d to make an 85mm portrait wonder. Beautiful bokeh... And that smile - what did you whisper in her ear? DEJ, you're awful, you!

Forum and Website / New thread for audioholics
« on: October 16, 2015, 05:31:27 PM »
Whenever we talk about 600d, 650d... - all newer Canon cameras have built-in microphones, and I know from experience, that they work very well UNDER IDEAL CONDITIONS.But what are we to do, if the conditions are less than ideal? There's no jack-out for headset...

There are many threads dealing with HDR/RAW and the cam's ability to shoot H264 or even RAW and 4.2.2 compression. Hooray... And I mean it. It's a fantastic thrill to see the footage, we're able to create. My 700d is a gem. With ML onboard it's a wonderful little movie machine. And you lucky guys with 5dIII... are even better off.

BUT... More than several hundred complaints about the "missing audio-link" make me feel, that many ML users are not quite familiar with the concept, that audio is 80% of a movie. Why do they request headset monitoring of an audio input device (the built-in mikes), when we all know, that external audio recording is necessary almost all the time. Juicedlink, Saramonic, Zoom and many other manufacturers of audio equipment thrive on an increasing demand for better sound.

Just not the RAWoholics (and I mean this with lots of love, being a vidiot myself). They seemingly don't know where sound comes from.

OK - a large number of beautiful footage is uploaded to ML with equally beautiful music. But for a true movie nerd like myself, real on-the-scene audio is just as important as beautiful images.

That's why I propose to start this new thread: Tell us about your audio problems and how you solved them. I think, that  Walter Schultz has written a billion posts about the reasons for not developing ML/audio for the 600d and newer. Let's get all this discussion over here, so frustrated audio posts aren't spread all over the ML forums.

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