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Raw Video / mlv invalid header size repair? forgot to exfat
« on: July 07, 2016, 07:39:21 AM »
 Thanks to the team for magic lantern, for providing an invaluable resource for film making.

I have an error I'd like to fix, In my rush out the door to shoot some shots. I forgot to exfat my cf flash card having set everything up Inside magic lantern. Any way I shot a few shots that were under 4.29 GB and there was no issue. But some shots were longer than what the format FAT 32 can handle it gave me " invalid head size error with hex offset" and kept adding files of  .M0x 52 bytes after.
 I have read a few answers but they were old and am just ok at using hex but would like to know if these files are recoverable? And if possible what best I can do to rescue them.  I am using El Capitan OSX with the latest build of magic lantern June 16 . thanks

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