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Hello everybody!

I didn't find any topic related to aviation photography neither planespotting, so I'm creating one here to gather any other photographer doing any of those.

For those not aware, aviation photography has many subjects and relates to many other fields of photography, but the main thing is taking pictures of airplanes. The most basic stuff can be easily shot with Rebel cameras and non-L lenses. But, better equipment opens a vast array of opportunities to be creative, making aviation photography similar to wildlife and sports photography.

Now, let me introduce myself:

I heard about ML a long time ago, tried it but didn't have the experience and patience to understand it. I've been a photographer since 2010, mostly for aviation and landscape themes. Aviation is a passion and also the field I work on (air traffic control administrative stuff). I currently own a 550D/T2i and a 7D.

Since the beginning of 2014, besides the aviation photography, I've been experimenting with startrails and timelapses. A friend that is a professional video maker told me about using ML for a timelapse video he was shooting. I got curious, since I've always had problems with my 3rd party intervalometer and recently installed ML on my two cameras and I'm delighted, ML is amazing.

I've got a lot of things to learn, but I'm having a nice time experimenting with ML options and features. I already have some ideas to make ML even better, that I hope to be feasible and not too hard to implement.