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Here's a question for those of you who have properly set up your cameras with ML and are now able to shoot/process Dual ISO shots: Do you still shoot in (one ISO) RAW? If so, for what reasons/situations?
User Introduction / Greetings from Los Angeles!
April 03, 2015, 07:06:54 AM
No, I'm not a working pro from the City of Angels, just a local guy who shoots pics as a hobby.

I bought my T3i about three years ago and over the last three years, have been teaching myself how to use the camera to its fullest potential. I'm good at guessing how to set up the "triangle" for maximum light/minimal noise, and have known about Magic Lantern for a little over a year now. I finally installed it now that I feel comfortable enough with the camera to learn how to use the features that ML brings to the 600D.

I have to admit, I kind of was hoping that installing ML would break my camera, so I could buy another one, like the 70D I plan to upgrade to at one point, but nope, installation was a breeze and it all went smoothly!
Yesterday, I installed ML 2.3 on my T3i and am still trying to get my bearings with it. Two questions, please:

1. I thought about sticking with 2.3 to learn how to use it and get familiar with it (I mostly shoot pics and knowing myself, this can take me months) but when I learned about Dual ISO, that got me interested and wanted to know: Does the most recent nighly extend this capability to the 600D? I know some features work on some cameras and some don't. If a fellow 600D user would chime in, I'd appreciate it.

2. I noticed in the thread announcing Dual ISO that it says to use it by choosing an ISO in the Canon menu, and another in the ML menu; does this mean that right now (with 2.3) if I select ISO 163 in ML, but switch over to the Canon menu, which says 200, will the shot be at 200 ISO (because I switched over from the ML menu?)

3. I use LR4 and don't think I can merge HDR files in it, what software would you guys recommend for this? I have a really old version of Photoshop (6) and at this time, I can't spend too much money on hobby software, is there anything freeware out there that I can download?

Thanks again, and sorry for the n00b questions!