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Since the topics of maximum SD/CF card writing speeds, achievable maximum resolutions and how the different recording modes affect the crop factor come up over and over again I put together a little javascript calculator that should help understanding the capabilities of the respective cameras better - and might be useful for planning shoots.

How to use:
Select your camera model, select the desired recording mode (zoom, 1080p, 720p) which determines the pixel subsampling mode, pick an aspect ratio and frame rate. Ideally also type in the max. writing speed of your SD/CF card measured by magic lantern (otherwise it uses the limit of the SD/CF interface which might not be achievable with your card).
(updated April 20th, 2015)

If you miss a feature or something doesn't seem right please let me know.

  • The pixel width given by the calculator might not be selectable in magic lantern on your camera since it currently doesn't offer finer grained selection (the calculator allows for all multiples of 32 while magic lantern only has a subset of those selectable).
  • I tried to include as many quirks and limits for each listed camera (max crop recording sizes, no 1080p mode on EOS-M, fps limitations of 500D, ...). Please report any inconsistencies and additional quirks!

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