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Hi everyone,

I have a understanding problem how the 700D works internally.

Why is it not possible, to shoot in LiveViw continously high-res photos while the mirror is permanently locked up?

Why using the mechanical shutter at all?

If I get it right, in LV the shutter is open and the mirror is up. The light hits the sensor and the sensor data is streamed to the LCD, right?

Why not writing the complete sensor data with as many fps as possible into a buffer and then averaging for every pixel over the desired exposure time? RAM limitations?

But again, although I´m programming microcontrollers I have no knowledge yet, how a DSLR - especially the 700D internally works.

A link or a short explanation would be highly appreciated.

What is the difference to shooting a RAW video? What limits the resolution? Is it the amout of data that needs to be written? Or is it the bandwith of the internal DSP that limits the resolution? What about a RAW video with the full sensor resolution and - lets say 3 fps?