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I dont know if the LCD panel on the top of the Canon 5D mark 3 is something thats accessible through Magic Lantern, but currently with an Atomos recorder the only way (As far as Im aware) to get a Canon camera to keep recording after 29 mins and 59 seconds (Without the camera auto stopping itself) even though its not actually recording itself is to press the LCD panel illumination button once before 30 mins is up so then the Canon camera starts from 0 mins 0 secs again (Then you have to press it again at some point etc) .

Is this something that could be automated with Magic Lantern?
Thanks in advance.
Hi Guys
I was just wondering why there's still no Magic Lantern available for the Canon 5D firmware 1.3.3 ?

The reason I'm questioning this is because maybe I'm wrong but you cant view exposure preview with 1.2.3 in the Canon Utility app can you but you can with 1.3.3?

I have just purchased a Manfrotto Digital Director and cannot view exposure preview in it either (As Im running ML with 1.2.3), which is why I assume I cant view the exposure preview?