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I use 650D as web cam with HDMI capture card. I found out how to clean up HDMI from all overlays except red dot that is displayed while recording. I want to do in camera recording in parallel with using it as web cam.

I could not find option to hide that red dot. Can we have that?
General Help Q&A / Using remote shooter in video mode
August 15, 2022, 12:27:54 PM
I want to use remote shooter (wired) in video mode on my Canon 650D. It has only one button with half and full shutter positions. It works fine for photos.

In video mode it works but initiates shooting photos, not starting and stopping video recording.

ML has option to set using half shutter to start and stop video recording. I turned that on and indeed it works... but.

Now I have issue that when i click half shutter to initiate auto focus, recording starts too. I've set option that video recording start only if half shutter is pressed for 1 second or more, but it does not help a lot, as usually I need to keep key pressed more than one seconds to get focus.

The other issue is if I already set focus and want to just start recording it initiates focusing again.

I even tried moving autofocusing to back button instead of shutter button, but it did not help much. Now when i click half shutter it does not focus (as that is on other button now) and triggers video recording, but if I click back button to focus, it also triggers video recording.

I guess this is not issue just with 650D.

How do you handle this? Is there better way to do this?
While video recording my baby I ended up with some quite awkward camera positions using monopod to record it crawling on the floor.

It actually works quite good except flip LCD shows image mirrored left-right.

It would be nice to have an option to display LCD image mirrored to fix that.
I use 650D, and when I need to set custom WB, i have to make one show of white surface and then go to potion for custom WB settings to load that shot.

User friendlier cameras offer that as single task: user opens custom WB settings, he is lead to make shot at the spot, and after that shot is automatically used to set custom WB.

Is there chance to get something like this in ML?